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New Delhi, Delhi, India
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.U Share

Ultraconfidentiel as Architects

.U\SHARE Is a co-working initiative taken by .ultraconfidentiel, inheriting the strong character and design ideology of the .ultra\family. It is an extension of the workstyle and culture practised by .ultraconfidentiel, showcasing our way of working. The main idea behind .U\SHARE is to create a space which is a hub for innovation, design, sharing and growth. Highly customized workstations with high aesthetic standards to facilitate any kind of requirement. The workstations are designed keeping in mind the modern needs of the user and heavy duty industrial usage.

The meeting pod zone is a specific zone to conduct quick discussions. The place also feeds the requirement of breakout zone and informal meeting area. You can conduct a formal meeting with a large gathering in the meeting room. The meeting room is equipped with high-speed WIFI and a television to conduct presentations and teleconferences. The acoustic properties of the room make it a viable area to gain some privacy and hold meetings with no outside disturbance. The pantry cum collaborative zone is an area, where people can enjoy their meals and also connect with each-other. It is a place where a person can socialize and work. The place holds a significant importance since it is an area for communal use.

This space is much more than just a pantry table as we propose people to use this space to work, resulting in optimal utilization of the space. The lounge is designed to encourage people to conduct meetings and gives an option of change in work environment. The area also includes lockers to keep the personal belongings and the space clean and tidy.

With a sense of purpose and imagination, we proudly bridge the gap between local craftsmanship and our multi-cultural ethos. Our identity belongs to being native to the European aesthetics and cultivated in India over years, creating globally inspired commercial spaces. We are a multi-disciplinary community focused on Design + Build projects ranging from architecture, space planning, premium interiors to furniture and the intricate details.

.ultra’s approach towards it’s work stems from culturally rooted values and strong integration of where we come from and where we belong. Our design language speaks for the former while our execution justifies the latter. We strongly believe in our global foundation inheriting characteristics such as progressive work environment, conceptually layered design process and contextual approach towards space.

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