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Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectIndividual Buildings

High-End 4 BHK Apartment Interiors At Ahmedabad

Pleasing Interiors is all about the right proportions of material and textures along with balancing client’s requirements & an effective program. This is a 4-member family apartment having a total carpet area of 2200 sq. ft. The initial brief of the client was that it should be stylish, subtle & under-stated luxury but at the same time it should have its separate functional value. @panjwani vinay Our motive was to make the entire interiors, the overall look of the space enhance the overall lifestyle of the occupants. Talking about the material palette, we haven’t really played around with colors, it’s basically shades of greys & browns and more of the textures, because we feel that the original texture of... More

NewsNews • 16 Sep 2022

Void Studio composes Tulum apartments around courtyards, intertwining alleys and quaint staircases

Set amidst a dense neighbourhood in South Tulum, Cuatro Cielos is a cluster of four inward-facing apartments designed by the Mexican architecture firm Void Studio. Enveloped in a subdued façade, the four-unit development is a harmonious composition of materials, textures, solids and voids, light, desert tones and vegetation.  Zaickz Moz The apartments range from two to three-bedroom units, each with a distinct layout and character, yet all share a mutual connection with the environment and provide quality spaces. The spatial configuration is consciously planned to make the users traverse through the exterior pockets to reach one room from another.  Zaickz Moz The thought process behind the design was... More

Project • By MAPApartments

the BougainVILLA

Given the limited frontage for this apartment building, the organization of the façade becomes a critical design solution for providing adequate light and ventilation, outdoor spill-outs and giving the building it’s identity. Located in a moderate climate zone and with a south facing frontage, the spill-outs of various apartments balance the depth of balconies with the winter sunlight into the rooms. This results in carving the deep balconies into a semi-circular form. Copyright of MAP LLC The curved balconies serve as stacked porches in the air and thus landscaping each of them is essential for providing privacy, immediate view, and personalization opportunities. In addition, the planter beds edging the balconies serve a... More

Project • By Thomas Kröger ArchitektenApartments

Apartment S

In a turn-of-the-century old building in Berlin-Charlottenburg, part of an originally upper-middle-class apartment was converted for a fashion designer. © Thomas Heimann   The kitchen, placed in the living room, is enclosed in the wall like a fireplace and lined with copper. The kitchen folds out of the wall like a robe. Pendant lights incorporated into the stucco illuminate the counter in front. © Thomas Heimann Since the largest rooms are intended to serve as a frame for the user, the smallest are the most splendid in their formulation. The bathroom, for example, shines with rich materials: bluish-cool glass panels are framed in bronze, and the washstand and floor are made of natural stone. The pared-down close... More

Project • By Thomas Kröger ArchitektenApartments

Apartment B

An art collector has sought out an old turn-of-the-century apartment in Berlin-Charlottenburg to live and work in. It is a fragment of the social rooms of a former upper middle-class apartment. Corridors become representative rooms and in turn lead into small chambers of wonder. Mirrors play with the exaggerated perspective of long corridors as a reminiscence of the original spaciousness. © Thomas Heimann   The apartment serves as a backdrop to a contemporary art collection and 20th century furniture. And so the mute clear tones are interrupted by bursts of vivid color. The collection and its staging are constantly changing, providing space for private receptions. © Thomas Heimann While the main rooms are restrai... More

Project • By Clear LightingApartments

Commune Modern (囍逸)

Commune Modern (囍逸) is a residential property in Fanling, Hong Kong. The building's main entrance is highlighted by Flexglo™ F23 LED light strips. The light fixture has a compact sectional size of 10mm*10mm, meaning it is ideal for installation in tight space. The flexible neon lights are mounted inside the recessed frames on the facade without appearing intrusive, casting indirect light over the greenery and making the gate stand out in darkness. More

Project • By TYRANT Inc.Housing

M House

This renovation plan for a condominium located in central Hachioji, Tokyo, aims to create a neutral space for contemporary art and furniture that has been collected over many years. Caption With a future conversion into a rental property in mind, the layout remains mostly unchanged to retain the existing 2LDK floorplan for high versatility. On the other hand, the use of finishing materials, residential equipment, and lighting fixtures that are of a higher grade than most condominiums creates a high-end living space. Caption The inclusion of black as an accent color amid the primary colors of gray and wood tones creates a quiet and calm space. While elements such as the flooring and TV stand, which will remain unchanged over the... More

Project • By CEEB Vietnam Architecture FirmApartments

Boston Apartment

Location : 530 Dudley St. Boston, MA 02119Services : Architecture concept designFunction : Low-rise Apartment buildingClient : PrivateCFA : 840 m2 (9040 sq ft)Land area : 997 m2 (10730 sq ft)Year : 2019 More

Project • By Alan Blakely Architectural PhotographyApartments

Renovation Sensation

Located in the arts district of KC, this vibrant new property is hard to miss. Designed by BKV Group and built by MW Builders, Inc., this is another venture from developer City Club Apartments. © 2022 Alan Blakely, AIAP. All Rights Reserved. © 2022 Alan Blakely, AIAP. All Rights Reserved. © 2022 Alan Blakely, AIAP. All Rights Reserved. © 2022 Alan Blakely, AIAP. All Rights Reserved.   © 2022 Alan Blakely, AIAP. All Rights Reserved. © 2022 Alan Blakely, AIAP. All Rights Reserved. © 2022 Alan Blakely, AIAP. All Rights Reserved.       More

Project • By MIKAMI ArchitectsApartments


Shiseikan is a company dormitory of Sekishō Corporation. Sekishō Corporation is a leading company in Ibaraki that embodies dignity and embraces foreigners, single mothers, and people with disabilities, which makes it an appealing company.  MIKAMI Architects The site is on land with depth that faces the high-traffic National Route 125. On the far side of the L-shaped planar building is the men's dormitory and on the other, the women's. The first floor of the building is mainly a common space including a communication hall, While the second floor is a private space for individual dormitories.  MIKAMI Architects At the communication hall, the pendant lights above the dining table and vivid chairs in the chic space create... More

Project • By El fil verd estudi d'arquitecturaApartments

Apartment a + e

Introduction The Born district of Barcelona was the seat of a prosperous artisan economy during medieval times and still preserves traces of that in the names of its streets: Assaonadors, Argenteria, Cotoners, Carders, Flassaders were the trades carried out by the artisans of this neighborhood. The urban fabric in this part of the city is mainly made up of multi-family dwellings between party walls. The structure is made of load-bearing ceramic work walls and ceramic vaulted ceilings with wooden beams. The width of the floors was determined by the length of the wooden beams then available on the market, generally about four meters. The apartment that is the object of the renovation is located in a building from the mid-1800s and was inhabi... More

Project • By HQ ARCHITECTSApartments

Fein 1 Central

Located in Neve Shaanan, southern Tel Aviv, in a degraded area experiencing rapid transformations, Fein 1 Central apartment complex introduces much needed housing and street-front commercial spaces, while partially preserving fragments of the existing building on site. The area is part of Tel Aviv – Yafo Municipality’s master plan to transform and uplift the city’s decayed southern district. The neighborhood’s cultural and economic growth is part of its gentrification process, focusing on culture and creating a new, more open and progressive profile for the neighborhood. Part of this growth will be the addition of the new premises of the renowned Bat Sheva Dance Company right across the street, and the new light rail... More

Project • By Yohei Kawashima architects inc.Apartments


This plan is an apartment that is 4 floors and consists of 6 residences. The site is not huge, and we were required parking space by the client. Thus, we adopt 1F as a parking space and 2F to 4F as a residence. This building is 4 stories, but it doesn't have an elevator. Because it is for a keep a budget down. Instead, we considered how to exist stair of common area. ©Koji Fujii /TOREAL   In our plan, we adopt split a building in two according to the shape of the site. The usual staircase is located at the end of the passage between such two buildings. And We planed 2 common courtyards. Firstly, there is a courtyard that has openness from the outside. Secondly, there is the courtyard that has closed and calms from the outsi... More

Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceApartments

X House

  Situated in Beijing’s tallest residential structure, the X-House is a showcase business and residential space for a prominent international entrepreneur. Designed to accommodate business meetings, banquets, guests, and other functions, the space features a 1000-bottle wine cellar, tasting room, and spa bathrooms. The design is based on a system of Bézier curves, giving each space a unique and distinctive quality, creating a completely unexpected experience high above the streets of Beijing. Collectively, the spaces act as a network of domes, almost like a cave, creating opportunities for views, privacy, exploration and surprise. Jonathan Leijonhufvud Jonathan Leijonhufvud The spaces are interconnected in a c... More

Project • By sait arslan architectsApartments

Yeniköy Apartment House

Project of this residential house at Yeniköy Armanlı Housing Complex, with terrace enabling a view of 360 degrees of sight was completed under a modern design concept. Any and all furniture in the house, including all seating groups, particularly the dining table designed for crowded invitations and manufactured from chestnut wood from Kars, and the mirror of golden ratio were designed by Sait Arslan Architecture. Yeniköy / Istanbul More