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From Digital to Physical Installation

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SPEC V4 is an evaluation of experience from digital to physical design process. It is design and production decisions of practice for structure and also basis of form. Wide range of material searches and discussions allow us to create various prototypes before SPEC V4 and after first prototype was very big experience to disassemble and reassemble in different space for us.

We have created a module which produced with 1 m³ material with the experiences which have been gotten from early workshops and UIA competition. And this version aim was to achieve automatisation during and after design process, and learn effects on the design process.

We have coded special additional software for digital process to cut modules automatically from digital design files and all modules are done with this method. The whole SPEC V4 has been divided into sections to (re)move and (re)install easily. Total floor area of SPEC V4 is 18 m², and installing process takes half a day.

Dimensions: 5900x2850mm Space: Indoors & Outdoors

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7 St. Thomas
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7 St. Thomas

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5 Sultan St, Toronto, ON M5S 1L6, Canada - Build completed in 2017
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