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Project • By Uygur ArchitectsAuditoriums

TED Ankara College Campus Performing Arts Centre

The project, which won the architectural project competition for the Ted Ankara College Campus with a capacity of 6000 students in 1998, was implemented in 2005 and educational activities have begun. Conceptualized and designed by Semra Uygur and Özcan Uygur, this campus is a city simulation accomplished adopting the principle that education should create its own urban life even if it is in an area remote from the city. As a result of this design principle, TED Ankara College Campus operates as an actual city with the daily circulation routes designed considering the diversity of common indoor-outdoor areas, functional arrangement, meeting of various users, and the requirements emerged within the process.The campus in question needed a... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


The location and the resulting image of the project at the initial stage set the basis for the idea. All elements of the interior are brought into the exact balance of volumes and colors, textures and materials, as well as in the fullness of decor items. The house is surrounded by a pine forest, with a low floor the windows are at the level of the tree crowns. The surroundings bring natural colors and materials to the interior, while the interior is shaped by a structure that unites the living areas. Everything is as flexible as possible to erase the framing contour of the apartment. Technical issues are minimized or visually hidden to give the space as natural as possible. There is the required number of lamps, electricians, ventilation is... More

Project • By dade-designApartments


Kitchen design is diverse – there are probably recipes for kitchen design like sand by the sea. The architects of ILAI GmbH chose two base materials for this kitchen located in a private home: wood and concrete, which form a great contrast.   SKY-BLUE WOODEN FRONTS AND DADE ROC CONCRETE FRONTSThe simple straight-lined aestetics of the furniture contrasts with an asymmetrical worktop. The sky-blue wooden fronts of the boxes – the carpentry team of Timberline and Gregory Clan did a great job here – are a capitvating counterpart to the different colors of the concrete fronts. The seamlessly cast concrete shelves make “una bella figura” from all angles.   OPEN CONCRETE KITCHENThe open kitchen is an ey... More

Project • By dade-designBars


Our cuisine is multi-cultural and we can now enjoy food from all over the world within our own cities. If you want to attract attention, you have to come up with something special. The Ayverdi family from the Schlotterbeck area of Zurich did just that. Together with they came up with plans for a kebab temple for the modern, quality-conscious, urban public. Concrete was the chosen material to embrace that Urban feeling. Dade design was a partner and produced the individually planned concrete design. The eye-catcher is the 18m long concrete counter, which consists of 5 elements. Thanks to sophisticated concrete cosmetics it appears as a seamless whole. The 24m2 large mural behind the counter is immediately noticeable when ent... More

Project • By Studio MODULEOffices

La Chaufferie

The old boiler house in Antiquaille is a great example of 20th Century rational concrete architecture : simple volumes, intelligibility, obvious structure. Our renovation approach was to fill the existing, yet empty volume with 30 dwelling units on four different floors. Apart from the awning and other elements added lately (stairs, the lift…) that have been removed, the main layout and structure of the building have not been modified. Our committed work of reinterpretation resulted in keeping the spirit of the existing construction and going further than just rebuilding missing or damaged elements in today’s concrete : instead, they are built in wood! More

Project • By FORMPrivate Houses

Suzdal Dacha

The house is located in the heart of Suzdal town on the bank of Kamenka river. Ensemble should preserve the history of the estate that existed here as well as become an important part of the town’s panorama that opens from the Pokrovsky Monastery walls on the opposite bank. The point of renovation was to define the building’s merits as well find a place for artistic expression. This is how the concept of dense “original” building was created. Wooden houses are delicately united with a modern structure. The building is merged into the town’s skyline although it subtly stands out with its light contemporary forms. They shine through the gaps between “historic” facades either with the arrowslit-like w... More

Project • By corde architetti associatiPrivate Houses

casa BRSL

During the life of a centuries old building, we are just a moment, a quick pass: our work, our signs have been added to those of our predecessors. Our purpose is to deliver a snapshot, a true picture of what we have done. New and old materials are kept exposed: concrete, iron, bricks, stone, wooden beams and planks. Everything is combined and composed by necessity, nothing more, nothing less.   During the life of a centuries old building, we are just a moment, a quick pass: our work, our signs have been added to those of our predecessors. Our purpose is to deliver a snapshot, a true picture of what we have done. New and old materials are kept exposed: concrete, iron, bricks, stone, wooden beams and planks. Everything is combined and... More

Project • By Pool Leber ArchitektenApartments

Roof extension Maxvorstadt_R11

R11 is a roof extension to a four storey building in the Munich inner city near the central station.The foundations of the existing 1980s building had limited carrying capacity and did not allow for a simple extension of this size. Instead, it was first necessary to demolish the reinforced concrete structure on the fourth floor before extending upwards with a more lightweight construction. The new structure of massive timber, clad in steel encloses two new floors and a mezzanine gallery. In total, three separate living units have been created. The interior space is designed as a flowing sculpture binding all functions together in a series of interlocking interior and exterior spaces. The upper floors are connected by an east-west galle... More

Project • By MultiformPrivate Houses

Architect's Concrete House

The house is located in Southern Jutland, Denmark on a sloping site directly toFlensburg Fjord. The building is designed as a precise cube cut into the slope. Ithas three floors facing the fjord and one floor facing the street. All rooms have aview towards the sea and Germany.Central in the house is a staircase through all floors, with a direct view from theentrance to the fjord. The top floor has kitchen and living room in one large roomwith a ceiling height of 3.25 meters, the middle level has 2 rooms and lower floor 1room and a large bathroom.The construction is done by local craftsmen and the material selection is limited asmuch as possible. It is built in concrete, cast on site, with visible concrete surfacesinside. Exterior walls are... More

Project • By Miguel de la Torre ArquitectosApartments

Mitla Apartments

Mitla Apartments are located in Colonia Narvarte, which is in the South zone of Mexico City and conserves, in its urban order, characteristics that still give it a 40’s decade identity, such as streets in a north-south orthogonal grid cut by important diagonal avenues with ridges and functionalist buildings, mostly decorated with multicolored mosaics and that in their ground floors shelter small accessories that give life to the area. Everything begins with the premise of solving a set of dwellings in the same area, following the challenge of reflecting on the different ways of inhabiting the human being; This proposal arises by challenging the boundaries between public and private areas, their interior and their transition spaces tha... More

Project • By Pollard ArchitectsUniversities

Utah Valley State College Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center at Utah Valley State College is a 29,000 square foot building which had 21,000 square feet remodeled. The building was designed in order to accommodate future growth with a second level added to the new addition. The focal point is a large space with a skylight providing natural light to the interior. More

Project • By UMPrivate Houses

Cloud House in Changtian Village

Cloud House is located in Changtian Village, Yunhe County, Zhejiang Province, and is on the south side of the Wooden Toy Industrial Park.UM has focused on designing a house that faces the south as much as possible and introducing sunlight into the entire interior space, making it the best place to live. At the same time, UM has got inspiration from wooden toys, taking “Building Blocks” as a design prototype to express its understanding of “the City of Wooden Toys” and to pay tribute to the traditional wooden toys culture with this modernist architecture.UM has created an overall architectural image through the superposition and misalignment of three blocks with different functional attributes. The first floor serves as a shared space.... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUPrivate Houses

FH1 house

FH1 house was designed for temporary and permanent stay, is intended to provide both a connection to the outdoors and a feeling of warmth and protection from within. It is locate in Norway, just near the water. Given the location and the steep plot it had been desirable that the house be dug into the landscape, so it would act as an element integrated into the nature. Dmitry Koloskov The design of the house allows a close interaction with the surrounding nature and the beautiful scenery. It provides a feeling of being outdoor when inside. South-facing glazed openings from floor to ceiling provides ample daylight. Veranda can be closed if we need to save important temperature in the cold season. Dmitry Koloskov A concrete walls o... More

Project • By ER ArchitectesPrimary Schools

Primary School 'Vert Galant 2" in Villepinte

The project is about the restructuration of a 60's school and creation of the new wing for 3 classroom, a library, administration and common room.The school is located in a housing area near a big highschool.The purpose of this projet is to link up the differents scales.On the street the school is show with a white parement of brick covering existant and extension, while many vertical blades of woods cover the extension in the inside. More

Project • By Cera Stribley ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Robinson Beach House

A truly laid-back holiday house this design seeks to adhere to a minimal aesthetic genre, the clients wanted to create a sophisticated, textural house with a rich materiality that wasn’t overwhelming or fussy.A busy couple with teenage children, the clients were specific with their functional brief, with an elevated and relatively open and level site to work with, this house is all about orientation and creating areas for living in at different times of the day. The foundation of the architecture was to create two rectangular forms perpendicular to one another to allow circulation around and between the forms. The first floor, a black, timber lined box and the lower rectilinear form created by intersecting in-situ concrete walls with timber... More