Sonora Grill Prime Insurgentes - 2012

PASQUINEL Studio as Architects

This restaurant is located in a mixed use building which is intended to become an urban node along one of the most important and iconic avenues in the south of Mexico City.


The challenge of this project was to achieve the image of the restaurant chain, carefully looking after every detail, without competing with the building in which it is located.


The first step during the design process was to generate a functional distribution starting from accesses, services and circulation. The location of the bar along the longitudinal direction gave the path to accommodate the other spaces. The exterior terrace (smoking area) is connected with the interior terrace where is intended to generate a less familiar atmosphere than the area at the entrance. Following the concept of this restaurant chain, at the other side two rooms are designated to have private meetings or any other kind of reunions separated from the public area.


The interior design is closely related with the architecture. It is based on the traditional Mexican northern culture. Mixing vegetation of arid ecosystems such as many kinds of cactus and the use of aged and oxidized metals to achieve a contrasting atmosphere to the urban environment in which it is located. The combination of textures creates a rustic atmosphere that together with contemporary architectural language reflects the concept of the Sonora Grill Prime.

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