The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room

GE Space Design
No. 47 Hongshun Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City
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The Tasting Room

GE Space Design as Architects

In Chengdu, a capital city in the southwestern China known for its laid-back lifestyle, there is such a cocktail R&D workshop & bar. The client’s emotional preference and rich experiences as a bartender convince the designer to create a novel project, in which the place is converted from an innovative cocktail workshop to a cozy and styled bar according to time shift in a day.


Creddie Workshop, which targets to test and develop numerous possibility of making a glass of cocktail with different ingredient, locates in the front door of the site. Open bar area with sliding windows breaks its barrier with the passerby.


Warm yellow lights and comfortable sitting places encourage people to walk inside and explore mystery of cocktail making, as well as to become the volunteer taster of a new drink recipe. Furthermore, Creddie Workshop also provides technical consultancy, drink menu development and personnel training for other bars or individuals in the City.


The Tasting Room bar is hidden behind the Workshop, which is accessible through a black passage and a cabin door. Simplicity designs with raw materials of bamboo, stones, and wooden floor emphases the place spirit in cocktail making with quality organic ingredient, which also contributes to enrich customers’ inherent experience and improve the tasting satisfaction. In this workshop + bar, every glass of drink has its own “ID card” that marks the recipe and the research and development notes from the bartender.


The warm light setting and the solid wood texture are well matched in harmony.


Bamboo weaving, a local art format in Chengdu, is delicately set with the chairs back, wall decoration and light box. More surprisingly, bamboo weavings scatter the light on the floor and walls, that building up a magic lighting atmosphere within the space.


Space transition between public bar area and intimate space is naturally achieved through a curved wall, which half surrounds a semi-open room for certain privacy. Elaborate seats setting allows guests to drink and chat with enough space between each table and chair. Non-fixed tables and chairs facilitate the extending of open space for social events, dancing is workable there in some case.

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