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Project • By Pereda Han EstudioApartments

Edificio Corredor

Located in the city of Chihuahua, in the Panamericana neighborhood, a strategically positioned area with abundant infrastructure, Edificio Corredor is situated on an irregularly shaped plot of 60 m2, adjacent to a gym that previously housed an underutilized warehouse lacking ventilation, lighting, and a connection to its surroundings. Enrique Portillo Delfoz Enrique Portillo Delfoz This warehouse space has been transformed into a small to medium-scale multi-purpose building with the purpose of reversing the deterioration of the area and the trend of displacing housing for commercial purposes. Enrique Portillo Delfoz Enrique Portillo Delfoz The building consists of three flexible units. The ground floor has been designe... More

Project • By t804 taller de arquitecturaHousing

House FG

Project FG was an intervention carried out in a property located in the city of Oaxaca de Juárez. This project aimed to grow and reorganize spaces based on the client's needs. To achieve this, it was necessary to expand and adapt the architectural composition around and on the existing property. Natural lighting played a crucial role, requiring the preservation of most open spaces and interior courtyards. Windows were opened inward to maximize the use of natural light.   omar lopez bautista The materials used in the architectural composition included steel structures and wood for ceilings in outdoor areas and terraces. Exterior floors were complemented with ceramic tiles resembling stone materials. Warmer materials like w... More

Project • By LCESTUDIOSports Centres


Located on the ground floor of a multi-family building  on a busy road in Roquetas de Mar, We find an elongated premises with a single façade. Etérea Espacio Creativo Our proposal is conceived as a continuous, functional space that allows multiple training activities to be carried out simultaneously. Etérea Espacio Creativo In order to prioritize the space for training as much as possible, all the “server” spaces are aligned on the northeast party wall where the access, administration, reception and changing rooms are located. In this way we free the rest of the premises for its main activity, achieving the best orientation, ventilation and isolation. Etérea Espacio Creativo Lig... More

Project • By @nb_arquitetaApartments

Apartamento Timbiras

Total renovation of a 60m2 apartment in the Lourdes neighborhood of Belo Horizonte. Paula Brant Our challenge was to work with a very compartmentalized plan. The idea was to reduce the compartments and increase the social area, with a large kitchen integrated with the living room. Paula Brant The windows were made of iron and were replaced by aluminum windows. The railings were changed and received a new design, a rereading of old railings, suggested by the owner. Paula Brant Paula Brant Paula Brant Paula Brant Paula Brant Paula Brant More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments

HOUSE | Casa Cavanilles

Designed with light as the protagonist and wrapped in a halo of harmony that covers every corner, Casa Cavanilles and its more than 200 m2 of surface have allowed to create a space that invites to share and live in family. Jonathan Ristagno Each element has been designed taking into account that the house opens to the outside and gives us privileged views of Valencia, a 360º tour that begins at the foot of the Viveros Gardens and ends with the sea on the horizon.  Jonathan Ristagno The living / dining room is the true protagonist of this integral reform project, being the paneling with wood paneling the differentiating element and on which orbit the rest of the rooms of the day area.  Jonathan Ristagno Anoth... More

Project • By Dionne ArquitectosApartments

Departamento Sadro

This is a remodeling project of a recently delivered apartment in one of the newest and most innovative developments in the city of Puebla. With a program defined by the original architectural plan, the focus of the project was to capture the lifestyle of the users in these new spaces, reforming for this reason, the service area, generating a completely new "pantry" space and a new service bar towards the kitchen and social area.  Alejandro Mirsha The rest of the spaces were redefined with fixed elements and furniture, which, obeying the needs of the users, generated a large main room, a dining room and a new decompression space between the access and the social area, as a living room.  Alejandro Mirsha The entire... More

Project • By Jump & FlyHotels

Dolce Sitges

The brief comprised converting three contiguous rooms into a single room so that it could be used for large office meeting events or weddings while maintaining the option of using them separately. The fixed partitions that separated the central room from the adjacent rooms needed to be replaced by mobile phones that could allow their movement, while maintaining the current capacity if the Hotel required it.  Jump & Fly The appearance of the rooms is simple as the design do not want to distract the users of the event that going to take place. The aim was to design a naked box that the companies or wedding couples could dress up according to their needs, spicing the room up with their branding and display.  Jump & F... More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments


Located in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia is this project of integral reform of housing. Casa en el Ensanche is located in a building of 1937 and the essence of the time is reflected throughout the house. With more than 120 m2 built, we faced a renovation project whose premise was to provide personality and modernity to the whole house while maintaining part of the original essence. Bacon Studio This essence has been preserved preserving the height and part of the original ceiling moldings. Also noteworthy is the kitchen area, where the original Nolla mosaic floor of the house has been preserved. Restored piece by piece and installed as a carpet that allows to delimit the space of the kitchen and living/dining room. Bacon Stud... More

Project • By dbeco proyectosApartments

Casa en Barcelona

Interior refurbishment of a house emphasising free communication between spaces with a free and modern design. More

Product • By M&TMAGNETIC door system

MAGNETIC door system

We prepared an innovative door control system without handle, without lock, without any electronics. We incorporated series of very strong magnets into Magnetic and placed them in the door frame and opposite into the door leaf we placed a block from magnetic stainless steel. When the door is closed, the two parts approach each other and ensure a smooth, perfect closing by the magnetic force. The system is primarily prepared for interior doors, thanks to the possibility of simple fine regulation of the force of the magnets when closing the door, it provides an unxpectecd added vallue for its users. Magnetic reliably controls and closes the door but does not lock. For the purposes of complete locking, we prepared mini locks with a WC/bathroom... More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaOffices

OFFICE - Colegio de Gestores Administrativos

Our work for the Colegio de Gestores Administrativos de Valencia starts with offering a new office concept for their centralized traffic service headquarters. The premises from which we started had been reformed more than 20 years ago, so this project has been an innovation challenge with the intention of improving their work space and designing a welcoming office adapted to today's needs. The main objective has been to transmit elegance and closeness through the contrast of noble materials such as wood, and more contemporary materials such as black profiles and micro cement. We link order and design by creating all the furniture to measure. Through the exterior envelope we manage to capture the attention of managers and passers-by. The a... More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments


With some 120m2 and 3.20 meters high, this housing project provided us with many possibilities for improvement and knowing how to take advantage of every meter was essential. Finally we decided to distribute it in a living room and integrated kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a master bedroom. This master bedroom has one of the bathrooms en suite and an integrated dressing room, which allows total privacy for this stay. One of the main objectives was to create wide and luminous spaces, allowing the natural light of the facade to bathe all the day area of the house. For this reason, we decided to eliminate the original partition walls and opt for a single living-dining room space. The client wanted the kitchen to be integrated with... More

Project • By Minimal StudioPrivate Houses


A remote place in the north of Mallorca is where this new project developed by Minimal Studio is located. Protected by ancient medieval walls, we access the main entrance through narrow and picturesque alleys, which give the project a special atmosphere and charm. The main objective of the architectural intervention was to provide greater spatial amplitude inside the house. To eliminate the divisional excess, to unify rooms, not allow under any circumstances the non-use of each and every corner of the house. The aesthetics of the project have been projected based on the elements and coatings, mimicking the new materials and interventions with the current state of the house. A clear example of this is the adequacy from the kitchen to the... More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments


Housing located in a building in Ciutat Vella, in the historical center of the city of Valencia. Its rehabilitation was carried out in 2004, when it was conceived as what it is today. Our intervention is mainly based on two premises: to gain light and spaciousness, as well as to respect the pre-existence. For this integral reform project, we sought to integrate the kitchen with the living-dining room, thus creating a single, much larger room. With the materiality we gained a greater sensation of light. With all this we have managed to gain space, light and a feeling of spaciousness. Reserving the rest of the rooms for the night area, bathrooms and bedrooms. During the construction phase we found the large beam and original wooden beams fr... More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments


With about 200m2 of built area, the possibilities for this comprehensive reform project were very wide. The house from the 70's, was with the original finishes and distribution. Therefore, the main idea of this project was to adapt the whole space to the new needs of the clients, with two clear objectives: to gain lighting and interior quality. The spaces are distributed clearly differentiating the day area from the night area with a more intimate character. These spaces are articulated by means of a generous corridor in which the materiality of the access furniture is taken care of, as well as the lighting. In this corridor we conceal by means of integrated panels the courtesy toilet and the access to the kitchen, centering all the attent... More