Walled monk's cell

Walled monk's cell

school of planning and architecture
wat khaobuddakadom, Thailand
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Walled monk's cell

school of planning and architecture as Architects

Design intentions First, a large wall shields the monks’ quarters from the clamor of the road, creates privacy and serves as a landmark for the temple.

This wall remains open to the view downhill towards the ocean, and encloses an outdoor courtyard for the monks’ daily activities. Second, two large water tanks holding 6000 L are placed inside the tight bend in the wall created by the hairpin turn. Here they gather rainwater from the roof. Since this is the top of the site, no pumps are required to supply the monks’ daily activities, showers and toilets. Grey water continues downhill to feed creepers planted along the base of the wall by the road.

These will gradually grow up over the wall, further shielding the monks’ cells from noise and dust, and softening the weight of the wall. The slope, the wall and the rain – everything is brought together in a cycle. Technical data The previous monks’ cells at this location had only two bedrooms. A toilet and small deck – opening onto the busiest intersection at Wat Kao – completed the upper level, while the lower level had no real function. The new design called for six bedrooms, water tanks, toilets, a place for monks’ activities and above all privacy. A small triangle, the site is tight against the inside of a hairpin turn with a 5 m change in elevation.

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