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Project • By BuchanOffices

Heritage Cloisters

Surrounded by soaring towers, the unique heritage landmark Cloisters is a fine example of the Victorian Tudor style of architecture, demonstrating a sensitive use of local materials. Built in 1858 and extended in 1879, Heritage Cloisters is one of a small number of remaining convict-built colonial buildings of the mid-nineteenth century. Silvertone Photography Buchan’s approach was to respect and preserve the structure’s authenticity, to preserve the building’s historical and cultural value. We undertook design conservation works to the existing brick façades which were seriously eroded from the face by exposure over time. Replacement bricks were hand-picked for their colour and hardness of the original brick... More

NewsNews • 14 Feb 2022

Minimalist Home P by Francisca Hautekeete emphasizes quality of life and living experience

Connected to a barn and located amongst numerous trees, Home P by Francisca Hautekeete is a minimalist home in Lokeren, Belgium, that emphasizes quality of life and living experience.  Nicolas Vantomme A total of 1000 m3, the architects explains that the house is ‘transparent’ in the sense that both the front and back of the house relate strongly to their surroundings.  Nicolas Vantomme The front of the house is south-facing and includes a patio designed for relaxation under the trees in the spring. Meanwhile, the rear of the house provides views outward into a seemingly endless landscape.  Nicolas Vantomme The striking façade is made of a white/grey toned Carrera Camarque Brick by Heylen... More

NewsNews • 1 Feb 2022

Lancer Square offers a contemporary architectural interpretation of London’s Kensington Palace Conservation Area

Lancer Square by Squire & Partners is a 13,600 sqm mixed-use development in central London featuring both private and affordable residential apartments with leisure uses, ground floor retail, office space, and a landscaped public courtyard. The design draws inspiration from the site’s palatial and horticultural past to offer a contemporary interpretation of the architectural character found within London’s Kensington Palace Conservation Area. Jack Hobhouse Nature is key to the overall design with the new landscape public garden visible from Kensington Church Street. Alongside this, textured two-tone brick façades and vertical window proportions respond to the architectural context. Traditional and contemporary c... More

Project • By Coenen Sättele ArchitectenSocial Housing

Kerkveld, Vaals

Close to the German border in Vaals a social housing project of the early sixties wasn’t up to date anymore. Most residents left the houses before the housing cooperation decided to tear down the 47 small houses. The demolition is done in a way to keep as much material as possible reusable. Coenen Sättele Coenen Sättele The question was to give the area a new, modern architecture look and to realize an ecological and social friendly project. The development of the Vaals Kerkveld project offers four types of social houses for different target groups and a collective garden in the middle, which is connected with the public space by semipublic paths. On the street side of the houses trees and hedges guarantee the int... More

NewsNews • 30 May 2021

Sculptural Stadtbibliothek Heidenheim presents a compelling form with city skyline abstraction

In the city of Heidenheim, Max Dudler’s Stadtbibliothek Heidenheim presents a compelling form with its abstraction of a city skyline. The new library extends from the historic Old Town to the East, a new build area of the city characterised by a post-war architectural style. Stefan Müller Situated on the previously inaccessible property of a formal penal institution, which itself served to amplify the lack of connection between the new and old town, the library helps to connect the urban fabric. Between the two ‘heads’ rising into the sky spans an urban landscape made up of smaller ‘houses.’ The transformation of the ‘organic’ city results in a sculptural structure, a type of urban silhou... More

Project • By ViraformShops


Project Name: ERAM Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Completion Year:2018 Project location: Eram Street , QOM Lead Architects: REZA JAFARI Photo credits:     Ali Esmaeili                Design Team: Reza Jafari, Viraform Team Clients: Mohsen Soltani Engineering: Mohammad Alborzi The site of this project is located on Eram walking Street near The historic bazaar in the Qom city near Fatima Masumeh Holy Shrine. Due to the importance of the project location in terms of the historical context of Eram walking Street, this project started with urban research in Eram street facades and sidewalks. By studying the history of street formation in the first Pahlavi period, and especially the second P... More

Product • By Ketley brickClay brick slips

Clay brick slips

extruded clay brick slips in a range of  authentic Staffordshire clay colours, in a sanded, textured or smooth finish More

Project • By KARABON (Mehdi Panahi Architect)Apartments

Green House

In the past the living of human being has been besides the nature, but nowadays due to definition of architectural space for living in floors above the ground, this relationship has been almost gone. Also In the past 40 years, the greenery of urban landscape in north Tehran gradually has been missed under continuous constructions.   The main idea of this project was formed through an attempt to find an approach making the relationship with the nature stronger both physically and visually.   In project design process, wherever it was possible to create a green area, an appropriate detail were designed according to the limitations and criteria. Generally, except living spaces and circulation paths, all other surfaces designed to... More

Project • By corde architetti associatiPrivate Houses

casa BRSL

During the life of a centuries old building, we are just a moment, a quick pass: our work, our signs have been added to those of our predecessors. Our purpose is to deliver a snapshot, a true picture of what we have done. New and old materials are kept exposed: concrete, iron, bricks, stone, wooden beams and planks. Everything is combined and composed by necessity, nothing more, nothing less.   During the life of a centuries old building, we are just a moment, a quick pass: our work, our signs have been added to those of our predecessors. Our purpose is to deliver a snapshot, a true picture of what we have done. New and old materials are kept exposed: concrete, iron, bricks, stone, wooden beams and planks. Everything is combined and... More

Project • By gabriel verd arquitectosApartments

Habitat Bulevar

Team: Gabriel Verd + Buró4 This project commenced just as the economy was beginning to recover from the recession. The aim was to come up with a residential development that was the different from the one widely used in the area and base on an obsolete partial development plan. The old plan proposed blocks with a wide width and interior courtyards for ventilation, but where the orientation of the homes and the organisation of the free areas were not a priority. To amend the plan, a detailed study had to be drafted, setting out a different type of block, one that was ccompatible with the general plan in force and wich would help to create a new city model. To achieve this, a more efficient and sustainable volumen than the traditiona... More

Project • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenHousing


This project contains/is about the extension of an existing detached house in Moorsele. The house is from 1962 and was originally designed by Architect Jos Thybergin.The existing house was well preserved and was in a good condition. The extension of the house was made towards the garden side and the left neighbour. One building layer with a flat roof was added to the family house. The current living area was extended and a wide corridor was added to reach the new multipurpose room.The new part of the house is contrasting with the current house by use of materials and its shape. This creates an fascinating dialogue. The new volume was framed in galvanised steel. We created transparency to connect with the garden. Tha... More

Project • By CumulusApartments

BC13 Residential

CREDITSArchitecture: CUMULUS, Eliza Yokina, Adrian Soare, Simina Ignat, Diana Iordache, Anca Ionescu, Cosmin Anghelache Area: 3200 sqmLocation: Badea Cartan Street nr.13, 2nd county, Bucharest, RomaniaStatus: ongoing 2018-2020 We imagined the community life of this building centered around two urban, yet private courtyards. BC 13 unfolds around these two defining spaces, ensuring organic connections to its neighboring buildings. The brick paved and planted courtyards offer opportunities of interaction. Both access staircases as well as all the apartments benefit from a visual link with these courtyards, provided by large loggias and sill-less windows. There are two iconic finishes that define this construction namely the brick cladding and... More

Project • By GRAUX & BAEYENS architectenPrivate Houses


This five bedroom single family house, designed by GRAUX & BAEYENS architects, accepted the challenge of creating a dens program on a rather narrow plot with a less preferable orientation, combining a breath taking view on the Flemish wetlands.The nicest feature of the location that had to be incorporated, was the view at the back of the plot, facing the river and wetlands. Unfortunately a fully glazed facade looking at the vast landscape would not bring any direct sunlight into the house since it is orientated to the north. In order to let the light penetrate deeply in to the house, GBA created three monolithic volumes that open up as a flower blossom facing the sun. All rooms are arranged around the central patio giving the house an e... More

Project • By SERA designResidential Landscape


3 unit house More
The Residence at Bella Terra
The Residence at Bella Terra
The Residence at Bella Terra
The Residence at Bella Terra
The Residence at Bella Terra

Project • By Coronado Stone ProductsMasterplans

The Residence at Bella Terra

Located in Huntington Beach California, this mixed-use project embodies all the sophistication and convenience of urban living. From upscale apartments to high end retail shops, this project has been a preferred destination for renters and shoppers alike. This project features 3 textures from Coronado Stone Products Classic Series line. French Limestone, Colosseum Travertine and Chiseled Limestone were all used to create the beautiful and inviting exterior facade. More