Villa in Raizan
Shinichiro Tomioka

Villa in Raizan

TAPO Tomioka Architectural Planning Office as Architects

It is a villa built on the plateau which overlooks Genkai sea, the middle of Mt. Raizan, which is at the prefectural border between Fukuoka and Saga.

It is a building characterized by a gabled tiled roof with continuous top lights that draw a gentle arc of about 40 m in length according to the shape of the elongated site.Because of the view from the room and the high level of front road connection, the building has a pilotis-style structure, and all the rooms are arranged facing the spacious and deep viewing balcony.

Open the entrance door and go down the entrance space while looking at the courtyard where the cherry blossom trees are planted, and the continuous roof frame of the tension rod will be led to the distinctive gallery. The gallery is also used as a space for displaying paintings, as it also serves as a spacious corridor.

The room is composed of living dining, 2 bedrooms with separate powder room and Japanese room, bathroom with natural hot spring supplied, etc., high roof height and electric blind built in The interior is characterized by bright light from the top light.

Low-e pair glass is adopted for the opening of the living room including the top light. We aim to ensure a comfortable living environment and reduce environmental impact by ensuring high insulation with a ventilation layer on the roof and wall, and adopting floor blowing air conditioning.

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