TG Garden

TG Garden

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Yuri Seródio

TG Garden

HANAZAKI as Architects

In this project, the objective was to expand the tropical climate of the island, prioritizing the view of the sea, as well as the common areas such as terraces, swimming pool, deck and interior views of the house, so that all this environment was inserted in the local landscape of the island. as harmonic as possible. The concept was of a tropical garden, shaped by large volumes of plants from the way of arrival to the sea.


The resident is a great lover of plants and a person involved with fashion and art, so the aesthetics and harmony of the landscape is essential.


The garden is mostly made up of native plants such as filodendrons, heliconia, bromeliads. Some foreign species were used, but they are very similar to the climate of the site. So they adapted very well.


Plants have also played a key role in air-conditioning the home, bringing thermal comfort, shading where necessary and making it sunny in sunbathing areas. They make an environment in the house that those who are at sea barely see the house, but whoever is in the house has a beautiful sea view. Another function is in the decoration, because species were chosen that can serve as a cut flower and keep the house decorated throughout the year.

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