100 best architecture firms in the world
Yumeng Zhu

100 best architecture firms in the world

4 Apr 2024  •  News  •  By Surabhi Patil

Architecture is the nexus between culture, society and history, reflecting man’s constant quest for advancement. The challenges posed by anthropogenic activities bring about this question: how can architecture play a role in addressing the pressing issues of climate change, social disparity and urbanization? The recent changes in the built environment brought about by the pandemic have necessitated a reevaluation of spatial requirements and health considerations influencing human perception of architectural spaces.

As cities grow denser and more diverse, design practices are now re-imagining built spaces through the application of digital technologies including building information modeling and parametric architecture integrated with sustainable design principles. Across continents, leading architecture practices are striving towards robust and resilient design solutions that enhance people’s lives and stand the test of time. The 100 architecture firms listed below are redefining the limits of the practice across the world.

The '100 best firms' is curated by the Archello editorial team. The selection process is multifaceted and takes into account various criteria. These include: the number of projects a firm has uploaded to its Archello profile in the last two years; the number of projects that have been featured by Archello in the last two years; the scale and caliber of the projects included in each firm's portfolio, based on material innovation, sustainability and design quality; the number of projects from a firm highlighted by Archello editorial; as well as the number of shortlisted and winning project entries a firm has submitted to past Archello Awards programs. 

This global list will evolve and be updated annually to consider the most recent work completed by architecture studios of all kinds. It is Archello's goal to continue highlighting outstanding works of architecture that emerge around the world, and recognize the firms that are producing these projects.



photo_credit MAD Architects
MAD Architects

1. MAD Architects

Founded in 2004 by Ma Yansong, MAD has quickly become one of the world's most notable and inventive design firms. MAD works in forward-looking environments developing futuristic architectures based on a contemporary interpretation of the eastern spirit of nature. MAD's projects - from residential complexes to offices and cultural centers - desire to protect a sense of community and orientation toward nature, offering people the freedom to develop their own experiences. The firm is based in Beijing with satellite offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Rome. MAD's wide-ranging portfolio includes projects such as the curvilinear Harbin Opera House, a building designed in response to the Harbin's untamed wilderness and frigid climate and which appears as if sculpted by wind, water and topography.



photo_credit Pedro Mascaro
Pedro Mascaro

2. Perkins&Will

Perkins and Will, a global interdisciplinary design practice, places architecture at its core. With a legacy spanning back to 1935, the firm has established itself as a North American leader in architecture, renowned for exceptional design and extensive expertise. Its commitment to design excellence centres on serving society's broader goals, prioritizing people in all aspects of its work. Founded by Lawrence B. Perkins and Philip Will, Jr. in Chicago, the firm's passion for innovation and people-centric approach continues to shape its projects. Additionally, the firm offers a unique digital museum experience showcasing its rich design history through archived sketches, plans, and photographs.



photo_credit Alex Filz
Alex Filz

3. NOA

NOA is a collective of architects and interior designers founded in 2011 by Stefan Rier and Lukas Rungger. Since its establishment in Bolzano, NOA has consistently pursued a strong connection to the dynamic and global atmosphere of the urban metropolis, which is the origin of its expertise. It has deliberately fashioned its studio as an open laboratory, where experimentation and curiosity serve as the driving forces behind the firm’s work. With a decade of work experience in different cities, including New York, London, Berlin, Milan, Ferrara, and Graz, the firm brings a diverse range of cultural and social influences to its designs. Today, NOA has grown to include over 30 creatives in its network, with three additional partners and offices in Bolzano, Berlin, Turin, and Milan.



photo_credit Jason O'Rear
Jason O'Rear

4. OMA

OMA is an internationally renowned architecture and urbanism practice led by eight partners, Rem Koolhas, Reinier de Graaf, Ellen van Loon, Shohei Shigematsu, Iyad Alsaka, Chris van Duijn, Jason Long, and Managing Partner-Architect David Gianotten. With offices in Rotterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Doha and Australia, the practice is currently working on several building projects, including the renovation of Kaufhaus des Westens in Berlin and the Simone Veil Bridge in Bordeaux. OMA has also completed numerous high-profile projects, such as the Taipei Performing Arts Centre and Fondazione Prada in Milan. Additionally, OMA's research and design studio, AMO, collaborates with clients from various fields to apply architectural thinking to different domains.



photo_credit Peter Bennetts
Peter Bennetts

5. Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot is a globally recognized architecture studio, boasting 17 studios situated across 6 regions. Rather than adhering to a singular signature style, it adopts a collaborative, multi-authorship approach, engaging with clients, communities, and fellow creatives. Its expertise spans Architecture, Interiors, and master planning, leveraging data to anticipate and accommodate evolving human behaviour. At the core of its philosophy is People Architecture, an ethos that celebrates diversity and empathy, ensuring design principles align with the values of end users. With a presence both locally and globally, its Global Studio thrives on embracing diverse perspectives to foster innovation and tackle complex challenges, supported by a dedicated team of professionals worldwide.



photo_credit Schnepp Renou
Schnepp Renou


MVRDV is a globally based architectural firm established in 1993 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries, with offices in Rotterdam, Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, and New York. The firm takes a research-based and collaborative approach to its design process, involving clients, stakeholders, and experts from a wide range of fields to create exemplary projects that promote a better future for urban landscapes. MVRDV's work spans various scales, from buildings of all types and sizes to urban plans and visions, publications, installations, and exhibitions. The firm has a reputation for designing innovative, experimental, and vibrant mixed-use buildings, renowned housing projects, and repurposing outdated structures through exciting transformations. 



photo_credit Seth Powers
Seth Powers

7. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill | SOM

With a legacy extending for more than eight decades, SOM has stood as a trailblazer in interdisciplinary design long before the notion became commonplace. Established by architects and an engineer, the firm's philosophy is deeply entrenched in cross-disciplinary collaboration, encompassing fields like architecture, engineering, planning, and design. SOM's diverse teams blend artistic creativity, technical expertise, and knowledge of policy and economics to create innovative solutions that transcend individual perspectives. Notably, the firm is recognized for merging architecture and structural engineering in iconic projects like Lever House and Burj Khalifa. Beyond its architectural achievements, SOM is committed to sustainability, aiming for net-zero carbon emissions in its operations and design projects by 2040.



photo_credit Maximilian Haidacher
Maximilian Haidacher

8. Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten is a renowned architectural firm known for its systematic and clear approach to designing and constructing iconic structures worldwide. Founded in Vorarlberg, Austria, in 1985, the firm has expanded to eleven independent offices and several subsidiaries in Asia. While specializing in residential and office developments, it also undertakes projects in education, culture, healthcare, transportation, and landscape design. With a portfolio of over 500 projects spanning three continents, Baumschlager Eberle Architekten emphasizes comprehensive examination and meticulous planning to ensure quality, transparency, and trust. Its presence in key cities across Europe and Asia enables the firm to understand local conditions and maintain close relationships with clients.



photo_credit Noam Rosenthal/ Trockland
Noam Rosenthal/ Trockland


GRAFT is a multidisciplinary studio that encompasses architecture, urban planning and the various poetic nuances of design. Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, the firm has undertaken a diverse range of projects spanning various disciplines and global locations. With additional offices established in Berlin in 2001 and Beijing in 2004, GRAFT recognizes the transformative power of architecture to authentically represent diverse and complex identities. While architecture and the built environment remain at the core of its activities, GRAFT actively seeks to transcend disciplinary boundaries, grafting together the creative potential and methodologies from different areas like exhibitions, product design and art installations.



photo_credit Jorge Allende
Jorge Allende

10. IDOM

IDOM is a global firm with 5,300 professionals across 45 countries, specializing in various sectors including infrastructure, architecture, consultancy, industry, energy, environmental, and nuclear design. With over 60 years of experience, IDOM's multidisciplinary team collaborates closely with clients to address their challenges and implement innovative technological solutions that cater to the needs of the public. From project initiation to completion, IDOM's specialists are involved in every stage, ensuring successful project delivery.



photo_credit Albrecht I. Schnabel
Albrecht I. Schnabel

11. Dietrich | Untertrifaller

The internationally recognized architectural firm, Dietrich | Untertrifaller, is renowned for its strong commitment to sustainable and contextually sensitive design. Led by Helmut Dietrich, Much Untertrifaller, Dominik Philipp, and Patrick Stremler, the practice operates from multiple locations in Austria, Switzerland, France, and Germany, employing a team of over 130 professionals. Its diverse portfolio spans from large-scale buildings to residential homes, defying specialization to foster creativity. With a priority on responsible resource usage, it has developed expertise in modern timber construction. Collaboration with local offices and partners is integral to its approach.



photo_credit Jonas Westling
Jonas Westling

12. White arkitekter AB

White Arkitekter is a leading Scandinavian-based architectural practice, specializing in sustainable architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and interior design. It was founded in 1951 in Gothenburg by Sidney White and has since expanded its reach internationally. With a team of approximately 800 employees, the firm maintains offices spanning Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and East Africa, working towards the vision of fostering sustainable living through the art of architecture.



photo_credit Cemal Emden
Cemal Emden

13. Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) was founded by Renzo Piano in 1981 and has offices in Genoa, Italy and Paris, France. The team consists of 12 partners, including Pritzker laureate Renzo Piano, with around 100 architects and 30 support staff. The firm has extensive experience working on building projects in France, Italy and abroad, providing architectural design and consultancy services. In addition to architecture, RPBW also provides interior design, master planning, landscape design and exhibition design services. The firm has significantly contributed to the architecture scene in France with notable works including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center in Nouméa, and the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé in Paris.



photo_credit Brett Boardman
Brett Boardman

14. Make Architects

Established in 2004 by Ken Shuttleworth, Make Architects strive to create the finest places, spaces, and buildings worldwide. With offices in London, Hong Kong, and Sydney, its team of 150 professionals offers comprehensive architectural, interior, and urban design services from initial concepts to final realization. Operating as a unified entity, Make architects have established a reputation for world-class expertise. With over 100 successfully completed projects worldwide, it brings a wealth of global knowledge and innovation, encompassing future workplaces, transformative urban designs, luxurious interiors, and pioneering virtual spaces across various sectors.



photo_credit Virgile Simon Bertrand
Virgile Simon Bertrand

15. Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects, founded by the visionary architect Zaha Hadid, has garnered global acclaim for its groundbreaking contributions to the field of architecture. Recipient of the esteemed Pritzker Prize in 2004, Hadid's architectural endeavours are a striking fusion of urbanism, design, and meticulous research. The firm delves into the captivating interplay between architecture, landscape, and geology, seamlessly integrating natural topography with cutting-edge technologies. Hadid's visionary creations have been showcased at prestigious institutions like the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and London's Design Museum, cementing her enduring influence on the world of architecture.



photo_credit Kris Provoost
Kris Provoost

16. Aedas

Aedas represents a unique architectural and design firm headquartered in Hong Kong, merging global insights, local expertise, and an international presence. Its team of 1,100 creative professionals, situated across design studios globally, is dedicated to crafting outstanding design solutions deeply rooted in the social and cultural context of the communities it serves.




17. KPMB Architects

KPMB is an internationally recognized Canadian architecture firm founded in 1987. The firm comprising over 150 professionals, has designed and delivered projects in an array of sectors, including education, healthcare, scientific research, arts and culture, government, corporate, hospitality, recreation, and mixed-use development. The firm continues to work as one entity from its networked headquarters in Toronto and home offices, striving towards creating a more equitable and sustainable future through architecture and design. 



photo_credit umeng Zhu
umeng Zhu

18. Snøhetta

For 35 years, Snøhetta has designed some of the world’s most notable public and cultural projects. Since its inception, the practice has maintained its original transdisciplinary approach, and often integrates a combination of architecture, landscape, interior, product, graphic, digital design and art across its projects. The collaborative nature between Snøhetta's different disciplines is an essential driving force of the practice. Today, Snøhetta has a global presence, with studios spanning from Oslo, Paris, and Innsbruck, to New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Adelaide and Melbourne.



photo_credit Fabian Ong
Fabian Ong


ONG & ONG is a Singaporean multi-disciplinary and industrial design firm. It was first established in 1972 by Ong Teng Cheong along with his wife Ling Siew May, and handed down to Ong’s son Ong Tze Boon in 2001, who expanded it from 60 employees to 1,000 located in eight countries. ONG&ONG is a holistic solution consultancy focused on infrastructure, education, commercial and high-density living.



photo_credit Courtesy Of BIG
Courtesy Of BIG

20. BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group

Founded by Bjarke Ingels in 2005, BIG is now led by a team of partners working in offices around the world. 500+ professionals design and create from studios in Copenhagen, New York, London, Barcelona, and Shenzhen. BIG works around the globe on four continents. Projects include cultural, public space, commercial, and urbanism.



photo_credit Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

21. Norm Architects

With 15 years of international experience across residential, hospitality, industrial design, and creative direction, Norm Architects strives to reintroduce a sense of touch to the constructed world. Established in 2008, the firm operates from Copenhagen, focusing on the practice of design to enhance human experiences. As versatile architects and designers, its approach aims to nurture well-being, distil aesthetics that harmonize with individuals and places, and establish systems that cater to universal human needs.



photo_credit GION, Schemata Architects / 50 Norman team
GION, Schemata Architects / 50 Norman team

22. Schemata Architects / Jo Nagasaka

Jo Nagasaka founded Schemata Architects after graduating from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 1998. In 2007, he established the collaborative workspace "HAPPA." Currently, he operates an office in Kitasando, Tokyo. The firm boasts a portfolio of architecture, interior and furniture design. Its design philosophy revolves around a 1:1 scale approach, irrespective of the project size. With a global footprint, the firm undertakes projects in Japan and internationally, diversifying its design portfolio across various domains. 



photo_credit tschinkersten fotografie
tschinkersten fotografie

23. AllesWirdGut

AllesWirdGut is an architectural firm with offices in Vienna and Munich. Founded in 1999 by Andreas Marth, Friedrich Passler, Herwig Spiegl, and Christian Waldner, the firm has a team of approximately 70 employees. AllesWirdGut has completed over 70 projects, including notable ones such as the Doppelmayr Headquarters in Wolfurt, Austria, and the Maria-Theresien-Straße Pedestrian Area in Innsbruck, Austria. Currently, the company is engaged in diverse residential and office construction projects spanning Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, and Slovakia. Its work has garnered numerous accolades, notably the Austrian State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability, the State Prize for Design, and the Prix Luxembourgeois d'Architecture.



photo_credit Philippe van Gelooven
Philippe van Gelooven

24. B2Ai architects

B2Ai architects is a dynamic firm comprised of a team of 130 professionals, including architects, engineers, interior architects, and urban planners based in Brussels, Ghent, and Roeselare. The firm boasts a diverse portfolio, showcasing its expertise in various sectors such as healthcare, education, sports facilities, public amenities, commercial spaces, residential projects, and mixed-use developments. B2Ai architects’ wide-ranging experience in both the public and private sectors positions them as a reliable partner for Design & Build or PPP projects. A notable aspect of its work is its commitment to social issues and the integration of sustainability factors, ensuring that each project aligns with environmental and community-focused considerations.



photo_credit Eugeni Pons
Eugeni Pons

25. Dominique Coulon & associés

Dominique Coulon & Associés is a highly acclaimed architecture firm located in Strasbourg that has gained national and international recognition for its quality of public facility designs. With over 25 years of experience, the firm has worked on diverse projects, including media libraries, schools, sports facilities, residential homes, and housing. Dominique Coulon & Associés has won numerous awards and distinctions, including the Prix de la Première Oeuvre, Équerre d’Argent award nominations, and the Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award. The firm also received the first prize in the Eiffel Trophies for steel architecture in 2017 for the Media Library in Thionville and was nominated for the European Union prize awarded by the Mies van der Rohe Foundation.



photo_credit Mark Syke
Mark Syke

26. Hassell

For over 80 years, Hassell has maintained a prominent presence in the design realm, undertaking projects of various scales and types, spanning renowned public edifices to expansive urban developments. Established in 1938, the firm's Australian roots have evolved into a global, interdisciplinary design practice, bolstered by a team of highly talented professionals. With expertise spanning architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and urban design, the firm offers a diverse range of skills and perspectives that unlock the full potential of each undertaking. By integrating imaginative design with strategic planning, research, technology, and experiential design, Hassell strives to cultivate inclusive and sustainable communities, playing a pivotal role in constructing a resilient world for future generations.



photo_credit Peter Clarke
Peter Clarke

27. Elenberg Fraser

Elenberg Fraser is an architecture firm that combines the creativity of a design studio with the outcome-orientation of a commercial firm. The studio believes that design-driven and market-driven forces are not opposing. Its portfolio presents a range of projects that deliver high design value while realizing market objectives. Its curvilinear Gem Waterline project, for example, is part of a developing master plan in Melbourne intended to bring a new generation of apartments and townhouses to a historic maritime precinct.



photo_credit Brooks + Scarpa
Brooks + Scarpa

28. Brooks + Scarpa

Established in 1991 as Pugh + Scarpa and later renamed in 2010 to reflect new leadership, Brooks + Scarpa is a collaborative interdisciplinary practice of around 30 professionals. Under the guidance of Angela Brooks, Lawrence Scarpa, and Jeffrey Huber, the firm is known for its innovative design and research in creating iconic buildings and urban spaces. With a notable Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award and recognition from the State of California and the National American Institute of Architecture, the firm seamlessly integrates architecture, art, and craftsmanship. 



photo_credit Chase Daniel
Chase Daniel

29. Gensler

Established in 1965, Gensler stands as a prominent global entity renowned for its expertise in architecture, design, and planning. With a presence in 53 locations and a workforce of 7,000 professionals spanning the Americas, Europe, Greater China, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, the company operates across a comprehensive array of 29 practice areas. Gensler's core mission revolves around shaping a better world through design, collaborating with over 4,000 clients in domains including work, lifestyle, community, and health. 



photo_credit Liget Budapest - Palkó György
Liget Budapest - Palkó György

30. Sou Fujimoto Architects

With offices in both Tokyo and Paris, Sou Fujimoto Architects is known for innovative work around the globe. At 41, Sou Fujimoto was the youngest architect to be invited to design a temporary structure for the prestigious Serpentine Gallery. The latticed structure evoked Fujimoto’s earlier work, including the distinctive House NA in Tokyo, with a white-steel structure.



photo_credit Adam Mørk
Adam Mørk

31. Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects is a well-recognized architecture firm based in Scandinavia. Founded in Aarhus, Denmark, back in 1986, the firm has extensive experience in designing libraries and other significant public and cultural landmarks worldwide. With offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Shanghai, it takes on diverse projects, spanning from cultural and educational institutions to office buildings, commercial complexes, retail spaces, and residential developments. 



photo_credit Dinesh Mehta
Dinesh Mehta

32. Sanjay Puri Architects

Sanjay Puri Architects, a Mumbai-based firm comprising over 70 individuals, provides design solutions that are contextually sensitive, responsive, and promote social engagement. Led by founding partners Sanjay Puri & Nina Puri, the firm has secured architectural projects across various countries like Australia, Spain, Montenegro, UAE, Oman, and Dallas, USA, with ongoing projects spanning 36 cities in India. It boasts a varied portfolio spanning townships, educational institutions, hospitality, retail, and office spaces, exploring innovation and sustainability on a grand scale.



photo_credit BREBA PHOTO-Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann
BREBA PHOTO-Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann

33. K-studio

K-Studio specializes in creating distinct and immersive experiences through Architecture, Interior, and Hardscape Design. Based in Greece, a country known for its natural beauty and cultural emphasis on resourceful hospitality, K-Studio crafts architectural experiences that blend tradition with contemporary life, while minimizing waste and resource use. The firm's expertise, honed through academic research and practical experience, has led it to excel in the leisure industry, with a focus on projects ranging from private holiday homes to restaurants, bars, hotels, and resorts.



photo_credit Prue Ruscoe
Prue Ruscoe

34. Luigi Rosselli Architects

Luigi Rosselli Architects, located in Sydney, Australia, embraces a humanist approach to architecture and design, prioritizing good design and creating buildings that foster connections and appeal to the human experience. The firm is renowned for its expertise in residential architecture, adaptive reuse, and heritage designs, but its portfolio spans a diverse range of projects, including offices, factories, libraries, wineries, childcare facilities, and chapels. The practice is committed to sustainability and carbon neutrality, utilizing sustainable building practices such as rammed earth construction, air-conditioning-free spaces, and energy efficiency. 



photo_credit Iwan Baan
Iwan Baan

35. Herzog & de Meuron

Herzog & de Meuron is a renowned international architectural firm headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, established in 1978. With a diverse team of over 550 individuals hailing from 50 different countries, the firm possesses a wealth of expertise to tailor solutions for each unique project. Its approach extends beyond conventional boundaries, embracing open collaboration and impartiality to address the pressing issues of our rapidly changing world. The firm has successfully worked on more than 600 projects across 40 countries, ranging from small buildings to large-scale urban masterplans.



photo_credit Rafael Gamo
Rafael Gamo

36. Sordo Madaleno

Sordo Madaleno is an architectural firm based in Mexico City, known for its global perspective and commitment to creating human-centred environments. With a holistic understanding of the interconnected world, the firm integrates local context into its designs. Sustainability is a key priority, as it strives to foster connection and prioritize green practices. Its approach is pragmatic and rigorous, embracing risk and cultivating continuous innovation.



photo_credit Denilson Machado
Denilson Machado

37. Studio Guilherme Torres

Studio Guilherme Torres Crisp forms, minimalist details and ‘rich-but-reserved’ material palettes characterize Studio Guilherme’s designs, which are applied across single-family residences, interior renovations, retail fit-outs and other project types. The studio’s projects include AN House, designed as three blocks forming a U-shape and featuring large open spans, the use of wooden brise soleils, exposed concrete and white brickwork.



photo_credit Time of Blue
Time of Blue

38. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

KPF is a comprehensive architectural firm involved in designing buildings across various types and locations. Its portfolio spans from the tallest skyscrapers to innovative structures. The firm prioritizes intelligent solutions tailored to each project, rejecting fixed styles. The firm's design goals include functionality, urban integration, sustainability, commercial viability, and community engagement. Its diverse team of over 700 includes seasoned architects and driven newcomers, striving to blend experience with innovation. Led by 34 principals, the firm operates from offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Seoul, Berlin, and Singapore.



photo_credit Joas Souza
Joas Souza

39. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Founded in 1977 as the Richard Rogers Partnership, the firm later transformed into Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners in 2007 to honour the contributions of Graham Stirk and Ivan Harbour. With studios in major cities around the world, including London, Paris, Melbourne, Sydney, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and New York, RSHP comprises a team of 180 individuals. RSHP's design solutions prioritize people's experiences and are characterized by pragmatism and a shared passion for delivering impactful architecture that enhances cities and built environments.



photo_credit Photo Design
Photo Design

40. AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio is a contemporary architectural practice based in Winchester, Hampshire. With a focus on designing modern residences, extensions, renovations, and multi-plot developments, the firm has earned recognition as a certified member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Founded more than ten years ago by Andy Ramus, AR Design Studio is characterized by its youthful and ambitious team of contemporary architects. Today, AR Design Studio serves as a dynamic hub for innovative architectural design in the Winchester, Hampshire, and Dorset regions.



photo_credit Xiazhi

41. Plasma Studio

Plasma Studio is a globally oriented architecture and design firm that embraces projects of various scales and types, spanning from furniture design to cultural projects, houses, hotels, and landscape and urban planning. Its approach involves integrating buildings into the larger context, creating dynamic relationships and atmospheres through the interplay of elements and spaces. By pushing boundaries, Plasma Studio seeks to cultivate specificity, identity, and transformation, fostering an engaging and participatory environment.



photo_credit SFAP

42. Foster + Partners

Established by Norman Foster in 1967, Foster + Partners is an internationally renowned studio that places great emphasis on the involvement of individuals in all aspects of its work. With offices worldwide, the studio specializes in sustainable architecture, urbanism, engineering, and design. The partners, who are all shareholders, assume accountability for all projects, which are distributed among the firm's six architectural studios. Upholding the practice's design principles, the Design Board meticulously evaluates each project at every stage of its progression.



photo_credit Jonathan Gooch
Jonathan Gooch

43. Paul Archer Design

Paul Archer Design is a renowned architectural practice based in London, celebrated for its award-winning work in the private residential sector. With a rich history spanning over two decades, the firm specializes in transforming existing houses into exquisite, functional homes. Whether through extensions, renovations, revitalizations, or complete remodel, it strives to deliver exceptional, refined, modern designs. Its approach embraces the principles of Modernist aesthetics while prioritizing sustainability and environmental consciousness.



photo_credit LINK Arkitektur
LINK Arkitektur

44. LINK arkitektur

LINK arkitektur, Scandinavia's largest architectural firm with 500 professionals spanning 15 cities in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, is driven by the goal of crafting sustainable and socially impactful architecture that enhances people's lives and delivers profitability for clients. The firm’s commitment extends beyond minimal environmental impact; it prioritizes substantial societal value. Through a foundation of sustainability and innovation, it aims to create spaces that enrich lives, ensuring a high quality of life for all individuals.



photo_credit Fernando Guerra [FG+SG]
Fernando Guerra [FG+SG]

45. Fran Silvestre Architects

Valencia-based Fran Silvestre Arquitectos is an Architecture and Design studio known for its global expertise. With a diverse team of professionals, the firm excels in creating residential, cultural, corporate, and public projects. Its clientele spans Europe, the USA, and Russia, demonstrating its international reach. Over the years, the studio has earned prestigious accolades and international recognition, including the MHK in Berlin (2009), Red Dot Design Award (2013), NYCxDESIGN Awards (2016), German Design Award (2016), and First Prize in Product Design at the XIII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (2016).



photo_credit Simon Menges
Simon Menges

46. KAAN Architecten

KAAN Architecten is a Rotterdam-based design firm with satellite offices in São Paulo and Paris. Led by Kees Kaan, Vincent Panhuysen and Dikkie Scipio, the practice prioritizes cross-disciplinary collaboration to encourage critical debate within the studio. The firm has practical and academic expertise in architecture, urbanism, and research on the built environment. KAAN Architecten emphasizes cross-pollination between projects and disciplines to promote critical debate within the firm. With an extensive portfolio of projects since its inception, working actively in both the private and public sectors, the firm continues to evolve with the changing times.




47. Emre Arolat Architecture

Emre Arolat and Gonca Pasolar founded Emre Arolat Architecture (EAA) in 2004, in Istanbul, Turkey. With offices in New York, London, and Istanbul, the studio has worked on a range of projects, such as airports, residential buildings, workplaces, cultural landmarks, and urban master plans. EAA gained early international acclaim with the Minicity Theme Park in 2005, earning recognition as a Selected Work by the Mies van der Rohe Awards for European Architecture. Subsequent projects, including the Ipekyo Textile Factory Building, which received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2010, and the Sancaklar Mosque, honoured with the Mies van der Rohe Award in 2015, have solidified EAA's reputation.



photo_credit MorenoMaggi

48. Mario Cucinella Architects Srl

Mario Cucinella Architects is a prestigious architectural firm led by Mario Cucinella. The firm is recognized for its approach to sustainable design, crafting spaces that harmonize with the environment and prioritize the well-being of individuals and the planet. Its designs are responsive to the local context, considering factors such as climate and culture. Sustainability is a core principle, and the firm integrates energy-efficient systems and renewable materials to minimize environmental impact.



photo_credit Salem Mostefaoui
Salem Mostefaoui

49. Emmanuel Combarel, Dominique Marrec

The Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec Architecture studio was founded after receiving the Albums de la Jeune Architecture in 1993 and the Villa Médicis Hors les Murs in 1996. Its work focuses on defining living environments through architectural projects that take into consideration landscape, usage, lifestyles, and materiality. The team's philosophy evolved over twelve years of experience working on a variety of projects in all areas of architectural practice, including new construction, renovation, urbanism, and design.




50. Studio Lotus

Established in 2002 by Ambrish Arora, Ankur Choksi, and Sidhartha Talwar, Studio Lotus is renowned for its pioneering work in architecture and spatial Design in the region. Embracing conscious design as its core principle, the studio emphasizes local resources, cultural influences, meticulous attention to detail, and an inclusive approach. Its methodology involves iterative innovation rooted in historical and local contexts, crafting forward-thinking solutions that respond to evolving societal needs.



photo_credit Christian Moller Andersen
Christian Moller Andersen

51. studio mk27

Marcio Kogan established mk27 in 2001. The office prides itself on a democratic and collaborative form of work, in which each architect is coauthor of his or her project. The multidisciplinary team is equally knowledgeable about art, music, cinema, economy and politics as it is about architecture and urbanism, and comprises a selection of architects in São Paolo in addition to dozens of collaborators in Brazil and abroad to develop new projects in the United States, Latin America, Europe and China. The office’s projects follow in the line of Brazilian modernists, with pure forms and clean details, a preference for horizontal proportions and for the use of unprocessed materials. It has completed houses, restaurants, hotels, urban squares, stores, offices and museums, and has won more than 50 Brazilian awards.



photo_credit Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

52. Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter is an independent architectural firm with a high level of expertise and a distinct ideology. The firm is focused on interlacing a strong conceptual approach with experience from past accomplished projects. It has studios based in Norway and Denmark. The firm’s projects include Breitenbach Landscape Hotel, a holistic and ecotourism experience in Alsace - perched on the heights of an Alsatian village, the landscape hotel 48° Nord reinterprets the traditional Scandinavian place of retreat and reconnection with wild nature.



photo_credit Fernando Guerra
Fernando Guerra

53. Studio Arthur Casas

Studio Arthur Casas, operating since 1990 in São Paulo and New York, embraces a holistic creative process spanning from individual objects to expansive landscapes. At its core, the studio prioritizes a horizontal scale, emphasizing dialogue in the development of programs that range from furniture pieces to entire neighbourhoods. Drawing inspiration from both modernist and contemporary Brazilian and cosmopolitan influences, the studio's work reflects a distinctive, internationally recognized vocabulary. With projects spanning global cities like Tokyo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, New York, and São Paulo, its impact is felt on a worldwide scale, underscored by frequent international recognition and publications.



photo_credit Niels Nygaard
Niels Nygaard

54. Arkitema

In 1969, a group of five architectural students - Lars Due, Michael Harrebek, Ole Nielsson, Erling Stadager, and Helge Tindal - came together to establish Arkitektgruppen Aarhus, a commune of architects. Over time, Arkitektgruppen Aarhus evolved, eventually rebranding as Arkitema Architects in 2003. With a vision to become a leading Scandinavian firm, the company merged with a Swedish architectural firm in 2011, and later in 2015, with a Norwegian architect's office. On January 1, 2019, Arkitema was acquired and integrated into COWI Holding A/S, a move that propelled further growth and introduced new disciplines such as infrastructure and energy to the firm's portfolio. With a team of 250 employees, Arkitema stands as one of Denmark's largest architectural practices.



photo_credit Domagoj Blažević
Domagoj Blažević

55. Brigada

Brigada is a comprehensive spatial design studio, offering full-service solutions in architecture and interior design. Its approach is deeply informed by brand and consumer psychology, integrating multidisciplinary perspectives and thorough research to create successful spaces. Specializing in various pre-planning stages, including understanding human behaviour and consumer psychology, visual communication, customer guidance, visual merchandising, product placement, and customer relations, Brigada strives to craft environments that resonate with users on multiple levels.



photo_credit Eva Bloem
Eva Bloem

56. UNStudio

UNStudio began as a vision of two young minds, Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, who started with a simple drawing board and a pen, sketching their designs for the future. Today, 30 years later, UNStudio operates in over 30 countries with six international offices and a team of over 200 architects and designers who focus on designing spaces that meet human needs. Its work includes connecting communities, building cultural institutions, and harnessing emerging technologies. UNStudio is committed to connecting people to places and each other in relevant, flexible, and future-proof ways. 



photo_credit Shannon McGrath
Shannon McGrath

57. Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Founded in 1998, Jackson Clements Burrows is an architectural, interior design, and urban design firm celebrated for its pioneering design solutions. The team at JCB shares a common dedication to creativity and excellence, engaging in a cooperative and iterative design process that involves close collaboration with clients, stakeholders, and the community. By employing innovative materials, thoughtful exploration of colour and texture, and adept manipulation of volume, form, and light, the firm crafts immersive experiences that captivate and inspire.



photo_credit Is Molas
Is Molas

58. Studio Fuksas

Studio Fuksas, helmed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, stands as a highly accomplished global architecture firm. With a track record spanning four decades, the studio has embraced innovation through a diverse range of projects. Its portfolio includes urban interventions, airports, museums, cultural spaces, music venues, congress centres, offices, interior designs, private homes, and design collections. Operating from Rome, Paris, and Shenzhen, the studio has successfully executed over 600 projects across Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and Australia, earning numerous prestigious international accolades.

photo_credit Schran Images
Schran Images

59. gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects

von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) is a globally recognized practice established in Hamburg. With a comprehensive approach and over five decades of expertise, gmp undertakes diverse projects across various cultural contexts and scales, engaging in extensive collaboration with clients and other planning disciplines. Its portfolio spans a wide range of architectural endeavours, encompassing everything from residential properties to towering structures, sports arenas to music venues, corporate edifices to bridges, and small details like door hardware to large-scale urban planning initiatives. By adhering to certified standards, the firm prioritizes climate-conscious construction methods and emphasizes integration with existing surroundings in its designs.



photo_credit Photos courtesy of Nike
Photos courtesy of Nike

60. Olson Kundig

Olson Kundig is a versatile design firm offering comprehensive services, encompassing a wide array of projects like residences, museums, hospitality spaces, commercial establishments, academic structures, and places of worship. Headed by five owners and supported by a team of principals, associates, and staff, the firm is situated in downtown Seattle with an additional workspace in New York. Originating in 1966 under architect Jim Olson, its ethos centres on harmonizing buildings with landscapes and enhancing people's lives. Beyond its renowned residential work, the firm's expertise spans global locations and diverse project scales. It maintains a consistent commitment to attention to detail and environmental consciousness across various contexts, reflecting the firm's devotion to design excellence.



photo_credit Katsu Tanaka Photography
Katsu Tanaka Photography

61. Kengo Kuma and Associates

Architect Kengo Kuma established Kengo Kuma & Associates in 1990. Since then, the award-winning firm has designed architectural works in over 20 countries. Kuma credits Kenzo Tange’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics as inspiring his journey into architecture. Kengo Kuma & Associates consistently seeks alternatives to concrete and steel in its work.



photo_credit Sergio Grazia
Sergio Grazia

62. AZC Atelier Zündel Cristea

Established in 2001 by Irina Cristea and Grégoire Zündel, architecture firm AZC is now twenty professionals working on a variety of projects. Most of its work has been in France, but AZC has also worked elsewhere in Europe. Its portfolio includes municipal projects, education, housing, and health care. AZC created a pavilion in the shape of a flower, with an inflatable PVC roof, for the IGA Berlin 2017 exhibition.




63. Bates Smart Architects

Bates Smart is a multidisciplinary design firm delivering architecture, interior design, urban design and strategic services across Australia, with a staff of over 250. Its award-winning projects are designed to transform the city fabric and the way people use and inhabit urban spaces. Bates Smart’s philosophy is to nurture and develop every size of project and all its elements, until the details complement and enhance the whole.



photo_credit Design architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel; local collaborating architects: Takis Sophocleous Architects. Photos Yiorgis Yerolymbos, courtesy of Nice Day Developments
Design architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel; local collaborating architects: Takis Sophocleous Architects. Photos Yiorgis Yerolymbos, courtesy of Nice Day Developments

64. Ateliers Jean Nouvel

A world-renowned architecture firm, Ateliers Jean Nouvel integrates various disciplines of design, including architecture, urban planning, interior design, landscape design, graphic design, and product design. The multicultural team of 130 people from more than 20 countries has produced award-winning designs for numerous prestigious commissions around the world. Institut du Monde Arabe and the Musée du quai Branly, Philharmonie de Paris and the forthcoming Tour Signal which is going to be the tallest skyscraper in the city are a few of the notable contributions of the firm in France.



photo_credit Greg Holmes Photography
Greg Holmes Photography

65. Mecanoo

Mecanoo was founded in 1984 in Delft and has a diverse team of professionals from 25 different countries, including architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects, and architectural technicians. Led by Francine Houben and a team of partners, Mecanoo's design philosophy centers around People, Place, Purpose, and Poetry, with a focus on creating unique solutions for each project that are prepared for inevitable change. Sustainability is also a key aspect of its design approach, aiming to create inspiring and authentic places that are socially relevant for people and communities. The practice prioritizes process, consultation, context, urban scale, and integrated sustainable design strategies to create culturally significant buildings that are human-centric.



photo_credit Stefan Müller / Office Winhov
Stefan Müller / Office Winhov

66. Office Winhov

Office Winhov is an architecture firm that prioritizes the durability and relevance of buildings in the ever-changing urban environment. Its designs embodies simplicity and sophistication, considering the environmental, social, and cultural dimensions of architecture and city planning. The firm's reputation for strong formal and material presence stems from its careful understanding of context. Office Winhov's interest in longevity has led the firm to expand its activities internationally, designing a wide range of projects. The firm believes in the power of the ordinary and strives to create buildings that endure the test of time.



photo_credit Rafaela Netto
Rafaela Netto

67. FGMF

Founded in 1999 by a collective of colleagues from FAU-USP, the FGMF office was established with the explicit goal of creating contemporary architecture unburdened by constraints related to program, materials, construction techniques, or project scale. The firm places a paramount emphasis on the interconnectedness of the built structure, its surroundings, and the end-users. FGMF rejects pre-established or rigid design formulas; instead, it approaches each new challenge with a clean slate, utilizing drawing as its primary research tool to craft a fresh outlook on architecture, objects, and urban landscapes.



photo_credit Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST
Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST

68. Cobe

Established in 2006 by architect Dan Stubbergaard, Cobe has evolved into an international hub comprising over 150 committed professionals dedicated to crafting liveable cities, landscapes, and structures. Rooted in the Scandinavian design ethos, the studio engages with projects of all types and sizes, spanning from design objects and urban spaces to landscapes and buildings, as well as strategic development plans for districts and cities. The office is set within a warehouse in Copenhagen's Nordhavn, featuring raw concrete walls and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows offering picturesque views of the waterfront. Designed as a village, the office layout includes small houses and plazas nestled between large columns, fostering a conducive environment for formal and informal gatherings.



photo_credit Zooey Braun
Zooey Braun

69. Oppenheim Architecture + Design LLP

Oppenheim Architecture, established in 1999 by Chad Oppenheim, is a globally recognized design practice with studios in Miami and Basel. Its team of architects, designers, and thinkers operates as one unit, driven by poetic contextual design, functionality, and craftsmanship. Grounded in architectural archaeology, its work delves deep into the essence of each site, studying cultures, materials, and experiences to create spaces that resonate with the spirit of the place. Oppenheim Architecture has earned over 90 awards, including prestigious honors from the American Institute of Architects and Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.



photo_credit Jack Hobhouse
Jack Hobhouse

70. Squire & Partners

With a rich history spanning four decades, Squire & Partners is an architecture and design practice renowned for its international reputation in creating contextually informed architecture. The firm's impressive portfolio includes masterplans, workspace designs, retrofit projects, and a wide range of residential developments from affordable housing to luxury co-living and build-to-rent properties, as well as hotels, retail spaces, educational facilities, and public buildings. Complementing their architectural expertise, Squire & Partners also boasts a dedicated interior design department that has curated bespoke product ranges.



photo_credit Jorge Taboada
Jorge Taboada

71. GLR arquitectos

GLR Architectos is a design firm that embraces the challenges of contemporary universal culture. The firm’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond certifications, as they actively explore new sustainable design alternatives and conduct solar energy and efficiency studies in collaboration with top sustainability consultants. Located in Monterrey, the firm's responsible approach to design is deeply influenced by the powerful natural landscape surrounding the city. Led by Gilberto L. Rodriguez, GLR Architects strives to achieve harmony with the context, using it as a driving force behind their architectural concepts.




72. Gad Architecture

Gökhan Avcıoğlu, the Principal and founder of GAD - Global Architectural Development has led an innovative design team for more than four decades. It believes in forward-thinking architectural concepts, from private residences to large-scale urban development plans, within Turkey and internationally. With its headquarters in Istanbul, GAD has extended its creative influence by establishing design studios in New York and Lisbon.



photo_credit Lucas van der Wee | cepezed
Lucas van der Wee | cepezed

73. architecten bureau cepezed

architecten bureau cepezed is an architectural firm that prioritizes creating user-friendly and flexible designs that are filled with natural light. With a focus on three aspects sustainability, efficiency and aesthetics, it takes pride in designing structures that are distinctive and offer residents a pleasant experience. The firm was established in 1973 and has since expanded its expertise to include development, construction coordination, and interior design through cepezedprojects, cepezedbouwteam, and cepezedinterieur. It has a diverse portfolio that includes residential, commercial, healthcare, and infrastructure projects, as well as building products.



photo_credit Daniela Mac Adden
Daniela Mac Adden

74. Luciano Kruk

Luciano Kruk is an accomplished architect who has received significant recognition, including first prizes at the Biennials of the College of Architects of the Province of Buenos Aires. In 2012, he founded his own studio, Luciano Kruk Arquitectos, which has delved into numerous projects in individual and collective housing. His work has received prestigious awards, such as the SCA-CPAU Award for his project Casa L4 at the XVI Buenos Aires Architecture Biennial in 2016.



photo_credit Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez

75. Aires Mateus Architects

Aires Mateus Architects is a renowned architectural firm based in Lisbon, Portugal. Founded by Manuel Aires Mateus, the studio collaborates with his brother Francisco and architect Gonçalo Byrne. Its portfolio features a diverse range of residential and commercial projects that stand out for its creative manipulation of volumes, shapes, and the captivating interplay of light and voids. The firm has received numerous accolades for its exceptional work and has even represented Portugal at the renowned Venice Biennale in 2010.



photo_credit Timothy Schenck
Timothy Schenck

76. Heatherwick Studio

Heatherwick Studio is a diverse collective of over 200 problem solvers committed to improving the world. Based in Central London, the workshop and design studio serves as the birthplace of innovative creations, including buildings, spaces, objects, and infrastructure. Thomas Heatherwick, the studio's founder, brings a background rich in materials and making, fostering a design process where all team members are empowered to challenge and contribute ideas. The firm has a global reach and focuses on large-scale projects that have a profound positive impact on society. Heatherwick Studio's guiding principle is to prioritize the human experience over rigid design principles.



photo_credit Javier de Paz
Javier de Paz

77. OOIIO Architecture

OOIIO Architecture is a dynamic design team with a global presence, operating from Madrid and Lima. Its passion lies in creating innovative and sophisticated architectural solutions that address the complex demands of the 21st century society. Led by Joaquín Millán, the OOIIO team brings together years of architectural and sociological research, embracing a commitment to delivering value and pushing the boundaries of innovation on a global scale.



photo_credit Laura Peters
Laura Peters

78. CannonDesign

CannonDesign is a multidisciplinary design firm merging strategy, experience, architecture, engineering, and social impact. Its approach, Living-Centered Design, integrates human-centered and systems-based methods to address challenges within broader ecosystems. With a diverse team of architects, engineers, and industry experts, the firm collaborates globally to tackle clients’ and society’s most pressing issues. By immersing in clients' worlds and conducting thorough research, CannonDesign gains deep insights, allowing it to design adaptable, performance-oriented solutions that position clients for success.



photo_credit Youngchae Park
Youngchae Park

79. studio_GAON

Founded in 1998 and led by Lim Hyoung-nam and Roh Eun-joo, Studio_Gaon is deeply rooted in Korean heritage, with 'Gaon' translating to 'centre' in Korean. Specializing in urban and architectural projects, its work is intricately woven into the fabric and reflects the essence of Korea's identity. Its notable projects, such as House in Geumsan, Lucia’s Earth, and the Buddhist Temple Jetavana, showcase the firm’s fusion of traditional Korean architectural language with modern elements.



photo_credit Raimund Koch
Raimund Koch

80. concrete

Concrete is a team of 50 inquisitive individuals from diverse creative backgrounds who believe in challenging norms and thinking outside the box. Concrete specializes in creating concepts across various fields such as architecture, interior design, urban planning, branding, and conceptual programming. The firm's philosophy prioritizes people over buildings, and it believes that life should dictate form. Concrete is open to collaboration with like-minded individuals such as clients, experts, creatives, and potential colleagues who share its values.



photo_credit Paul Ott
Paul Ott

81. Marte.Marte Architects

Marte.Marte Architekten, founded by brothers Bernhard Marte and Stefan Marte, is an architectural firm based in Feldkirch, Austria. The firm's portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, including private houses, office and infrastructure buildings, and cultural objects. Marte.Marte Architekten's designs are characterized by a rigorous abstraction, reduction, and a profound understanding of the context. Its work has been recognized with numerous competition successes and international awards.



photo_credit Maíra Acayaba and Edu Castello
Maíra Acayaba and Edu Castello


Triptyque, a French-Brazilian architecture and urbanism firm led by Guillaume Sibaud and Olivier Raffaëlli, was founded in São Paulo in 2000, drawing inspiration from the city's global dynamism. Following its recognition with the NAJA (New Albums of Young Architects) award in 2008, the firm expanded its footprint with a second office in Paris. Triptyque's portfolio encompasses diverse projects across Latin America and Europe, emphasizing innovation and environmental sustainability. Beyond public and private architecture, it excels in luxury and cultural spheres, creating hotels, corporate buildings, and contemporary artistic venues. 



photo_credit Marco Anelli
Marco Anelli

83. Alberto Campo Baeza

Alberto Campo Baeza, originally from Valladolid but raised in Cádiz, is a distinguished architect and an Emeritus Head Professor of Design at the Madrid School of Architecture. With over 35 years of tenure, he has also taught at renowned institutions such as ETH Zurich, EPFL Lausanne, University of Pennsylvania, Kansas State University, CUA University in Washington, and L’Ecole d’Architecture in Tournai. Recently, he held the Clarkson Chair in Architecture at Buffalo University and was the Walton Critic Speaker at CUA in Washington. Currently, he is actively involved in conducting a postgraduate course at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, where he is collaborating with students from different Spanish universities.



photo_credit  Roland Halbe
Roland Halbe

84. TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten

TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten was established in 1931 as a result of a successful collaboration between architects Herbert Sprotte and Peter Neve in Hamburg. The addition of architects Alf M. Prasch, Wolfgang Nietz, and Peter Sigl in the 1970s brought a new generation of talent to the forefront. In the 1980s, TCHOBAN VOSS ventured into international projects in the Middle East while also undertaking numerous regional endeavours. The firm expanded its presence with branches in Berlin and Dresden in 1993 and welcomed architects Sergei Tchoban and Ekkehard Voss as partners in 1995, who became the firm's leading partners in 2015. With a team of over 180 highly qualified interdisciplinary professionals and extensive experience, the firm, with offices in Hamburg, Berlin, and Dresden, delivers architecturally and functionally sustainable solutions for a wide range of building projects.



photo_credit KIDS DESIGN LABO

85. Hibinosekkei

Founded in 1972, Hibinosekkei is a prominent architectural firm in Japan specialising in children's facilities and welfare architecture. Over the past 16 years, the firm has demonstrated its commitment to excellence in designing infant and children's facilities, with its "Youji no Shiro" brand gaining recognition domestically and internationally. In 2016, the firm launched "KIDS DESIGN LABO," offering comprehensive design services for young children's facilities beyond architecture, further expanding its contribution to society.



photo_credit Yasuhiro Inazumi
Yasuhiro Inazumi

86. Nikken Sekkei Ltd

Originally founded in 1900 and restarted after World War II, Nikken Sekkei has a long history in Japan. Today, the firm is over 1,800 professionals working in six groups. Integrated services include architecture, interior design, research, city planning, construction management, and environmental work. Throughout their work, Nikken Sekkei shows an attention to the contemporary while honoring time-tested traditions.



photo_credit Gabe Border
Gabe Border

87. The Miller Hull Partnership

The Miller Hull Partnership is rooted in a profound humanitarian ethos and is dedicated to enhancing human experiences through design. Central to its approach is THINK, driving its commitment to critical thinking, research, and profound inquiry, shaping every project. With studios in Seattle and San Diego and a skilled team of over 125 professionals, the firm extends its regionalist philosophy to communities near and far, fostering meaningful connections globally.



photo_credit Photography by Iwan Baan, Courtesy of Diller Scofidio + Renfro
Photography by Iwan Baan, Courtesy of Diller Scofidio + Renfro

88. Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Established in 1981, Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) is a dynamic design studio based in New York. This multidisciplinary practice delves into architecture, urban design, installation art, digital media, and more. With a focus on cultural and civic projects, DS+R is led by partners Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio, Charles Renfro, and Benjamin Gilmartin, along with a team of over 100 experts. Its groundbreaking work has garnered recognition on TIME's "100 Most Influential People" list and received the pioneering MacArthur Foundation grant for its innovative approach that merges architecture, performance, and electronic media. Notable projects include the transformation of the High Line rail infrastructure into a public park, the reinvention of Lincoln Center, and designing of the Zaryadye Park near Moscow's iconic Red Square.



photo_credit Simon Menges
Simon Menges

89. David Chipperfield Architects

Founded in 1985, David Chipperfield Architects is an internationally acclaimed firm that operates in both the private and public sectors with offices in London, Berlin, Milan, Shanghai, and Santiago de Compostela. The firm is renowned for its expertise in the design process and the enduring excellence of its projects. Each office is deeply rooted in its local context while united by shared architectural aspirations on a global scale. This collaborative network extends to include DC Design and Fundación RIA, a non-profit research initiative based in Galicia, broadening the practice's scope from product design details to territorial master planning strategies. The practice has been recognized with over 100 awards for design excellence.



photo_credit Stijn Poelstra
Stijn Poelstra

90. Fokkema & Partners Architecten

Fokkema & Partners is an architecture firm that places great value on individual growth and creativity. The firm enjoys assignments that present a significant challenge, such as solving complex, multi-spatial issues and turning them into clear, concise designs. Since its inception in 1995, Fokkema & Partners has focused on designing from the inside out, starting with the user. The team works to create spaces for working, learning, relaxing, inspiring, or consumption, focusing on what brings people together and fosters connections.



photo_credit DP Architects
DP Architects

91. DP Architects

DP Architects is a leading multi-disciplinary design practice in Asia with over 1,200 staff and 16 offices worldwide. Founded in 1967, DP Architects has a long history in a wide variety of projects with expertise in vast undertakings including Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay, The Dubai Mall, and Resorts World Sentosa. Recent landmark projects include the Singapore Sports Hub and Sengkang Hospital. The firm was founded on a deep concern for the built environment and the need to create architecture of excellence that enriches the human experience and spirit.



photo_credit Mike Bink
Mike Bink


Civic specializes in crafting public buildings and spaces that are deeply connected to the era, featuring innovative typologies and robust material choices. Its team comprises individuals with diverse expertise, ensuring a comprehensive approach to every project. Through continuous analysis, experimentation, and rapid engineering iterations, it develops designs that are adaptable, contextually relevant, and thought-provoking. 



photo_credit Arch-Exist

93. CLOU Architects

CLOU is an international design studio with award-winning expertise in architecture, interiors and landscapes. The team designs its projects, whether small or large in scale, around community nodes and social spaces. Founded by German architect Jan Clostermann, CLOU is a cosmopolitan team of architects and designers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, focused on the central mission of designing world-class social spaces. Combining smart creativity with commercial savvy, CLOU takes its clients' challenges and transforms them into exceptionally innovative designs.



photo_credit CreatAR Images
CreatAR Images

94. Wutopia Lab

Wutopia Lab, founded by chief architect Yu Ting in Shanghai, is an architectural firm built upon a novel paradigm of intricate systems. With a core emphasis on humanity, the firm strives to bridge diverse facets of urban life—traditional, everyday, and cultural with a contemporary Chinese aesthetic anchored in Shanghai's essence. Each project undertaken by Wutopia Lab showcases innovative strategies, modes of thought, and architectural forms, tailored to address unique challenges and opportunities. The firm's commitment extends beyond mere conceptualization and architectural depth to encompass comprehensive design, integrating early planning, analysis, landscape architecture, and interior design.



photo_credit Adam Letch
Adam Letch


SAOTA is led by a dynamic team comprising Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe Fouché, Mark Bullivant, Roxanne Kaye, and Logen Gordon, all sharing a culture of enquiry that defines its practice. Their innovative approach to design, documentation, and project execution has positioned SAOTA as a sought-after brand on the global stage. With a presence on six continents, SAOTA demonstrates a keen understanding of design's role in diverse markets worldwide. SAOTA thrives on global exposure, drawing inspiration from diverse cities and contexts, which is evident in its approach to design.



photo_credit Rasmus Hjortshøj
Rasmus Hjortshøj

96. 3XN

Founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 1986 by Kim Herforth Nielsen, Lars Frank Nielsen, and Hans Peter Svendler Nielsen, 3XN architects gained recognition for its ability to build structures with captivating aesthetics grounded in solid theoretical principles. The studio believes in placing people at the heart of architecture, forming it as the foundation for every project. 3XN works on an international scale, with a diverse team representing over 20 nationalities.



photo_credit Randhir Singh
Randhir Singh

97. Morphogenesis

Morphogenesis has offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi. The studio reinterprets India’s architectural roots and consistently employs passive design solutions to sculpt a unique contextual language. Its work encompasses a range of typologies across architecture, interiors and landscape urbanism. With projects in 8 countries, 95 International and National Awards and hundreds of publications globally, it is the first Indian firm to be awarded the Singapore Institute of Architects Getz Award for its contributions to shaping the changing landscape of Asia. The firm’s work has been published in a monograph by Images Publishing as part of its Master Architect Series.



photo_credit Corey Gaffer
Corey Gaffer

98. Henning Larsen

Henning Larsen is a multidisciplinary design studio working in the areas of architecture, landscape, urbanism, interior architecture, graphics, and lighting design. Established in Copenhagen and operating globally, the firm follows a holistic and inquisitive approach to cultivating environments where innovative ideas thrive. Grounded in creativity and experimentation, the firm strives to make a lasting impact on communities and the surroundings.



In 2004, Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu started the Neri&Hu Design and Research Office in Shanghai, China. The multidisciplinary design firm is involved in various works including architecture, interior design, master planning, graphic design, and product design. With ongoing projects spanning numerous countries, the firm has a multicultural team fluent in over 30 languages. This diversity underscores the firm's central vision: to embrace a global perspective by integrating various design disciplines, thus shaping a new architectural paradigm.



photo_credit RAWVISION studio

100. Kokaistudios

Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani and Andrea Destefanis founded the Kokaistudios in 2000 in Venice. The firm specialises in various design sectors, including cultural, corporate, commercial, hospitality, and retail. Since 2002, its headquarters have been situated in Shanghai, where the firm evolved into a multicultural team of 60 professionals operating on a global scale, with projects spanning across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The firm also undertakes urban regeneration projects including revitalization of heritage.