Waterford Fire Station

Waterford Fire Station

Mccullough Mulvin Architects
Waterford, Ireland
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Fire stations

Waterford Fire Station

Mccullough Mulvin Architects as Architects

Main info The new Waterford Fire Station will become the regional centre for fire fighting, river rescue, public consultation and training for the whole of the south east of Ireland; it provides a 24 hour response unit for the region.

Located close to a ring road, the building is shaped around the active service it delivers, being derived from the tracking movements of the appliances. Training includes cutting up vehicles, underground and confined spaces training, breathing apparatus training and desk study training.

The building encloses space and makes an artificial landscape; function is paramount. Office and ancillary functions are housed in a simple zinc volume, folded around like a piece of origami to enclose a large the drill yard; the roof is extended and angled to suit operational dimensions. Zinc is cut away at ground level to give views of the appliances behind their glazed bay doors, addressing the ring road and giving definition to an essential piece of public infrastructure.

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Gradation in the Forest House
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Gradation in the Forest House

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