The Y
Mikhail Loskutov

The Y

Asthetíque as Architects

The Y is a two-story multi-functional project built by Moscow restaurateur, Kira Baybakova, and designed by the New York based design studio Asthetíque, which also has a satellite office in Russia. The venue occupies two floors at the base of a newly built residential building in the heart of Moscow. The restaurant features 2 open kitchens and more than 200 seats.

The Y concept is about the youth and diversity of generation Y - bold and ironic 30-40-year-old residents of the megalopolis who created the first video games and was pivotal in the Internet boom. The Y design was created to exemplify this generation’s current status as it features spaces for their children, a café, and a separate area for more sophisticated dining.

Asthetíque dug deep to understand the Moscow demographic and to ensure the concept was tailored to their everyday lives. The atmosphere is light, fresh and easygoing. Here you can truly feel as if you’re in a different reality: outside the window features the same Moscow landscape, but while inside you seem to be within a theatrical stage where you’re immersed within the action.

You can find aesthetics a 70’s aesthetic expressed in ideal arched forms and delicate pastel colors. The designers clearly share the aesthetics of acclaimed American director Wes Anderson . They even used the same formula: bright pastel color palette + symmetry + atmosphere of magic.

The Y offers its guests the following experience:

1. Cheer up for the whole day with the cup of completely crazy but gentle and tasteful coffee in the café, which transports you to another dimension and acts as a stylish diametric to the Moscow canvas outside the windows.

2. Come in for lunch in the mint hall on the first floor, decorated with large white dome-shaped led lamps with an open work-like open kitchen which façade is constructed by metal and glass arches that create an a greenhouse atmosphere. Tucked in the corner of the first floor dining area you will discover a secret door that leads to the children's room - an ideal solution for both parents and kids.

3. In the evening come here to meet with friends and drink in the bar on the second floor.

4. Come back to have dinner with your parents at the restaurant on the second floor.

5. During the weekends come back for a birthday party in a special private dining room that’s located on the second floor featuring an open kitchen. The room can accommodate up to 32 guests behind the green metal-framed doors that mimics the design of a 70s styled French bistro.

6. Next weekend come back for a family dinner on the second floor in the smaller dining area next door.

The Y’s food program is ran by Chef Vladimir Schetinin – a brilliant representative of millennial generation, who will bring his fresh look to the kitchen. It won’t be boring, and you will defiantly need to visit The Y more than once to try everything.

The Y, as the youth should, makes an impression of a sincere, bright and dreamy design of generation Y, who are closer to their children than to their parents.

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