Ura Window Display

Ura Window Display

JA! Studio

Pensando en Blanco
Donostia, Spain
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JA! Studio

Pensando en Blanco
Pablo Axpe

Ura Window Display

JA! Studio as Architects

Window Installation featuring the Ura raincoat. In the Basque language ‘Ura’ means water.

Fourteen waterproof raincoats are suspended from seven bicompartmental metallic structures strategically placed on the ceiling of the store simulating drops of water. The shoppers’ attention is therefore drawn directly upwards to the product creating an inmersive environment for customers. Partially hidden details, such as bespoke carbon fiber rod supports, have been designed in order to achieve an optimal shape for each jacket which are numbered correlatively by a keychain attached to the hanging system giving the installation the appearance of a production line.


'Ura' considers the relationship between the individual and consumerism through the use of a dynamic interplay between structure and product. The social interaction between groups / individuals and material objects is changing and, as such, it is important to create shopping experiences that attract and draw in potential shoppers. Aside from the concept and the design of an unusual metallic structure, one of the most interesting aspects of this window installation is its occupation of an unconventional location, suspended above eye-level from the ceiling. Whilst this is not the most commercial location in which to display a product it is, along with the use of lighting, the key element of the project, drawing and focusing the attention of shoppers on the product. Indirect lighting is used in order to avoid awkward shadows and provides the installation with an ethereal atmosphere. A clean typography frames the window for passersby to gain editorial insight into the apparel.

LOREAK Flagshiop Store San Sebastian (Spain)

Pensando en Blanco as Architects

The brand Loreak Mendian, now Loreak, is opening up two new shops in Donosti: one for women, and the other for men.

This reconversion is based on the new brand image, corporate image and spaces with a new interior design. The entire image was directed by Pensando en blancoTM. The shops have a dynamic appearance, with the surprise factor taking on an especially prominent role.

The women's shop (Garibai 22) is a 270-square metre space, with two floors. This environment is home to vertical lines, where the perimeter lighting delimits the white walls? volume, treated with a singular texture.

The furniture, made with precious materials such as stone, wood and ceramic, follows a line with simple structures. As pieces, however, they are striking. In turn, they create new routes and arrangements for clothing collections. In this way, the space becomes dynamic, and thus in constant movement.

There are different areas that are remarkable in the shop. Firstly, the display window. This is a transparent space, formed by a wall almost 8 metres long. It houses 8 modules on the bottom part, and every time the shop window is changed, they are arranged differently, completely modifying the space.

Second, the open skylight in the back part of this floor lets natural light inside the shop, creating a distinguished area that acts as an antechamber to the dressing rooms.

Also, on the ground floor, there is an area delimited by 1.80 m tall blue glass, providing special treatment for collections. Playing with blue transparencies brings freshness and plasticity, combining it with the different heights set by the stands located in the back part of this space.

Material Used:

1. Oak Wood

2. Cedar Raw blocks

3. Markina Black Marble

4. Black Iron

5. Blue glass

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