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Schoyerer Architekten_SYRA as Architects

Following on from the square in front of the Central Railway Station, Münsterplatz marks the beginning of a series of squares leading through Schillerplatz and Gutenbergplatz all the way to Domplatz and Fischtorplatz on the Rhine. ARGE BIERBAUM.AICHELE.landschaftsarchitekten & SCHOYERER ARCHITEKTEN_SYRA already focused on a simple and effective arrangement and execution of the infrastructure elements and areas during the competition stage in order to promote the perception of urban space.


In addition to the functional aspect of the 140 m² rain shelter and the service aspect of the restroom facility, this structure is a statement about urban space as a new meeting point with a high recognition value and high amenity value amidst the bustling traffic and the heterogeneity of the adjoining, partly temporary perimeter development. This striking roof, in conjunction or in dialogue with the cluster of trees across from it, gives the entire surroundings a great sense of calm and a unique identity.

The roof consists of eight inverted, flat stainless steel pyramid shapes resting on stainless steel round supports. The pyramidal shape of the individual stainless steel roof elements is not only architecturally appealing as a reflecting/alternating soffit but is also structurally effective, because the angular edgings of the steel surfaces also assume the function of the roof support structure including roof reinforcement! These stainless steel surfaces thus simultaneously function as the soffit and as a water-draining layer at the top of the roof. The entire roof surface is covered with grating elements and thus also provides an architectural profile of the roof when viewed from above.


The toilet facility is located at the rear of the covered area. The solid and thermally insulated reinforced concrete structure (3.06m x 3.95m x 2.62m) is covered with foil glazing that shimmers in different colors. The interior is fitted with synthetic resin surfaces and stainless steel sanitary objects. Electronic activation of the media (air, water, soap) and automatic cleaning of the toilet seats and floor surfaces ensures the best possible hygiene for the heated interior.

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