Winhall BarnHouse

Winhall BarnHouse

Alchemy Architects
Winhall, VT, USA
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Winhall BarnHouse

Alchemy Architects as Architects

Renovation of this 22’ x 64’ long farmhouse involved saving the skeleton—a 19th century timber-framed barn—which revealed two smaller stick-framed structures. The original structure was maintained and exposed by strategic demolition followed by adding a highly insulated 12” SIP shell outside the original timber + log structure, echoing the BarnHouse vernacular of an iconic shell holding individual spaces, some lofted.


The intimate 7’-2” high ceilings in half of the ground floor were maintained, while the kitchen was opened up to a one and three/quarter story space, featuring a literal and figurative bridge to the original buildings’ frame. Large glazed openings reveal timbers and expose framing ties, collars, and brackets. The charcoal colored wood siding and metal roof provides a striking contrast to the smoked white oak window and door trim assemblies. The Owners added their own history / personality to the 4 bedroom, 3 bath home by using traditional Russian tile set into the steel framework at the fireplace wall and artful wallpaper and fiber art accents.

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