Villuco House
Pablo Blanco
Product Spec Sheet

MiniwaveHunter Douglas Architectural
BaldosasBaldosas Cordova

Product Spec Sheet
by Cap

Villuco House

DX Arquitectos as Architects

Villuco House is a remodeling and expansion project of a house located in the road to Chiguayante, Concepción, VIII region. It is located on the slope of the hill and enhances the views of the Bio-Bio river on its south bank.

The original location of the house in the form of a cross, which generated four courtyards, determined the intervention’s main content, reinterpreting its structure and modifying the layout, distributing it in 3 floors:

1. Vehicle access

2. Common Spaces, Services and Patios

3. Bedrooms

The layout of the house is determined by the intersection of the sides of the cross. It is in this space where the enclosures are distributed both at the common spaces’ level and at the bedrooms’ level, taking advantage of the sun and views, as they are arranged at the extremes of the cross and oriented to the cardinal points.

The accesses to the house are located in the different levels. In the lowest level there is vehicular access, where stone and concrete abounds, evoking the edge of the river. In the second level is the pedestrian access from the street and the services of the house, surrounded by a lattice of steel that shades the light. The access to the third level is born from the staircase in the center of the cross, the entire interior of the bedroom area is clad in Decofaz wood overlooking the forest or the river. The Miniwave pre-painted black exterior with the shape of a shed is impermeable to the surrounding humidity.

Material Used :

1. Hunter Douglas / Miniwave

2. Arauco / Decofaz

3. Baldosas Cordova / Baldosas

4. CAP / Acero

5. Metalcon / Metalcon

Project team
Maankwartier Noord
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