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Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerApartments

Waldgartenstraße Residential

For this small estate in a quiet residential area loosely built up with single-family homes, we have arranged two elongated cubes slightly offset to each other. This ensures both the necessary privacy and unobstructed, wide views. To the north, an inviting, semi-public courtyard opens up the complex, while the play ground is located to the north-east, separated from the private areas. The architecture skilfully plays with the contrast of raw concrete and fine wood structure. The façade is extensively glazed, the balconies offer constructive weather protection and summer thermal insulation. The emphasis on the horizontal, the contrast between closed and open areas and the targeted use of daylight appear unobtrusively elegant. Albre... More

Project • By JansenOffices


YOND is situated at the former Siemens site in Zurich’s Albisrieden district and is an entirely new type of office building. The rooms and spaces within the shimmering silver building can be adapted to individual requirements. The use of steel as a material enabled the constructors to retain a narrow, streamlined interior view while, at the same time, the steel and aluminium mullion-and-transom façade has an element width of 2.80 meters and a height of 4.40 meters. The large glass surfaces give a feeling of space. The result is endless possibilities with a minimum of additional components. The façade covers an area of 7,800 square metres. More

Project • By NENMARApartments

CL Penthouse

The project started from the client's desire to completely remodel the spaces to give priority to the living area in order to be able to entertain guests without constraints, and to prioritise the views towards the valley while maximising daylight. The penthouse was located in a 1940s building in the upper part of Celerina, a small village close to St. Moritz which enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other town or village in the Engadin. The approach was to think of the interior as a boat where every empty/full space was made into a functional space. The existing kitchen was moved away from the main façade.  This unlocked the plan to free up priority space for daily use and connected the user with the main view. Moving th... More

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsApartments


EOLICA RESIDENCE Location: Pregassona, SwitzerlandBuilt-up area: 4,088 sq. mDate: 2014 – 2017 The urban insertion completes and defines the urban block in a clear way by following the alignments of the buildings north and south of Via Vedreggio. The district Project consists of 4 buildings: orthogonal volumes that are inserted out of alignment in order to create a dynamic green space that on the plan resembles wind turbines. The buildings too are characterized by the centripetal “wind rotation” of the apartments around the central vertical circulation, thus opening the views from the living rooms towards perspectives that are characterized and amplified by the curvature of the living room terraces. The architectural c... More

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsApartments


WAVES Location: Savosa, Lugano, SwitzerlandBuilding area: 2570 sqmDate: 2015 – 2017 Unlike the usual modus operandi, we took over the Waves Residence at a later stage. We intervened in fact during the excavation work of a project commissioned by the client before entrusting us. For this reason we encountered a few project restrictions as far as the volumetric and the structure are concerned. Therefore we focused on other fundamental aspects: the joining of technique, aesthetics and context. The residence is located in an urban area marked by heavily congested access routes that are generating sources of sound waves; a problem that we solved by designing the appropriate shape and surface, following the principle according to which w... More
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsApartments


CLOUDSBiasca, Svizzeralocation: Biasca, Svizzerabuilt-up area: 1045 mqdate: 2017 – 2019   “When Pizzo Magno puts on its hat, let go of your sickle and grab your umbrella”    The project Clouds is located in Biasca, a town in Upper Ticino, a deep, wide valley nestled among the mountains at the foot of Pizzo Magno. The landscape features and the people that live there are founding elements of the project, which has its roots in the life experiences, in the tradition, in the culture of the people that live in this place and on the specific plot of land on which the project originates. Vine cultivation is a predominant peculiarity of this part of Ticino, and of the project site too. The daily rhythm of the f... More

Project • By AMJGS ArchitekturApartments

Renovation and extension of a hertiage-protected

Built in 1891, the heritage-protected residential building has seen many changes throughout the years. While it was able to maintain its exterior appearance, it was completely gutted in the 70’s, leaving little of the original structure. For both, architect and client it was clear that the old building had to be restored as historically accurately as possible reviving the original character of the period of promoterism. In addition, a new structure designed in steel and glass, playfully sets a contrast and recalls industrial buildings of the period. Reestablishing the original appearance while adhering to modern building codes led to a deep intervention within the structure. The oil-fired furnace was removed and replaced with a heat... More

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Atelier Alice Trepp

Atelier Alice Trepp   Location: Origlio, SwitzerlandBuilding area: 454 sqmDate: 2016 – 2019   Atelier Alice Trepp, located in Origlio, a small and stunning village, is an atelier designed for Alice Trepp, an Ecuadorian sculptress. The site is characterized by a gentle descending slope, the view of the pastures and of Monte Tamaro, and the coolness given by the lake. The site resembles the Greek theatres that used to lie on hill slopes, often in locations that offered a fascinating view and a spectacular perspective. The concept of lying on a natural slope gave the idea for Atelier Alice Trepp. The shape develops from the analysis of the contour lines and the folding of two of them upwards, under which the building is ins... More

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsWarehouses


NIZZA PARADISE Location: Paradiso, Lugano, SwitzerlandBuilding area: 6750 sqmDate: 2014 – 2017   Nizza Paradise Residence is the first prize winner of a contest of ideas which focused on the design of a luxury resort in Paradiso. The project concept originated from the study of shape of the terrain. This analysis allowed the translation of natural language into architecture by transforming the slope’s soft lines into constructive ones. The shape is due to the upward development of the land’s contour lines and it consists of a composition of horizontal layers formed by slabs and glass walls. These, opening onto deep terraces, overlook the wood to the west, Guidino Park to the east and Lugano Lake to the south. &nbs... More

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsApartments


PRÊT – À – HABITER Location: Montagnola, Lugano, SwitzerlandBuilding area: 260 sqmDate: 2012 – 2015   Villa Prêt-à-Hàbiter is located in Collina D’Oro, Montagnola. The aim of the project is to create a human scale architecture even though, following the promoter’s wishes, the needs and preferences of the final users are as yet unknown. The architectural element is designed as a symbol of universal beauty. The characteristics of the Ticino landscape are evoked in the project as symbols of beauty. Green areas, water and architecture in the project, as well as in the Ticino landscape, merge into a “unicum”. A body of water compensates for the absence of a lake v... More