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Project • By ON-APrivate Houses


Situated on a mountainside on the outskirts of Barcelona, the White Stone House stands like a great white sculpture with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. With a contemporary architecture and Mediterranean tones, this single-family house combines clean and elegant lines, straight and sinuous, with natural materials and large openings that provide natural light to all the spaces. Its design is a fusion between modernity and warm and welcoming spaces both inside and outside. A work where the architecture led by ON-A, the interior design of Irene Sánchez Bernal of IeSeBe Studio and the landscaping of Salvador Barri come together in perfect harmony to give character and personality to the project. Caption Sea Views... More

Project • By Cristina La Porta StudioPrivate Houses

Organic Villas in the Desert

Embark on a journey through the timeless elegance of white and beige clay villas, set against the sandy hues and soft contours of the desert landscape.  Visualization by Cristina La Porta This design project, crafted using advanced artificial intelligence and computer-generated imagery (CGI), delivers an extraordinary visual experience. Visualization by Cristina La Porta Detailed visualizations capture the seamless integration of sophisticated architecture with the surrounding nature, creating an unparalleled haven of relaxation in the heart of the desert. Visualization by Cristina La Porta More

Project • By Harikrushna Pattani & AssociatesResidential Landscape

Doctor's Villa Design in South Bopal

Conceptualized by a renowned architecture & interior design firm in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, this sprawling bungalow redefines the art of contemporary living. Spread across a verdant 1,200 sq. yard plot, the residence seamlessly blends grandeur with functionality, offering an unparalleled haven for families to thrive. Step inside and be greeted by an abundance of natural light and fresh air. Large, strategically placed openings blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, fostering a connection with the surrounding landscape. Lush gardens and courtyards become an extension of the living space, creating a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city. Designed with family gatherings in mind, the bungalow boasts expansive communal areas. Imagine v... More
Living room
Living room
Living room
Living room
Living room

Project • By Nino Zvarkovskaya Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Millenium Park I

Wellcome to our new interior design of the huge spacious 970 sq.m. villa to be build in 2024. Crafted for a young family with 2 kids, this villa is an embodiment of modern elegance and serene luxury. Caption Caption Caption In this section, we'll delve into the design of the first floor of the villa, and, should it pique your interest, in upcoming posts we will showcase the equally luxurious spa area complete with a pool, hammam, and sauna, as well as the second floor with its opulent bedroom suites and children's rooms. Caption Caption Caption First photos are showacsing the living room wich is designed with a harmonious blend of natural materials and organic shapes, creating an inviting atmosphere. The use... More

Project • By MASK ArchitectsHousing

Eagle Mansion Signature Villa for EMAAR Misr

‘Eagle Mansion Signature Villa’ has been selected as one of the three finalists in the "Signature Mansion" international invited competition organized by Emaar Misr for its newly developed project "Soul Luxury Beach Resort" on the Northern Coast of Egypt. This villa was designed for Mohamed Alabbar, is an Emirati businessman who is best known as the founder of Emaar Properties, the developer of assets such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, as well as the chairman of Eagle Hills, an Abu Dhabi-based private investment and real estate development company. Soul Luxury Beach Resort, by Emaar Misr | EH, is a pioneering 580 acres; that is located 30 KMs away from Marassi. It’s a place that instills a sense of belonging, in... More

Project • By Albasini & BerkhoutPrivate Houses

House by the water

The client, who is from the Netherlands, asked for the house and the swimming pool to be visually connected to the water of the Mar Menor lagoon. The channel and the surrounding areas are very dutch in character, and connect the Mar Menor with the Mediterranean Sea. Joaquin Zamora Joaquin Zamora There is a 3 metre cantilever over the outside terrace which protects against the low evening sun and which mediates between the inside and the outside. The family spends most of their time on one of the three outside terraces, depending on the time of day and the season. Joaquin Zamora Joaquin Zamora The house has a double height entrance hall with operable windows at the top to allow for natural climate control. Even in the h... More

Project • By ZEST architectureHousing

Mediterranean Seaside Villa

This project was to be a house for a family with greatly different ideas about what constitutes a house. One parent dreaming of a strikingly modern aesthetic, the other of a traditional house with a sloping roof, and with respect for the rules of Feng Shui. ZEST architecture had to find a way to interpret both these views and create a house that would feel like a home for the entire family. Adrià Goula The villa is located on a plot in the town of Alella, with views both of the Mediterranean, and the city of Barcelona. The design departed from the idea of making the most of the views to all sides. We developed a volumetric concept that is an intricate play with three different materials and various different heights. Because th... More


Villa Petra

Villa Petra is the product of an ambitious renovation of a featureless building set on a sloping terrain in Carvoeiro, Algarve.  Since the existing structure couldn't be altered, the Studio designed new levels to harmonise the building with the site topography, creating movement and separating the day and night areas. Fernando Guerra On three levels, the house features a ground level entirely dedicated to the living area, perfect for hosting guests and having parties thanks to its connection with the outdoor swimming pool area, and upper and lower floors where the bedrooms are situated.  Fernando Guerra Fernando Guerra The house has been dressed in Macael white marble, wrapped in a garment of preciousness and dis... More

NewsNews • 31 May 2022

Villa J-M offers a place of refuge that balances privacy with panoramic views

On an exposed and windswept site, Villa JM by dreessen willemse architecten offers a place of refuge that balances a feeling of privacy and seclusion with expansive panoramic views over the water. Hugo Thomassen Photographer   The volumes of the villa combine to form enclosed indoor and outdoor space on three sides. Outdoor areas include a semi-open patio with swimming pool and terrace, as well as a patio off the kitchen and dining area.  Hugo Thomassen Photographer On the western side of the house, adjacent to the living room, the building volume is pushed forward,  like a pavilion, projecting over the water’s edge and offering a unique vantage point to take in sunsets.  Hugo Thomassen Photographer... More

Project • By uc21 architectsPrivate Houses


The Project is located in Mosha, Damavand, 60 Km from Tehran at 2400 meters altitude and we have very strong winter. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh The land area is about 600 m2 with dimensions of 30 x 20 meters and a slope of 20%. According to the following expression we confronted with such a difficult circumstance and trying to do our best to get the advantage of available spaces and land in order to meet the client demands. Due to this description, we decided to divide the land in 3 parts: the biggest one located in the north of the land for locate the building in where there is the relevant road. The second part is used for the outdoor entertainment activities and the third part will be the green area of the lot.  Mohammad Hass... More

Project • By shenakhteh studioPrivate Houses

torkamandeh villa

Inspired by the pattern of Iranian gardens and the study of their evolution, axes have been created which pavilion have appeared as the intersection of those axes. different type of the Persian garden combined and duplicated in two levels of the project and create a whole unit as an abstract shape of the modern garden. Creating similarities with the architecture of Iranian gardens means reduction based on its deep structure.  First we want to learn how to see what was not present in a building. In this project we do not want to describe what audience could actually see. Rather, we want to see what ideas were implied by what was physically present. In other words, we are less concerned about the optical, what the eye sees, and more for... More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses

Twin Residences

The project refers to a "dual residential complex" located on the northern suburbs of Athens, on the outskirts of Mount Penteli. The positioning of the building volumes, the optimal orientation and the "range of privacy" create a wide spectrum of spaces ranging from "homey" relaxation and introspection areas, to "public" life indoor and outdoor spaces while illustrating the fundamental principles of our architectural design approach.  The lively spaces that are active during the day are integrated with the landscape and pool area while the private spaces are modulated in quiet zones on the upper floors. The advanced technology of the residence plays an important role in the design of the residence as it brings an additional level of c... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Living Room Interiors in Neutral Color Theme

A family living room interior in homely and relaxing transitional interior designing concept.    Neutral & calm color theme dominates the home interior design mainly in the ceiling, walls of simple molding and luxurious contemporary furniture while a Mondrian inspired feature wall takes the center of affection.    Forms and functions harmoniously worked together in this sophisticated villa design as reflected in the open layout of segmented zones ‐ accommodating simultaneously a seating, entertainment and kitchen island area.     by IONS DESIGN – Interior Designer  for Luxurious Residential Interior Design | [email protected] | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE More

Project • By DezharcoHousing

Unlimited Villa

The Unlimited villa is located in Hasht Behesht, Damavand. The site of the project is located on sloping land. So the architect decided to design a house according to the slope's land and various factors such as wind direction and sunlight. In this way, the house is divided into two blocks and located on the land's topography. In addition, Adequate natural light penetrates into the house as well as creating proper ventilation for the indoor space.One of the prominent features of the project is designing a seven meters console that is associated with a sense of flight and mastery of the environment.At the same time, the simplicity of the volumes used reinforces a sense of humility in the face of the complex nature of the surroundings.Du... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Villa Design

The underlying modern style modern villa design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is expressed in the geometrical shapes and minimal embellishment. There have been some influences of other styles, mixing of rich fabrics, natural materials, and subtle pops of color to break the dullness of the neutral palettes and to add charm and personality to this welcoming home. This multi-family villa is functional, yet it allows residents to enjoy the outdoors within the privacy of the villa.  More