WE Guest House

WE Guest House

TA Dumbleton Architect PC (TADA)
Bridgehampton, New York, USA
Project Year
Private Houses
Ed Lederman

WE Guest House

TA Dumbleton Architect PC (TADA) as Architects

The WE Guest House, which was designed and built in 8 months, is reminiscent of an old farmhouse, while featuring clean, modern lines and architecture. Full, double- height windows maximize the relationship with the gardens and open every space of the house to the sprawling landscape. The open plan is an exercise in fluidity and weightlessness, which contrast the heavily insulated stucco exterior walls that ground it.

Product Specifications
Bliss Nor-AmBliss Nor-AmSteel Casement Windows
Polycrete® Big Block ICFInsulated Concrete Forms
New Lab
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New Lab

Factories and Research Facilities
United States - Build completed in 2016
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