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The Sofitel Tamuda Bay is a luxury five star hotel which will open in June 2016 in M’diq, a town located on the northern coast of Morocco about 20 miles east of Tangier. For Sofitel, the Sofitel Tamuda Bay is the luxury hotel brand’s latest project and will be offering 104 bedrooms and suites, eight bungalows and five villas spanning a total floor surface area of 38,128 square metres. Located on one of the most beautiful Moroccan beaches of the Mediterranean, and set against the stunning backdrop of the Rif Mountains, the Sofitel Tamuda Bay will stand proudly in one of the most idyllic settings in the entire kingdom.

Today’s clientele in the luxury hotel sector searches for aesthetics, quality and excellence. The Sofitel Tamuda Bay, as with most hotels within the Sofitel group, strives to anticipate and exceed such expectations. Tamuda Bay offers a genuine experience in French art de vivre combined with the refinement of an authentic Moroccan style. GM Architects, under the leadership of Galal Mahmoud, were commissioned as architects and interior designers for the resort. The prize for “Best New Hotel” at the 2011 International Hotel Awards went to GM Architects for their work on this project.

A SUBTLE REINTERPRETATION OF MOROCCAN ARCHITECTURE Galal Mahmoud visits each site in person to get a feel for the place, an approach he calls “contextual immersion”. He makes a preliminary study of the site and the surrounding landscape, including local history, in order to integrate contextual references such as climate, geography and even topography. It ensures a certain respect for the identity and culture of the place. This approach drove the architect’s work for the Sofitel Tamuda Bay. He took the cultural references of northern Morocco and reinterpreted them in a contemporary language, and then integrated them into the final design. Tangier is punctuated with wonderful contrasting strokes of cobalt blue and white and these have been a vital source of inspiration.

GM Architects designed the Sofitel Tamuda Bay’s architecture and interiors in such a way as to blur the boundaries of indoors and outdoors, with a view to creating a genuine experience of well-being for all guests to enjoy. Sky and sea blend into a beautiful palette of blues to offer a once-in-a-lifetime Mediterranean experience. The very essence of the project is the fusion of the opposing shores of the Mediterranean: on one side the French Riviera’s world of contemporary art and glamour and on the other, Morocco’s charming traditional crafts and authentic lifestyle.

FRENCH ART DE VIVRE Resolutely contemporary in his approach, Galal Mahmoud drew inspiration from twentieth century artists whose paintings were highly influenced by their stays in Morocco. The hotel’s internal spaces pay tribute to the influence of these artists in the choice of pigments, the rounded shapes reminiscent of Moroccan crafted objects, and even the blue birds of the Mediterranean Sea. In the hotel’s various spaces vivid colours contrast sharply with the bright white used in the marble chosen by GM Architects’ team.

The very essence of the project is based on a subtle mix of modern French art de vivre and traditional Moroccan culture. This combination was the overriding principle which guided Gael Mahmoud in the design of each of the Sofitel Tamuda Bay’s internal spaces. Blending local colours in an enchanting setting, this resort offers a unique atmosphere where guests can enjoy a relaxing stay or head out to the nearby chic and festive marinas.

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