Tierra Garat

Tierra Garat

Esrawe Studio
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
Project Year
Jaime Navarro

Tierra Garat

Esrawe Studio as Interior and Furniture Project

Café Garat has a solid history in the life of Mexicans as the first gourmet coffee available in supermarkets. Reinventing itself as TIERRA·GARAT®, the brand now introduces an authentic, forthright and contemporary Mexican concept.

The overall idea takes us on a multi-sensory journey to alluring coffee farms, to the source of a wonderful experience, and brings us back to the roots of earth, disclosing the untold story of Mexican coffee.

TIERRA·GARAT® evokes the magic and its origin, the coffee field and farms that transport us to a natural, honest, simple and sophisticated Mexico; forged out of textures, the aroma of leather and earth, iron and knits of a “Coffee Brown” monochromatic Mexico. The materials, lighting, furnishings, tableware and accessories stem from a vernacular language that calls to mind a simple, but sophisticated, comfortable, yet warm expression; encompassed by a contemporary and holistic concept, authentic and unparalleled. The textures taken from embroidered leather, embossed hide, knits, and the earth comprise a language that allows the integration of elements in distinct applications, imprinting a particular personality in the brand. 

Project Team:

Concept and Experience: Esrawe + Cadena / 2016

Creative Direction: Ignacio Cadena and Héctor Esrawe

Interior and Furniture Project: Esrawe Studio

Branding: Cadena + Asociados Concept Design

Design Team:

Esrawe Studio: Javier García-Rivera, María Santibañez, Mariana Fernández, Cadena + Asoc.

Concept Design: Nora Cavazos, Ricardo Bideau

Executive Project: Javier García-Rivera, Pedro Paredes

Construction Supervision: Javier García-Rivera, Pedro Paredes

Builder: Diycsa

Lighting: Luz en Arquitectura

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