Thailand's Pavilion EXPO 2015

Thailand's Pavilion EXPO 2015

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Pietro Baroni

Thailand's Pavilion: Theme "Nourishing and Delighting the World"

EXPO 2015 S.p.a as Contractors

The Concept Thailand’s exhibition is divided into four thematic strands. "Timely innovations, serving a dream" refers to its goal of preventing world hunger, protecting the environment and ensuring a life for every country and individual that is geared towards sustainability. In this area, presented in a large elliptical shape like a virtual cinema, there are maps and 360-degree video projections, several interactive tools and acrobatic shows.

"Sustainability, the balance of life" describes the approach taken by the King of Thailand in his ongoing efforts to support farmers across Thailand.

"Tastes, streets and Thai flavors" offers a closer look at Thai cuisine and how it clearly reveals the identity and spirit of its people. The idea is to try an authentic, unique tasting experience. Thailand is known for its street food, which brings out typical flavors and a variety of preparations, all set out in an outside exhibition that recreates the atmosphere of the Festival of the Temple’s local food fair, with a floating market to recall times past, when Bangkok was called "the Venice of the East".

"Traditions, the roots of quality", is a reminder of the key words "the abundance of the Earth, the cradle of food," and here visitors can learn about the origins of Thai food and its rice cultivation.

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