The new headquarters for Comarch with revitalised former factory building

NOW Biuro Architektoniczne Sp. z o.o. as Architects

In many respects, this building is located in a special place. In the 1920s, the Municipal Council decided to punch through a new street running slantwise to the regular, rectangular street plan in Łódź. This triggered a new town-planning potential utilized almost immediately by erecting new elegant modernist tenement houses on new sharp corners, between which a small outbuilding factory remained exposed, as the new regulation made it impossible to build a front building in its foreground. 

So, until recently there remained a gap in the land development open, to a park on the other part of street. 

The design process of the new office facility located on this former industrial plot was aimed to utilise both the significant potential of this valuable coexistence and the unique urban context. The lower part of the new development references to the scale of surrounding buildings and the height of the revitalised former factory simultaneously complementing the street plan. The upper glass-coated part, contrasting with the lower facades, resembles sharp corners of the modernist tenement houses and it begins with representative garden on the roof of the lower part and the former factory.

The three-storey high main hall, significant in size and volume, enables independent coexistence of the incorporated former factory building with the whole development. It is the side elevation of the factory with its industrial windows and architectonic brick plot that creates the main component of the spacious entrance hall. The existing fully bricked back wall, exposed by the void left between corridors’ floors and the wall, connects by interior bridges the work space arranged in the preserved factory.


The hall linking the main building, the former factory building and the conference section became by full glazing of the front of public space, a connection between the street and the building interior. This is brought out by using the same materials in its interior as on adjacent facades. The view on the park is present in most of the building space, also from the garden on the roof of the former factory building and the hall. 

Comarch Office Building in Łódź

Piotr Krajewski - Architectural Photography as Photographers

Photo shoot of the Comarch Office Building in Łódź for its owner. The building was designed by architectural studio, NOW Biuro Architektoniczne.

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