The Employees' Wall

The Employees' Wall

Enrique MacMillan and Marc Miranda
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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The Employees' Wall

Enrique MacMillan and Marc Miranda as Architects

Since we first started working on the design of the factory’s main façade it was clear to us that its rethinking was agreat chance to do something unique for EURAMAX. We thought it had to become much more than just a billboardto point out whose factory it was or a fancy picture not related to the company. In fact, we wanted the façade tobecome a visual statement of the company itself, its values and its ideology.

Going through EURAMAX’s website we noticed the Vision & Values section and it became obvious that if there wassomething that made the company feel proud it was their employees and the way they work to achieve excellencein their business:

“Our achievements are based on the successful contribution ofeach of us as individuals into a great team.”

“From those who have been part of our organization for over 35years to the new talent that just joined, we are all passionateabout working together.”

As we liked a lot this philosophy, we thought it would be great to use the names of every EURAMAX employee in thedesign as a way to honour their hard work and to reveal these values to the world. Since we also wanted thecompany’s logo to have an important role in the new façade to give it an elegant corporative look, all that was leftfor us was to find a way to mix in all these inputs in one final design to achieve the kind of visual statement that wewere struggling for since the beginning.

Making the most of the Aludesign technology we were able to use a mosaic design all over the façade that let usachieve our aims.

By writing the names of all of the employees in grey or in different hues of blue over a white background we wereable to shape a huge EURAMAX logo all over the façade. Although simple in concept, this mosaic design creates aninteresting effect since when viewed from afar the façade just seems to depict the logo but as soon as one getscloser to it the names that form it are revealed.

For our team this effect is a metaphor of the process customers go through when dealing with EURAMAX since at thebeginning they may only know the company as a whole but as soon as they engage in a business relationship theyget to meet the passionate people who work daily to deliver them with the best possible service and products.

NOTE: Since we obviously do not know the actual names of EURAMAX’s employees at the moment, for this design we used a list ofrandom names to make it look as close to the final product as possible.

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