A house opened to the sky

wipe / Kazuyuki Teraoka + Takashi Nabeshima as Architects

This apartment complex is located in a dense urban area in Tokyo.
We have lost our privacy because of the smart phones and SNS that connect
everyone anywhere and anytime in the present day.
I think we need an architecture that gives us time to slowly communicate with
ourselves when we go home after a tired day.
This architecture strengthens the privacy by closing the façade in narrow front
roads and densely urban area.
Conversely, This architecture has each own private courtyard terrace that open
up to the sky in the inside.
Residents look up at the sky, and they relax here. This isolated space creates
the slow and relaxing time. It is a space to communicate with themselves.
The coexistence of the closed exterior and the open interior gives them the
comfortable time and environment to communicate with themselves, and
recharge their mind and body.
This architecture cures their smartphone and SNS addiction of the present
illnesses. And I hope it will be an opportunity to rethink what a truly happy and
affluent life is.






3.  ウッズミスター、ボード-フローリング
5。Sanwa Company-キッチン-MUJIステンレスユニットキッチン
7。Sanwa Company-洗面台-細かい

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Product Spec Sheet

Interior wall and ceilingLilycolor
MUJI stainless unit kitchen, Washbasin - FineSanwa Company
Minimal kitchentoolbox
Product Spec Sheet
Interior wall and ceiling
MUJI stainless unit kitchen, Washbasin - Fine
Minimal kitchen
by toolbox
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