Sal de Allo restaurant

Sal de Allo restaurant

Av. de Beiramar, 28, Bajo, 36980 O Grove, Pontevedra, Spain - Build completed in 2016
Iván Casal Nieto

Sal de Allo restaurant

NAN Arquitectos as Architects

This small restaurant is located in O Grove, near the port. Two are the points of item of the project: to move the seaworthy environment to the interior and to obtain an interesting architecture that represents the merger of the traditional thing with the kitchen of design. For it elements related to the work are mixed in the sea by the current design, traditional materials as the wood, by a more contemporary lighting.

There are two starting points of the project: move indoor the sailor environment and get an interesting architecture that represents the fusion of the traditional with the kitchen design. To do related work at sea with the current design, traditional materials such as wood, with a more contemporary lighting elements are mixed. Fish boxes making ceiling, acoustic insulation fasteners views emulating boat rudders ...

Materials and solutions appear, again, sincerely, using elements that are usually hidden as an ingredient that gives personality and uniqueness to the project. the difference is sought, the character and believe it is achieved.

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