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Setagaya Flat

Setagaya Flat

Naruse-INOKUMA Architects
Setagaya, Japan | View Map
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Private Houses
Masao Nishikawa

Setagaya Flat

Naruse-INOKUMA Architects as Architects

This is an interior project of an apartment house built with box frame construction. The flat has favorable circumstances, a largish plan and location where third floor in category 1 low-rise exclusive residential district. But, on the other hand, there is difficulty that hardly modifies walls. So we made elaborative adjustment for whole elements except the wall to create an expanse of space while using existing wall. To be concrete, leaving a plan structure that organized by long corridor on the north side of the flat and rooms access from the corridor as it is, put dramatic finishing on one façade of each room and arranged a kitchen, display shelf and countertop by layer. In a living room, those elements seem overlapped, and that makes a space more dynamic.

Old yet new finish: Four different finishing materials used; exposed concrete, cement rendering, putty with clear coating, and larch plywood. Exposed concrete is old skeleton and larch plywood is new. But cement rendering and putty, actually appeared on the wall after taking off wallpaper, and. we overlay cement and putty on them. By frequently using intermediate material, which is new but from old element, remarkable interior is realized. Here, old building fit in new well and age-old beauty remain.

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