The New Face | Residence Renovation

The New Face | Residence Renovation

Eminence Architects [Research + Design]
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The New Face | Residence Renovation

Eminence Architects [Research + Design] as Architects

The brief from the client was simple and short “a house with more floor space and an exterior with striking appearance in contrast with the surrounding”. The old house was about 890 sqft of build-up area and was in an angular site with road on the north side. It was a single storied house which had a small living room, dining room, two bedrooms with attached toilets and a small kitchen. The house had to be stripped down and the build-up area to be expanded from 890 sqft to 1900 sqft.

The house was re-planned within the existing structure and was extended to fit the client’s requirement. The entrance door was shifted to the right bay connecting a formal living space, replacing one of the earlier bedrooms. In this way the house was provided with a formal and informal living space. The spaces were then connected to the existing dining space and to the staircase that replaced the existing kitchen. The staircase with wash area underneath sits right in between the informal living room and the renovated open kitchen connecting the dining room. The floor area was increased in the rear side to fit-in the open and closed kitchen keeping one of the existing bedrooms as such with the toilet being relocated.

The staircase lead to an open study area in the first floor. A master bedroom, a children’s bedroom and a third bedroom all with attached toilets, a small wash area in the rear end and a big open terrace in the front connecting children’s & third bedroom were added on to the first floor.

The interiors are given a minimal touch. Most of the existing furnitures were used with minor remodelling. A gradient of beige colour was used all through the interiors, with vitrified tiles for flooring, black leather finish kota stone for staircase and a small area in the informal living room was finished with wooden floor. The semi-enclosed square niched partition wall between formal living room and dining room and an angular vertical louvered partition wall between informal living room and the staircase enhances the space. The access to staircase from dining room was ornamented with a parametric designed jali panel header with back light.

The exterior open terrace with framed wall, the parametric jali design panels in the front with back light, the square opening on side walls ornamented with lights and a simple colour tone of white and yellow ochre on the walls are designed to have a minimalist striking appearance.

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