São Bento Residence

São Bento Residence

Anastasia Arquitetos
São Bento, Brazil
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São Bento Residence

Anastasia Arquitetos as Architects

The residence is situated in a 15 x 56 sloping urban site. The land has a direction east / west, with the best view to the east, and the entrance to the west.

The idea was to get the most possible exposure of the intimate area, on the second floor, to the morning sun, and also to the best sight. The solution was to extend the floor diagonally on the lower floor, creating a terrace for the intimate area, so that all bedrooms face east, which would not be possible if all were side by side.

The west front, facing the street, on the need for privacy (since our intention was to keep the rail leaked) and sun protection has a few openings and the main opening is the entrance of the house. As the site is a steep slope, the ground level is 3 meters below the street greider, then the main entrance was moved back 17 meters to the alignment of the site so we could get a pleasant access and the house could have a better ratio in addition to a more generous landscaping.

Established the party the form came naturally with the curve of the second floor as part of its striking architecture. The inclination of the wall reinforces the architectural intent with the curved shape. On a street where all the residences are closed by walls on the border of the sidewalks, we created a moment of visual refreshment for the pedestrians.

The spatial distribution was designed to take advantage of the terrain. Thus the space under the house was used for parking of vehicles and laundry. At the ground level is the social and service’s areas (living, dining, kitchen, service area, maid’s room – being the living and the kitchen integrated with the balcony and the pool), and also there is a guest room. On the second floor we have the bedrooms and an intimate lounge.

The structure of the house is concrete. To tilt the outer wall, balancing the cover slab 80cm over the slab bottom we tied the bricks to each 1.50 meters with concrete pillars, since it would be very expensive and also would overload the structure of the house if the wall were made of concrete.

The lighting was a crucial factor in the project. Due to the greater length of the site have neighbors on both sides, we had the two smaller fronts to illuminate the house, and the west façade needed to be closed because of the need for privacy. Thus a zenithal lighting was created over the standing double duty of the room to illuminate the core of the room.

The biggest challenge of the house was the site itself, and its strong ascent, at its greatest extent confined by buildings on both sides. In the end, the result shows a strong and respectful presence in the context which it appears: a very nice house where the shape does not compromise internal space, on the contrary, this is the consequence.

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