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Product Spec Sheet

SinksCeramica Globo S.p.a.
Furniture for coworkingFantini
Lighting3F Filippi
Ceramic Tiles for barBotteganove

Product Spec Sheet
Furniture for coworking
by Fantini
Ceramic Tiles for bar


Park Associati as Architects

The project involves the complete interior renovation in a former industrial building from 1931, previously a wallpaper laboratory.


The building is located in via Vigevano in Milan, on the border with the Navigli area, one of the more lively district in the city with a dense network of shops, laboratories but above all kinds of restaurants, bars and pubs which make this area one of the favorite destinations of the city nightlife. The building stands out in the urban context for the geometric language of its architecture, with rationalist references, connected with the once carried out activities.


The assignment of the project came from Tenoha, a Japanese company that deals with creating multi-service spaces for typical catering, for the trade of home accessories and foods of Japanese cuisine. The unit includes a space facing the street, enhanced by large windows and intended for retail, and an interior space housing a restaurant, a coworking area and a place for events. The central courtyard becomes the core around which the various functions will gravitate. On the one hand, the project respects the industrial soul of the place, keeping wide open spaces, shed roofs and exposed systems, on the other hand, the use of simple finishing materials and the articulation in thematic areas generates a succession of spaces that concretize the Tenoha brief, creating a new concept for Milan which brings together Japanese style catering and shopping.


Material Used :
Custom Furniture (Design by Park Associati): Merotto Milani SRL, Dosson di Casier (TV)
Chairs for restaurant and coworking: Duecori
Chairs and tables for courtyard, stools for bar: Infiniti, Moresco (TV)
Furniture for coworking: Fantin / chairs Sit-land; Nanto (VI)

Retail: Glip, Quinto di Treviso; NEON Line Werbedesign G.m.b.H, Musestre di Roncade (TV)
Restaurant: Glip, Quinto di Treviso, Hem, Stockholm, Miniforms, Meolo (VE)
Coworking: Driade, Milano, 3F Filippi, Pian di Macina- Pianoro (BO), Glip, Quinto di Treviso

Kitchen devices: Alicontract Ali, Cernusco sul Naviglio MI

Taps: Grohe
Washlets: Toto, Düsseldorf
Sinks: Globo, Castel Sant’Elia (VT)

Ceramic Tiles for bar: Botteganove, Nove (VI)
Greenery: Rattiflora, Cesnate con Bernate (CO)
IT Project: Cogentis SRL, Milano

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