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Shasa Collection

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The facilities of Shasa Collection are a pure reflexion of the fashion that they offer

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SHASA Collection is a global fashion brand, which is firmly established in more than 70 countries and whose head quarters have be found in Mexico city, since 1995. It is a leading brand in youth fashion, with designs that set trends. The result of this evolution is the opening of their new offices furnished with products by Actiu.

The facilities of Shasa Collection are a pure reflexion of the fashion that they offer; bold, young and carefree. The operating room, from where you get patterns and designs of the latest creations, is an open space, with walls decorated with graffiti on cement block walls.

The program of Vital desks fit perfectly into this environment. A composition of progressive desks have been carried out, with table top dividers in order to offer frontal privacy, but without diminishing the breadth of vision of the room. The program of Vital desks have their own table top dividers which allow you to place the Actiu wiring system into it, suspended and hidden, to provide maximum operativity on the work surface and maintain the wiring in order.

To appreciate with detail the different fabrics, textures and designs, Luminaria has been placed in the areas that require it. It distributes light onto a work surface optimally. avoiding the discomfort caused by glare or excessive brightness.

Without losing sight of the real and avant guard image of the facilities, Arkitek offers a program of desks with an exclusive and elegant design recommended for offices and management areas. It emphasizes the structure of the legs, robust in composition and light on the work plane.

The Block program of cabinets is the ideal complement for Arkitek desks. It can match the same materials to the cabinet doors and work tops of the desks, having various finishes available to the user. For this project, glass was chosen, alternating the colours ( black and blue) for a long stay.

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