UniFuns Tianfu Chengdu

UniFuns Tianfu Chengdu

CLOU Architects
Chengdu, China
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UniFuns Tianfu Chengdu

CLOU Architects as Architects

The 42,000 sqm Tianfu UniFuns is located in the Tianfu developmental zone of Chengdu. The area is expanding as it combines the science district and a new CBD which are connected by an ecological corridor. With this context in mind, CLOU aims to deliver a design innovation which responds to the lively prospect of the area’s development and goals.

Chengdu Unifuns presents a unique aesthetic inspired by the Rubik’s Cube. The facades features a simple module which can be developed into various combinations. White pixel modules with red details create different spatial and visual effects. During the daytime, the square-shaped volumes blend into the orderly surroundings of the community while at night, light penetrates through the openings at the joints of aluminium panels, enriching the evening cityscape with a sense of futurism.

The project seeks to integrate both technology and commercial sensibilities into the façade design by means of a modulated QR code interactive façade system. This feature accentuates the building’s presence and creates opportunities for public interactions.

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