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Noun: A planned event that occurs after much orchestration and planning to create maximum effect for all users involved and remains memorable for the experience it creates.

In a similar light to what Robert Venturi calls ‘the decorated shed’ in his influential book Learning from Las Vegas, I propose to turn the usual into the unusual, the expected into the unexpected, to showcase what I believe is the spectacle made possible with the facade technology AluDesign.

Emergent 21st century technologies have always fascinated architects and engineers, and this design seeks to engage with that creativity and fascination. Through an innovative use of Euramax’s AluDesign panels, printed in a glistening gold leaf, the warehouse facade becomes a spectacle that is more than just a 2D monotone surface. The unusual and unique perforated image of playful zebras splashed across the facade creates a high level of intrigue and depth, one that passer-bys simply cannot ignore. The digital fabrication of square holes in varying dimensions showcases one of the many possibilities and applications available when using this product.

The construction and overall form of the facade provokes an irresistible urge to look closer and discover the very special spatial and aesthetic features inherent in what might otherwise have been viewed as a simple cladding panel. By fixing to and building over the existing warehouse cladding, the perforated panels will affect the light that streams into the interior space through the high windows as well as provide a surface that can be viewed differently from all angles.

This facade is a bold architectural statement that isn't weighed down by context and history, but rather engages the imagination and attention of passer-bys with strong constrasts between solid and void geometry and between light and dark to ultimately attract and create product awareness for Euramax locally and internationally.

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