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Project • By HabibiearsOffices

Bramlett Office Concept

This is a competition entry designed for a small - multifunction office that combines between open plan office and 2 big dedicated meeting rooms.  The design of this building is equipped with a small pantry on the top floor, two toilets with disability-friendly standards, a sofa area for work and casual meetings, as well as a pergola on the roof of the front facade to give a natural feel. More

Project • By e2 Design StudioPrivate Houses


MB_007 is a special project , with amazing panoramic views of the highly coveted California South Bay coast we knew we wanted to make a home that represented the contemporary architectural movement that the area is experiencing. The exterior of the house is composed of materials that will require little to no maintenance in the harsh salty air environment, such as board form concrete , break metal panels, stucco and lots of glass to enjoy the majestic view. The interior will have a timeless coastal modern feel with textures that compliment each other like reclaimed wood and natural limestone. The intent here was to create something that we can see years down the line land have it be an amazing home that changes with time but always seems to... More

Project • By Projeto PontoOffices

Mi9 Comunicação

Mi9 Comunicação needed a functional space with an identity. His project was developed from the study of the company's brand and visual identity, composed of red, black and white, and straight and simple lines. Neutral colors and textures were used as a base and the red color is occasionally found in some prominent elements. The language used was based on industrial and contemporary styles. The industrialist refers to urbanity, cities, references to the urban advertising service in the OOH - Out of Home segment, provided by the company. It translates into the choice of metallic finishes, present in furniture, lamps and in the finish of the glass partition, in the texture of burnt cement, in the leather finish of the seats and... More

Project • By Need DesignPrivate Houses


The cottage is located in the village of Lesniki, Kiev region, in a very picturesque place on the slope. We placed the first floor parallel to street, and the ground floor we placed  perpendicular to the slope and oriented it to a specific natural point. So this is a  terrace-type house, where the roof of the ground floor is a terrace for the first. We have created an interesting and dynamic architectural form, but at the same time inscribed in the surrounding landscape. More

Project • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesPrivate Houses

Sanchita Residence

“Shanchita” means a “collection of memories”, in a way to treasure. The lifestyle of Dhaka has considerably changed over the last 35 years. Beautiful one unit houses with gardens have been replaced by uncaring high-rise apartments. Today’s apartments serve only to provide us with a residence and do little to become a home. The houses of the yesteryears held a rich collection of memories because families lived together, their gardens were treasured by the children to the elderly. There trees, verandas, terraces were not just elements but integral part of the life of the occupants.   The clients aspired for a 'Baganbari' - house in a garden, where their own children could grow up with ample places to play... More

Project • By VIMARVIRestaurants

Restaurante El Gordo y el Flaco

Trusting in our studio, Salva and Pablo commissioned us with the project for the relocation of their restaurant. For this purpose, an old corner house with no architectural value is chosen, located in a low-rise building area. This new location makes it possible to house the new restaurant in its own building, which allows all the advantages that its old premises did not have. The project covers the demolition of the old building and the construction of a new one. Whenever there is a change of business, there is a need to improve the existing, so the main starting point of the project was to solve all the problems that the old location had without affecting the main features of the restaurant. For this we thought, given that this new locati... More

Project • By Lugerin ArchitectsApartments

Sun Gate

The apartment of 140 square meters is located in the residential complex Sonyachna Brama in Kiev.On the first floor there are: a spacious hall with natural light, bedrooms, a bathroom, a guest bathroom, a technical room .. There is also an open space in the living area - a kitchen, a dining room and a living room with a laconic staircase leading to the second floor. On the second level there is an office, an art studio and a dressing room.One of the advantages of the apartment is a two-level living room space. High ceiling, large glazing area, expressive architecture of stairs, second level construction. All this creates a unique image of the room.The textured wood beams, Wireflow lamp, coffee tables serve as accent aesthetic elements.The m... More

Project • By PASQUINEL StudioBars

Sonora Grill Masaryk

The restaurant is located on Presidente Masaryk Avenue, the most important avenue to the west of Mexico City.   The challenge that implied the project, was the recovery of the poorly distributed spaces of a restaurant that was in the same place and generate a restaurant with greater amplitude allowing the access and the use of natural light obtaining a better visibility in the two plants that contemplate the restaurant.   The main access is on Avenida Presidente Masaryk, by means of stairs and an elevator allows us to reach the ground floor of the restaurant; the ground floor consists of several elements respecting the image of the Sonora Grill Prime franchises, having a large bar on one side that houses the desserts and drink... More

Project • By PASQUINEL StudioShopping Centres

Plaza Básica

Plaza Básica is located in a commercial area of raw material supplies east of Mexico City; starting from the commercial need for services in the area.   The basic program arose with the need to form commercial spaces of service; where the client will supply those needs. The building site is an L; in such a way that the view towards the main avenue both inside and outside of it is of the important factors commercially speaking and the central parking together with a local anchor makes the interconnection of users from the avenue and adjacent streets.   The main idea of the project in the design phase was to innovate the area where it develops with inclined shapes and apparent material elements and integrate it into the c... More

Project • By PASQUINEL StudioRestaurants

Fogonazo Polanco

The restaurant is located in one of the most profitable areas of Mexico City; Polanco.   Starting from the need of the client, it is granted to remodel part of a house from the 50's and to convert the ground floor of the same in a commercial place dedicated to food.   The main idea was to leave intact the main facade of the existing House; without affecting the environment and especially the urban image of the avenue. Starting from this premise, a translucent blacksmith facade with glass was generated, harmonizing with it a series of vertical contrails perpendicular to the pedestrian affluence.   The interior was conceived by means of materials and neutral colors where the contrast of the black and white of the same one... More

Project • By PASQUINEL StudioBars

Sonora Grill Prime Insurgentes

This restaurant is located in a mixed use building which is intended to become an urban node along one of the most important and iconic avenues in the south of Mexico City.   The challenge of this project was to achieve the image of the restaurant chain, carefully looking after every detail, without competing with the building in which it is located.   The first step during the design process was to generate a functional distribution starting from accesses, services and circulation. The location of the bar along the longitudinal direction gave the path to accommodate the other spaces. The exterior terrace (smoking area) is connected with the interior terrace where is intended to generate a less familiar atmosphere than the are... More

Project • By Excelencia en DiseñoPrivate Houses

Casa La Nogalera

Residence located in the wooded area of ​​Las Cañadas in Zapopan, Jalisco. This project was developed taking into account the light and the beautiful view towards the adjoining golf course where converges a natural stream and three large lakes. The project was designed with large windows that favor natural lighting and at the same time that fresh air circulates through the residence.   The residence is designed and built with regional materials and ecological equipment, such as solar panels, solar heaters for home and pool, also has a system and catchment of graywater and rainwater to favor the sustainability and care for the environment. In its construction it was used as aggregate in the mixtures of slabs and claddings the v... More

Project • By Oliver Christen ArchitektenPrivate Houses

Wohnhaus auf 4 Stützenpaaren

The modern, pavilion-like residential building is located in the townscape protection zone of the municipality Tegerfelden AG. The house is formed by a roof, which rests on only few supports. The roof, corresponding to the historic buildings in the townscape, cantilevers clearly over the façade on the eaves, while the overhang on the village side is only slight. According to the buildings in the village, in which the walls of the walls in the attic were clad in the same color as the roof, the materialization of the house is the same all around. The roof, the fifth facade of the house, is clad in copper on the outside and appears naturally inside. The building digs into the terrain on the slope side and is fully glazed. In the interior, the... More

Project • By MGK ArchitectsApartments


Project execution of a 110 sqm apartment in the center of Albano Laziale (Roma).The starting point of the project was to eliminate the original walls of the apartment to increase light and to combine together the Kitchen, Laundry, and Bathrooms in a center module away from the sleeping area to maximize the space.The furnishings elements is focused on a vintage & contemporary mix that brings to life and vibrates in the brightness of new spaces thanks to the collaboration of “Oh My Lab” showroom. More

Project • By Office One ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Casa P

Casa P is the remodeling project of a 4,000 sq ft. single family residence located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The project involved the design of the living and dining room areas and its facades as well as the outdoor terrace and pool, to be built in the coming months, and its interior architecture. Within a restrained budget of approximately 70 dollars per square foot of construction, minimum interventions were allowed throughout the rest of the façades where openings were reconfigured and horizontal screens were introduced. The plan of the residence was left intact, only elevation and sectional interventions were allowed.In order to provide privacy to the residence on the south facade and not lose contact with nature, the front of the... More