Studiofibre for Farfetch

Studiofibre for Farfetch

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Studiofibre for Farfetch (Los Angeles)

Studiofibre as Architects

A bespoke future workspace focused on human experience and wellbeing.  Space designed to be as unique, luxurious, easy to use and ground-breaking as the pioneering Farfetch brand itself.  Natural, understated materiality pays homage to both the global brand and the Californian location.  Stucco backdrops are offset by a palette of woods (bamboo, beech and walnut), marble, copper accents, foliage.


Purposeful ‘neuro neighbourhoods’ within the overall space support the diverse needs of the workforce across any working day and encourage the team to move around the space to select the optimal environments for different tasks.  Sculptural private phone booths (designed by Studiofibre), crafted from slatted plywood, enhance concentration. Infinity booths foster creativity and collaboration, co-working spaces encourage communication and a library provides quiet space for focus / learning.  A reconfigurable entertainment space, with retractable ‘bleacher seating’ hosts social events, broadcasts, all-hands meetings and a café.  Each bespoke crafted area brings the Farfetch brand to life and immerses and inspires the Farfetch teams, putting them centre stage.  Each individual is able to structure their own day within the overall space, choosing the neighbourhood/s that suit them and their working style best.


Studiofibre designs bespoke elements for every project.   For Farfetch LA we created ‘The Speakeasy’ phone booth – as a striking, sculptural aesthetic and a functional space for individual phone and video-conference calls.  High grade plywood, with hidden acoustic foam, provides stature and tactile materiality.  The Farfetch design language was carefully evolved for this location, (featuring native materials, textures, colours and plants throughout) without compromising the brand identity.  Circular booths, also crafted from slatted and highly polished plywood, foster optimal collaboration and communication.  Structural support ‘power pillars’ are transformed into vibrant living walls with wooden planters on a bespoke copper frame.  Reception is reimagined as a vibrant co-working welcome lounge.

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