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NewsNews • 14 May 2024

Key recent projects by MVRDV

MVRDV is a global architecture studio established in 1993 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, and Nathalie de Vries, with offices in Rotterdam, Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, and New York. The firm takes a research-based and collaborative approach to its design process, involving clients, stakeholders, and experts from various fields to create progressive projects that promote a better living environment. MVRDV's work spans various scales, from buildings of all types and sizes to urban plans and visions, publications, installations, and exhibitions. The firm is known for designing innovative, experimental, and vibrant mixed-use buildings and high-density housing projects and repurposing defunct structures through exciting transformations. MVRDV is als... More

NewsNews • 7 May 2024

Key projects by Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot is a global architecture firm known for its diverse portfolio of forward-thinking and sustainable projects. With seventeen studios across six regions, the firm specializes in architecture, interiors, and master planning. It embraces collaboration and user analysis to create spaces that resonate with the client's needs.  At the heart of Woods Bagot's philosophy is “People Architecture,” which prioritizes empathy, diversity, and adaptability. This approach is evident in its projects characterized by the innovative use of materials, integration with the environment, and design of functional, socially engaging spaces that emphasize sustainability and visual harmony. With its... More

NewsNews • 30 Apr 2024

Key projects by OMA

OMA is an internationally renowned architecture and urbanism practice led by eight partners, Rem Koolhaas, Reinier de Graaf, Ellen van Loon, Shohei Shigematsu, Iyad Alsaka, Chris van Duijn, Jason Long, and Managing Partner-Architect David Gianotten. With offices in Rotterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Doha, and Australia, the practice has completed numerous high-profile projects, such as the Toranomon Hills Station Tower, Taipei Performing Arts Centre, and Fondazione Prada in Milan. OMA's research and design studio, AMO, collaborates with clients from various fields to apply architectural thinking to different domains. The Taipei Performing Arts Centre was awarded the 'Theatre Building of the Year' and the 'Building of... More

NewsNews • 22 Apr 2024

Key projects by NOA

NOA is a collective of architects and interior designers founded in 2011 by Stefan Rier and Lukas Rungger. It was established in Bolzano, Italy with the intent of pursuing a robust connection to the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the urban landscape. NOA operates as an open laboratory where experimentation and curiosity serve as the driving forces behind its work. With a decade of work experience in different cities, including New York, London, Berlin, Milan, Ferrara, and Graz, the firm brings diverse cultural and social influences to its designs. NOA has grown to include over 30 creatives in its network, with three additional partners and offices in Bolzano, Berlin, Turin, and Milan. With its experiment... More

NewsNews • 15 Apr 2024

Key projects by Perkins&Will

Perkins&Will, a global interdisciplinary design practice, places architecture at its core. With a legacy dating back to 1935, the firm has established itself as an industry leader, having completed architectural projects of all scales and typologies around the world. Its commitment to design excellence centers on serving society's broader goals, prioritizing people in all aspects of its work. Founded by Lawrence B. Perkins and Philip Will, Jr. in Chicago, the firm's passion for innovation and people-centric approach continues to shape its projects. Additionally, the firm offers a unique digital museum experience showcasing its rich design history through archived sketches, plans, and photographs. With its unique approach towards well-... More

NewsNews • 3 Apr 2024

Key projects by MAD Architects

Founded in 2004 by Ma Yansong, MAD Architects has quickly become one of the world's most notable and inventive design firms. MAD works in forward-looking environments developing futuristic architecture based on a contemporary interpretation of the eastern spirit of nature.  MAD's projects - from residential complexes to offices and cultural centers - desire to protect a sense of community and orientation toward nature, offering people the freedom to develop their own experiences. The firm is based in Beijing with satellite offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Rome.  With its cutting-edge concepts, reimagining the limit of design, the firm has secured the top place in Archello's 100 best architecture firms in the world. Her... More

NewsNews • 11 Mar 2024

100 best architecture firms in the world

Architecture is the nexus between culture, society and history, reflecting man’s constant quest for advancement. The challenges posed by anthropogenic activities bring about this question: how can architecture play a role in addressing the pressing issues of climate change, social disparity and urbanization? The recent changes in the built environment brought about by the pandemic have necessitated a reevaluation of spatial requirements and health considerations influencing human perception of architectural spaces. As cities grow denser and more diverse, design practices are now re-imagining built spaces through the application of digital technologies including building information modeling and parametric architecture integrated with... More