Vaz House
Leonardo Finotti
Product Spec Sheet

Garden floorBraston
Metais e Louças SanitáriasDeca
cumarú woodDeck cumaru
Swimming pool cladding – Hijau stone, Bathroom garden cladding - Seixo telado brancoPalimanan
Metal structure + cumarú woodPergola A.S.
Facade cladding – Linha Stone BrancaTerracor

Product Spec Sheet
Garden floor
by Braston
Metais e Louças Sanitárias
by Deca
cumarú wood
Swimming pool cladding – Hijau stone, Bathroom garden cladding - Seixo telado branco
Metal structure + cumarú wood
Facade cladding – Linha Stone Branca

The house is owned by two sisters and their families. The two young couples have two teenage sons. They are entrepreneurs from São Paulo and love this place, the nature. And consider this to be their private refuge. They built their first home in this place 17 years ago.

The projects main feature is its integration with nature. The house opens entirely to embrace the lush green, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. The house is arranged in an L shape that allows all of the social areas to be facing the gardens and swimming pool.

The sauna is clad with wood, and follows the same garden facing concept. It has one big glass panel open towards the pool.

In the interiors we used the same materials found on the exterior areas, ensuring a continuity of the same style. The furniture features Brazilian designers such as Sergio Rodrigues. The suites were conceived like hotel suites, with all interior furniture designed by us, including the bedside light fixtures.

Straight lines in the architecture and interiors create a contemporary environment. The use of natural materials such as stone and wood bring warmth to the ambience composed of neutral colors.

The design featured color is nature's green!

Material Used :

1. Deca - Metais e Louças Sanitárias
2. Palimanan- swimming pool cladding – Hijau stone
3. Floor: Travertino Navona Bruto Marble and Limestone
4. Oficina de Marcenaria: window frames and shutters e cumarú wood
5. Palimanan – bathroom garden cladding: Seixo telado branco
6. Terracor: Facade cladding – Linha Stone Branca
7. Pergola – metal structure + cumarú wood
8. Deck – cumarú wood
9. Braston – garden floor

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