't Prutske, day nursery and childcare

't Prutske, day nursery and childcare

Diksmuide, Belgium

't Prutske, day nursery and childcare

Forbo Flooring Systems as Manufacturers

This Marmoleum design by Inge van Gheel, is inspiring and timeless. The abstract forms encourage the creative imagination of children.

...find your way in the forest of colors…

Every group has its own color. A strong visal landmark for the children and their parents. Applied art that visually helps parents and children to find their way to their room. The forms are abstract and timeless. Abstract forms encourage the creative imagination of children.

The entrance begins with a warm red that is a clear landmark on the counter. The groups ‘around the corner’ are orange and yellow. Yellow was chosen as it promotes versatile recording and transmission of knowledge. Orange is cheerful, encourages charity and ensures satisfied and warmth. The two living groups with effect from the multipurpose room in dark and light green. To bring balance in the energy and create a feeling of contentment and kindness, providing stability and encourages emotional growth. Blue promotes communication and self-expression. White enlivens and connects all colors and make the forest of colors a great harmonious whole.

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