Sculptured central nucleus

Sculptured central nucleus

Sergi Pons architects
Barcelona, Spain
Project Year
Adrià Goula

Sculptured central nucleus

Sergi Pons architects as Architects

The appartment is situated in a building of the fifties in the higher part of Barcelona, with a wide square floor of about 250 square meters. The clients needed a great number of rooms and bathrooms.

We redesign a central nucleus of a square floor containing the elements of communication, of access, water facilities and an interior patio that supplies light to the kitchen and the entry.

All circulation in the appartment happens around this element, passing from the more public space to the more private one in a natural way, with no need of doors. This central nucleus-patio is the essential structure of the project.

The kitchen, the main element of the appartment, is designed as a continuous white bar of seven meters that provides working space and breakfast table. The kitchen apparatus and the wine bar are placed in the middle part of the bar.

The main room, the living room, is divided into three spaces: the sitting room, the dining room and a space for work. There are two elements that separate these spaces, a wooden library and a wine bar that acts as a separating wall.

Wooden oak strips of the floor of the central nucleus and oak doors in the living room emphasize it's pure geometry and at the same time give warmth all along the circuit around the appartment.

In the kitchen the grey concrete floor stands in contrast with the warmth of the white painted bricks and the wooden floors of the new central nucleus.

The intention is to generate through pure geometries and different textures of materials an infinite number of visual, spacial and transparency connections.

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