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School group

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Les Tartres school group organizes the suburban fabric of the Avenue de Stalingrad and the historically agricultural footprint of the specialized market gardeners of Stains, Pierrefitte and St Denis. The memory of this agricultural activity is deeply engrained in the structure of the sites landscape. The kindergarten and the school echo the large wooden farmhouses with their cisterns and eaves.


On the boulevard side, the building’s façade is signaled by the forecourt and entrance, the reception hall for the little children and the perspective opened between the two large buildings. At the western corner, a small volume housing the schools’ covered playground connects the forecourt with the Rue d’Amiens, which is comprised of a long brick wall, which has always been typical of this town. The entrance on the eastern corner and the room for extracurricular activities invite pedestrians to walk along the schools’ dike, which connects with the school group’s lower secondary school and the future teaching farm, and penetrates further into the cultivated park. The rational construction is inspired by the traditional market gardeners’ “plasterwork houses”: a solid base and the rest made of whatever was at hand. Here, the base is concrete and the rest made of wood, a lighter and more sustainable material.

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