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Project • By Taller emeApartments

Edificio Oriente 430

Located to the East of Mexico City, within a popular neighborhood of the city such as Agrícola Oriental, this apartment building rises. The project consisted of rehabilitating an existing house, within an area with an 8 meter front to the publ... More

Project • By Studio ETNApartments


Even at the first meeting in the Ramat-Gan city apartment, which it's building was intended for a total renovation process, it seemed that a big change had to be made in it, but the truth is that it was not that easy of an apartment to crack, it was... More

Project • By Interpon Powder Coatings by AkzoNobelCoasts

Yachthouse by Pininfarina

A collaboration with Construtora Pasqualotto&GT, one of Brazil’s top development and construction firms, Yachthouse by Pininfarina is a high-end residential project located in Balneário Camboriú, in the state of Santa Catarina... More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioApartments


Though Project typology is affordable housing, our design focused to deliver Elite experiences in the project wherever possible. As a part of design ideas, we created projections and balconies in each dwelling to connect inside-out. Especially front... More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioApartments


A Very challenging project for a 4 generations family, which consists of Parents, 4 sons, children and their children. The project brief is to accommodate 5 dwellings at five floors, and few sharing spaces like Pooja room, gym, etc. Here we took a c... More

Project • By Rolf Ockert. Architect.Apartments

Elizabeth Bay Apartment

The clients had just bought the apartment on the ground floor of a harbour front block of six in a highly desirable, private area very close to the city. We could build on another apartment fit out we had done together years ago close by.  &nbs... More

Project • By LIVING + SLVKApartments

Av Yucatan

an apartment building in a very central location in col Roma, small apartments designed for young couples and individuals. Designed thinking about the new technologies, smart materials  and a new way of living in the city... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

Swanston Central

Melbourne has a thing with axes – how often have you glanced down one of the mains arteries of the city and realized it perfectly frames a civic monument? Taking inspiration from that axial idea, this tall residential tower, positioned above th... More