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Decentral technical services unit for the junction of façades and floors, containing a large concentration of advanced climate-regulating equipment. The prototype of the Smartbox originated from the ‘Zonwel’ research project, which was directed toward intelligent façade technique, funded by the Senter Novem agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and implemented by the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), TNO Bouw & Ondergrond, and a number of innovation-oriented market parties. The role of cepezed is primarily directed toward the construction-technical integration of the various components.

Besides a water pump and a number of electrically driven ventilators, the Smartbox also includes a heat exchanger that makes use of the temperature difference between inside and out, and pre-warms or pre-cools fresh air with the aid of air already used. The exchanger also recoups the latent energy of the moisture in both the indoor and outdoor climate. In this way, much energy that is normally lost can be reclaimed. Energy usage and thus the energy performance coefficient of buildings benefit substantially. Moreover, another great advantage is that the installations are completely decentralized and can be regulated for each individual space. A caretaker no longer determines the same climate for all occupants of the building. At present, the Smartbox measures 40 x 40 x 110 cm, and is still under development. Eventually, the dimensions must be smaller but there are many challenges to be met in the detailing, noise norms, and fire safety regulations. With the positioning of the Smartbox at the junction of the façade and floor, the façade between the floor and ceiling remains completely free of obstacles. In addition, the boxes connect precisely to the floor surface, so that it is easy to form simple combinations with integrated floors in which data and electricity cables have been laid.

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