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NewsNews • 7 Feb 2024

Pointed bricks enhance the facade and presence of a new housing and retail project in Romainville

Paris-based PietriArchitectes has completed Le Totem, a housing project and four shops in Romainville, a town in the eastern suburbs of Paris. A facade of light-colored, specially shaped pointed bricks gives the building a textured and crafted appearance, enhancing its presence. Hugo Hébrard Le Totem is described by PietriArchitectes as “the new face of the entrance to Romainville” and is a short distance from the Mairie des Lilas Paris Métro station. Part of the urban renewal of several districts on the outskirts of Paris, the town bears witness to “the vitality and renewal of the Paris Region.” PietriArchitectes designed Le Totem as a landmark in the vicinity and a link with the Youri Gagari... More

NewsNews • 27 Nov 2023

AART’s new mixed-use Nicolinehus development contributes to urban life in Aarhus

Nicolinehus is a prodigious mixed-use development designed by Scandinavian architectural studio AART in collaboration with the Danish developer Bricks. Located in Aarhus, Denmark, between the city’s marina and Havnebadet (Harbor Bath), Nicolinehus offers a mix of urban, commercial, and residential accommodation and facilities. It is the last building project in the first phase of “Aarhus Ø” (a new city neighborhood). Niels Nygaard Niels Nygaard Plans for Aarhus Ø date back to 1997 when the City Council adopted a new master plan that would expand the Port of Aarhus. The plan’s aim was to transform the then unused container port into a completely new district, linking the city and port... More

NewsNews • 21 Nov 2023

Shay Cleary Architects completes Ireland’s first low-rise, high-density residential development

The Residences at Sandford Lodge is a low-rise, high-density project - the first of its kind in Ireland. Designed by Shay Cleary Architects, the scheme achieves a high density of around 100 units per hectare — a figure comparable with taller apartment buildings — while never rising above three floors. Tailored to its specific site and context, the development offers the density of an apartment building through the medium of a house, where each residence has its own front door. Jamie Hackett Photography Jamie Hackett Photography Located in Dublin’s cosmopolitan Ranelagh village, The Residences at Sandford Lodge comprises 36 residential garden apartments and duplexes. The scheme’s typology is ideally... More

NewsNews • 10 Nov 2023

Canvas House explores the resonant form of brick with an innovative undulating facade

In the Forest Hill neighbourhood of Toronto, Canvas House by Partisans features a sinuous façade that embodies the revered pieces of art the home contains. The monochromatic, undulating brick façade stands out amidst the surrounding context of Georgian homes, with their conventional and symmetrical geometries.  DoubleSpace Photography, UNO, Younes Bounhar, Teddy Shropshire The unmodulated brick bond pattern used here was inspired by the early works of American painter Larry Poons and is made up of repeating units of five bricks. The variation in the corbel of each brick within the modules brings dramatic undulations to the sculptural façade and demonstrates the elegance of brick, as seen in the traditiona... More

NewsNews • 19 Oct 2023

Morphogenesis designs a sustainable Indian hospitality school using local building traditions

In the northern Indian city of Faridabad, a recently completed hospitality school’s construction was informed by local building traditions. Designed by Indian Architecture and Urban Design firm Morphogenesis, The Lalit Suri Hospitality School strikes a harmonious balance between the built environment and surrounding landscape. The school’s design brief described the need for a sustainable campus, set within a modest institutional framework, that would prepare students for a career in India’s luxury hospitality sector. Avesh Gaur Avesh Gaur When planning the school’s design, Morphogenesis focused from the outset on preserving and integrating a cluster of neem trees bordering the site’s norther... More

NewsSpecification • 26 Sep 2023

10+1 cultural buildings with striking brick envelopes

For millennia, brick has been used in the construction of buildings across the world. Brick architecture is a style that continues to flourish, due largely to the endearing, traditional qualities of brick. The material has stood the test of time and is a popular choice of building envelope, playing a key role in regulating energy efficiency. In a warm climate, for example, a building’s design might incorporate an openwork brick curtain. There are countless types of brick made in many different ways by both hand and machine. Manufacturing techniques vary, from the popular wirecut method (where bricks are made using a process of extrusion), to thrown and pressed bricks. Brick is extremely durable, something that appeals to architects,... More

Project • By Touloukian Touloukian IncApartments

Boylston Street Residences

Formerly a vacant lot, this six unit housing project is set out to be both a pleasurable place to live, and an urban park experience. Sited as a bookend to a public park, the regulatory review process prompted a modern contextual edge to its urban open space.  Anton Grassl Mindful of the urban condition, the new townhouses are setback from the property to align with the adjacent housing context scale, and blend into the foreground of the park’s mature trees. Utilizing masonry earth tones, beveled recess openings, and textured brick patterns; the park facing building emulates its landscape context. Materials include board formed concrete, and two different standard color bricks in both norman and modular sizes that are proje... More

NewsSpecification • 11 Jul 2023

10 school buildings with special brick facades

In an interview with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), it was proposed that good school building design should eliminate “cramped spaces, lack of natural light, and bad acoustics.” Moreover, “school buildings should relate to their surrounding community, each offering its unique set of challenges and opportunities” (Pisanu, 2018). Brick is one particularly solid building material — both traditional and contemporary, it is extremely practical and durable. The key benefits of using brick in architecture include its resistance to the elements, non-combustibility, long life, and recyclability. Available in numerous colors and textures, brick has many aesthetic qualities. The use of brickwork in sc... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

The Memory of Garden Apartment

The project was designed and constructed on Qasr o Dasht Street in Shiraz, Iran. This street is known as a green and pleasant neighborhood due to its proximity to Qasr al-Dasht gardens. Due to the increase of construction in these old green areas, a significant portion of the vegetation has been destroyed. In the northwest of the building, there is an alley with a 6 meters width, which is the only access of the project to the neighborhood. This only access hinders the visibility of the project. Therefore, this situation emphasizes the importance of the building entrance. Navid Atrvash There are old trees in front of the project located on the border between the alley and the northwest facade. One of our primary concerns was the connec... More

NewsSpecification • 13 Jun 2023

10+1 sports centers with expressive facades

A sports or leisure center is often an integral part of daily life in a local community. A recreational hub, the design of a sports center is an important calling card. Aside from the center’s range of facilities and activities, a larger building with space for an architecturally expressive facade can excite the imagination and engender a sense of civic pride.   The following sports centers welcome visitors with a range of expansive facades.   1. LEO, Sports Hall in Pfungstadt zooeybraun FOTOGRAFIE LEO, a sports hall in Pfungstadt, Germany, was designed by METARAUM Architekten. The building’s diamond-paneled roof and walls, developed by Sto AG, flow into each other to create a sleek, aerodynamic facade.... More

Project • By IPA Architecture and moreNurseries


As architects, we believe that architecture should enhance education and develop in children a sense of aesthetic appreciation for the environment. BRITANICA Park School aims to promote tradition while building on it with modern education principles. It is located in the suburbs of Vitosha Mountain and caters to children from 2.5 years old (kindergarten) to 18 years old (school). Todor Todorov This project aims to design architecture that facilitates healthy living & learning. Socialization and communication, enriching social and behavioral habits are integrated in the concept.  Classical and modern ideas guide the building's exterior design. Ultimately, the form implies a connection to Great Britain's culture - tradition a... More

NewsSpecification • 26 Apr 2023

10 homes with austere brick facades

Residential buildings with brick facades are a common feature across towns and cities. Despite its widespread use in building design and construction, brick can elevate a home’s curb appeal. A solid choice, brick has a traditional quality that has stood the test of time. Brick is made from a combination of natural elements: clay, sand, and water. An extremely durable material, it has been used to build homes for thousands of years. There are many reasons for the prevalence of brick in construction, including: its resistance to the elements and non-combustible nature, its great longevity and low maintenance, and the fact that it is recyclable and reusable. Moreover, brick is available in numerous colors and textures, and is often chos... More

Project • By WAM architectenCultural Centres

Cinema Pathé Leeuwarden

The new Pathé cinema is an eye-catcher in the center of Leeuwarden. The building references the traditional red-orange brick of the historical centre of Leeuwarden. The gracefully undulating facade, with its flowing soft shapes, relief masonry and columns like articulated legs, is an introduction to the illusory world of film. Architecture and cinema join hands evoking figurative associations: from a theatre curtain to a fantastic chimera, with the relief bricks as its scaly skin. Gerard van Beek Gerard van Beek   More

NewsNews • 20 Feb 2023

Arqtipo proposes a brick envelope with protruding balconies for this housing block in Buenos Aires

Located in the Villa Urqueza neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the M5606 apartment building designed by Arqtipo reinterprets spatial and temporal instances concerning the context, orientation and urban character.  Federico Kulekdjian Comprising ten residential units on a compact corner plot adjacent to the FFCC Mitre, the project proposes integrating the public space into the first two floors of the building. Additionally, it sensitively incorporates the upper setbacks to the envelope, which fosters an empathetic relationship with the surroundings. Arqtipo Federico Kulekdjian A mono-material envelope of Bricko from Corblock wraps the structure, optimising its constructive capacity. The balcony e... More

Project • By James & Mau ArquitecturaOffices

The Office

The available land is a green area on a large flat industrial plot surrounded by an industrial building, a parking lot for employees, a truck yard and a small office building that gives access to the enclosure. Jakub Certowicz Precisely next to this last one there is a small forest of trees which we decided to maintain and use as a physical antechamber of the new building but above all as a psychological generator of the project. In such a hostile environment we wanted office work to be a purifying refuge from the environment beyond the mere office building. Jakub Certowicz The new building splits the existing green area into three parts, to which the northern, southern and eastern façades are looking to, but especially t... More