"Wunderkammer" Gallery at Land Collective

"Wunderkammer" Gallery at Land Collective

Dragani Martone Studio
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"Wunderkammer" Gallery at Land Collective

Dragani Martone Studio as Architects

Playing with the notion of the Wunderkammer, the art wall introduces differently-shaped boxes for the display of antique gardening tools either individually or in a group. The design of the art wall is a direct response to the nature and physical characteristics of the artifacts exhibited, and each box is constructed to employ only the essential materials required to perform its function. The boxes deploy unique environments, evoking the connection between the tools and the human hands needed for their making and use. Overall the wall serves as an ordering device, classifying and displaying a collection of objects in the boxes, as much as endowing the old gallery enclosure with a new layer of rationality.


Exposed construction-grade paired wood members are carefully detailed and installed in a vertical orientation, occupying, and calling attention to the tall volume of the gallery space. Moveable birch fins are drilled and dowelled into the wood boxes, allowing the user to reconfigure, and right-size the displays for the particular dimension of the objects exhibited. Simple metal brackets supported by slotted tracks set between the wood studs can be removed along with the wooden boxes they support, exposing inset homasote panels designed to serve as pinup displays.

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