Vinge Law Firm

Vinge Law Firm

Nordstadstorget 6, 404 21 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Åke E:son Lindman

Vinge Law Firm

Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB as Interior Architects

When law firm Vinge planned to move to new premises they engaged Wingårdh. The office should be a pleasant and functional workplace, but Vinge also wanted the interior to reflect the creative employees at Vinge's Gothenburg office. The result of one and a half year's cooperation became a room layout that interprets on its non hierarchic organization and an interior expression that show on creativity, innovation and tradition.

Vinge had been in the same premises since the 70-ies and needed a new, more functional and modern office that represents the companies values and work ways.

One main goal was to decrease the size of the personal office in order to give space for common areas intended for different types of meetings, both informal and formal.

The idea of gathering all books in one large library was another key design element.

The project started off with a research phase where functional requirements and issues were collected and was responded to with countless sketches on different room layouts. During the sketch phase the office layout changed in both size and function. Eventually we decided upon a room layout that met both functional requirements and requirements on variation and dynamics. During workshops we discussed questions like “What does Vinge want to communicate to their customers?” and “Which employees does Vinge want to attract?” This gave Wingårdh a great platform for developing a concept for Vinge with brand values and key design elements. The office would, apart from being an effective working tool, also show off Vinge's professionalism and reliability. Vinge´s employees have a sterling expertise but are also very creative and like to “think outside the box”. The new office is 3600m2 and distributed in two floors, one public and one semi private. The public floor hosts a reception area with a lobby, several conference rooms, a restaurant with a chef, (the dining area also functions as an assembly hall) and a library with a stair that ties together the two floors.

The library's stair with its sculptural shape and turquoise colour has become the heart and signature of the office. The stair is designed to slow your steps down to remind you of that you are in a library but also to make you slow down in an otherwise effective and fast workday. The finishes are of solid and genuine materials with high detailing. Natural materials that grows old with dignity. The public areas have hardwood floors of Oregon pine or limestone and walnut wall panels. Lobby and conference rooms have wall to wall carpets from Kasthall that creates large patterns from room to room. The textile flooring is also used in the semi private floor in order to create a comfortable and pleasant work environment. The walls consist of glass partitions and wall panels with white pigmented Oregon pine. The furniture shows a broad collage of modern classics together with contemporary pieces, in genuine materials such as leather, wool and massive wood. The art collection together with unexpected materials, bold colour choices and the graphic concept for glass partitions all together contributes to an office interior with a twist. This surprise visitors and make them smile. All together the sculptural and colourful stair, the genuine materials and the designer classics together with custom made furniture fulfil our goal of creating a playful, inspiring and functional work environment. A grand space that is quite the opposite of what you traditionally associate with a law firm!

Interior Architect: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB with Gert Wingårdh (responsible architect), Helena Toresson (senior lead architect) and Madeleine Müller Lightner (project architect)

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