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Project • By raum.atelierOffices


The modern new office building “Theo 105” is located in Düsseldorf-Rath and impresses with its architecturally fascinating design language. With its curved building form and rounded corners, it is reminiscent of a "tube", which can be traced back to the industrial location at that time. Today, new office complexes for various companies are increasingly settling in this area, such as Surplex GmbH.    Surplex GmbH is a partial tenant in "Theo 105" and is known as an international trading company, which buys and sells used industrial machines for wood and metal processing.   The simplicity and straightness of the building facade was taken up by raum.atelier and is reflected in the interior design of the almo... More

Project • By SELIM SENINOffices


​Project is designed in Nyarangarama where is the rural area of Rwanda. Sina Hub has commercial and social functions such as stores, meeting rooms, conference halls. Building has diffrerent terraces and semi-open spaces through incredible climate of Rwanda. More

Product • By PriviglazePRIVIGLAZE Smart Glass Partition & Door

PRIVIGLAZE Smart Glass Partition & Door

Twin glazed panel incorporating switchable smart glass for privacy on-demand. More

Project • By Vector MaisOffices

Porto Office Park

Located in Boavista, Porto Office Park (POP) is one of the most modern and innovative office parks in Portugal, combining sustainability, design and comfort. Divided between two buildings, the project by the Broadway Malyan stands out for its striking architecture, excellent urban setting and bright interior spaces with quality details. In this project, Vector Mais was responsible for the design and construction of the POP Eats canteen, auditorium and conference rooms. In the restaurant, with a capacity for 250 people, the interiors were inspired by industrial environments. In a mix of dark tones, metallic structures and exposed technical installations, POP Eats is an intimate and welcoming space. The auditorium and conference rooms w... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Office as a showroom

If you are a producer of interior systems in the first place and your work is primarily the design of office space, then when renovating your own office, you have the opportunity to take it as a showroom and use everything that your portfolio offers. This is exactly how the branch of the Czech family company LIKO-S was established in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. The offices in the Polianky Business Center are designed to be as flexible as possible and to clearly show the possibilities and connections between interior systems. Whether it is ordinary single or double glazed partitions, framed or frameless, mobile walls full and glazed, various types of doors, or graphic laminated glass. Thanks to their acoustic properties, the partit... More

Product • By LIKO-SAcoustic Booths | mobile and modular

Acoustic Booths | mobile and modular

Our acoustic booths are just like your company – they grow, shrink and move around. Our unique and hassle-free solution is designed to quickly respond to your changing needs. As a result, your Space will be more useful than any other solution, from both the people’s and the environment’s perspective. Thanks to the mobility and modularity your Silen space will fit all your needs. By combining more Space 2 booths it's even possible to create a meeting room for six people. And it's easily movable too. You can see how it might look in your office by trying our VR mobile app. More
Meeting Room — Now
Waiting Area — Now
Waiting Area — Before
Waiting Area — Now
Lobby Area — Before

Project • By Arper SPAOffices

Back to our Spaces

As we prepare to re-enter our work and usual spaces, we have created new proposals for our shared environments. We know that some changes are necessary. We need a little more space around us. We are experiencing the need to be adaptable in how and where we work—rethinking our kitchens and home offices as we rethink how we come together in waiting areas, break out spaces, meeting rooms, co-working areas, and public spaces. Paravan Mood, © Marco Covi   Reimagined Spaces with AdaptabilityArper has always put flexibility at the forefront of our designs and promoted a sense of balance between work and personal life. In the following proposals, we have reimagined spaces to showcase the adaptability of our products to suit t... More

Project • By Hello Wood LtdOffices

Workstation Cabin

Although pandemic-related measures are slowly lifted, there are still millions working from home and dreaming about having an extra room designated as an office. The brand new, unique workstation designed by the creative architecture and design studio, Hello Wood ( fulfils this dream without having to expand your home. The playful Workstation cabin is the ideal, private spot for work and meetings, but it can also function as a guest room or a playroom for the kids, and it is the perfect refuge should you need a tranquil place to relax or immerse yourself into creativity. When designing a compact house, the starting point is to create a complex, highly functional space; with the small size, eac... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignOffices

Amaar Real Estate - Modern Office Interior Design

A workspace interior should be representative of a company's theme, motto, and direction, which is why CAS took an innovative design approach with this real-estate office interior in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The color palette was derived from the company's logo. The layout and furniture feature the perfect harmony of style and functionality. This Modern Office Interior Design epitomizes and embraces movement, dynamism, and detailing. It is all at once officious, accommodating, and contemporary! More

Project • By NinetynineBars

Hotel Casa Amsterdam

Take one imposing building, consisting of three separate areas, serving a very diverse clientele, and turn it into one giant living area that caters to the need of all. That, in a nutshell, was the challenge in renovating Amsterdam’s Hotel Casa. Founded in the late 1950s to help solve the housing shortage for students, Casa has always been a hybrid of sorts, serving as the (temporary) home of hotel guests, locals, student residents and people attending a board meeting or conference. In 2010 Casa moved to a new building but the concept stayed the same. Recent plans to renovate and modernise the convention center turned into a complete overhaul of both public and conference areas.In the new design connectivity was key. There’s one centra... More

Project • By 74Offices

ICE at Exchange Quay

Manchester-based architects and interior designers 74 have completed the refurbishment of Building 3 at Salford's prestigious Exchange Quay - newly-rebranded as ICE. The project, for clients Ekistics Property Advisors LLP and Hunter Reim, is comprised of a dedicated social, meeting and bar space, a hireable meeting room, a co-working zone and five upper storeys of lettable office space. The project forms part of 74's ongoing involvement with the 435,000 sq ft Exchange Quay development, a collection of seven different buildings, all of which offer remodelled Grade A office space from a premium location on the edges of Salford Quays, Soapworks and the expanded Media City.   ICE is located on the development's central spine, making it e... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignOffices

Modern Executive Office Design

Situated in Bolton, UK, the ambiance of the Modern Executive Office Design features a multifunctional and luxuriously minimalist look underscored with natural accents. It symbolizes the status-quo of the occupant with its deluxe yet understated aura. Stylish and unique, many of the details – such as the lighting and furniture – are highly customized. The use of light & dark colors/materials evokes a contrasting, trendy effect that adds even more appeal to the masculine attraction of this office. More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectShowrooms

SEGB - gb exhibit pavilion

The exhibit pavilion for GB Gnudi Bruno works and research on flexible and light temporary structures. it tries to represent products and technologies, involved to create extremely advanced and innovative packaging systems, that outline Bologna district worldwide known as the "packaging valley".The module as structure, with its infinite mash-up and the cardboard as material, with its layers and sides, are the generative, spatial, architectural and aesthetic elements of the project, able to witness a process that produces the containers for any product today in the world market, from syringes to biscuits.The big assembly line machines are the actors of the space but are contained inside a curtain wall of C-shaped cardboard modules that are r... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignOffices

Modern Office Design for Administration of East Ca

A fine office interior always features the best of functionality and visuals, which is why CAS designed this Modern Office for Administration of East Capabilities Company by paying the utmost attention to all the details. Located in Al-Khobar, KSA, this office features stylishly warm wooden accents that create a comfortable ambiance, elegant marble flooring, plush furniture, along with sleek material and lighting accents that highlight its luxurious side.​​​​​​​ More

Project • By Tolga ArchitectsOffices

Adatarım Farm Administrative and Accommodation Bui

Farm Facilities in Eskişehir is designed for managing and accommodating for a big ranch. An Administration building and a Accommodation building is serving for owners and workers in the most appropriate way.Administration building is providing laboratories, a meeting room and working spaces for veterinaries, agriculturalists and administrative staff.Accommodation building designed for all kinds of employees and guests. It includes bedrooms, a dining hall and a big gathering hall for celebrations and conversations. More