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Project • By Articolo LightingHousing

Glenferrie Residence

This beautiful period home has been lovingly renovated to take in the natural light of its surrounds. The open plan and subtle tones make for warm and inviting living spaces and offer a comfortable retreat from its inner-city location. Caption Caption Working closely with the owners, we were able to ensure the finished product stayed true to their vision, whilst complimenting the character and style of the time. Caption Caption More

Project • By HabibiearsPrivate Houses

15x20 Minimalist House

This design is a conceptual one made based on a request from a random Youtube subscriber. The spaces inside include three large bedrooms, a living room, family room, service room, toilets, garage and a swimming pool. The appearance of the facade is made using a minimalist style by using simple shapes, with variations of glass material wrapped by secondary skins in the form of openwork/mashrabia style. The main materials used are brick walls with double plaster, some concrete slabs, and of course; curtain wall made of glass and aluminum frame. More

Product • By AxolightU-light acoustic pendant

U-light acoustic pendant

Collection consisting of wall lamps, ceiling lamps and suspended lamps in aluminium. Available in several sizes and colours: anthracite grey and rust brown. Built-in dimmable LED light source. The pendant version has also sound-absorbing properties that make U-light a lamp with excellent acoustic performance. More

Product • By AxolightUrban - Ceiling

Urban - Ceiling

Collection consisting of aluminium ceiling lamps and suspended lamps. Available in several colours and sizes Built-in dimmable LED light source.  More

Product • By AxolightU-light - suspension

U-light - suspension

Collection consisting of wall lamps, ceiling lamps and suspended lamps in aluminium. Available in several sizes and colours: anthracite grey and rust brown. Built-in dimmable LED light source. More



Block colours, frames, cubes & hidden spaces features in a 100 sqm renovated apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv.  Yael Perry was initially asked to create private spaces that will be able to transform & be a part of the public space as well as working spots at the living area. all internal partitions were removed & new custom made carpentry & pivot doors redefined the private spaces. A 6 meter floor-to-ceiling unit defines the master suite by wooden panelling & metal frames including integrated wooden closing system. At the master bathroom, 3d cubes were custom made for wet & dry seats. The cubes were covered with pink acrylic plaster to suit the humid climate and create a rough seat in the shower. The kitc... More

Project • By IN-EXPATHousing

The Loft Box

With a clean, white interior, the Loft Box is a minimalist's dream come true that goes beyond the conventional floor plan. While simplicity reigns in this home, a complex configuration of spaces ensure it’s bright and spacious inside out. False ceilings were removed in favour of a double-volume loft space, bringing fresh air and diffused light into the interior. More

Product • By Asa PingreeKnockabout Lounge Chair

Knockabout Lounge Chair

The Knockabout lounge is a piece that drapes radiuses over a sling chair form that feels relaxing just to look at. The experience physically is similar; sinking into a deep repose is immediate and unavoidable. The chair can even accommodate two if you are willing to share. Comfortable with or without a cushion or with a small pillow and a throw, this piece has versatility that includes indoor or outdoor use. More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsOffices

EKP Offices

The interior architecture is minimalist but thoughtful, with attention to every little detail, every single tone, nuance and material in the space has been carefully selected to create a harmonious, precise and natural feel with haptic qualities. The 3D faces wall at the main entrance creates an animated experience while walking across it in the reception area, it reflects the diversity of cases handled by the office team. A monumental stair links the 2 floors, creating a center piece sculpture.A palette of wood and plaster in muted tones creates an informal, home-like environment that is more akin to a lounge than an office. More

Project • By Atelier Tobia ZambottiApartments


Atelier Tobia Zambotti designed a minimalist-pop apartment in Reykjavík, an exotic oasis in the northernmost capital of the World. The design, from the layout to the choice of colours and finishes, addresses the problem of living in the North by creating clean and simple spaces enlivened by exotic touches and accents of colour. It reflects the client’s easy-going lifestyle by playing with ingenuity and eccentricity within a stark framework of white surfaces and bespoke italian furniture. The design baseline, with its aseptic clean lines and finishes, acts as a background for the key features to come into prominence, along with the life that will inhabit these spaces, of which the numerous plants are just the first sign traced... More

NewsMaterialization • 10 Jul 2020

7 minimalist projects that were detailed to perfection

Crematorium Siesegem by KAAN Architecten Here, the choice of materials and detailing are paramount to achieving a placid mood. For the exterior, KAAN Architecten chose the rhythm of béton brut. For the interior, the walls are matt and have a textured render, while the ceiling has a rough sprayed finish to ensure muted acoustics – a fundamental feature of such a building. Oak parquet floors have been chosen for the family rooms and the cafeteria. Campus Joachimstrasse by David Chipperfield Architects Monolithic walls are made of insulating concrete and assume almost all architectural functions: they support, insulate, protect, and define interior and exterior space. The interior finishes are reduced: polished screed floor... More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Lakeview Residence

We were inspired to create our first authentic living space to reflect our client’s desire to live and work in his painting studio. The design emulates his painting style and personal lifestyle by using natural materials, minimalist values, and bridging social context within a live-work environment. The overall form takes on an ethos of monumental simplicity which inherently captures panoramic lake views from the steep mountainside terrain. ​ As part of authentic living, this studio is entirely devoid of added paints or stains. The exterior walls are made of exposed rammed earth construction set atop a giant plinth of exposed concrete. The interior features natural plywood finishes and exposed structural beams. We focused all of our... More



The 220 sqm house is located in Herzliya, a quiet neighborhood in the Sharon district of Israel. The 3 story house intended for a young family (a couple with 3 kids). The couple, who used to live in an apartment, commissioned me to renovate their 220 sqm house into a contemporary minimalist bright space for their family. I used bright minimalist materials in my design as white steel, light concrete floor & light furniture.   The Staircase | a massive concrete staircase was located in front of the entrance. The staircase included four stairways on each level. Since the concrete staircase was massive & we wanted to light it & brighten up, we destroyed the old concrete staircase during the demolition process. We... More

Project • By RISE Design StudioApartments

Tectonic Plywood Flat

The plywood textures and radiant light dominate the senses inside this converted duplex in central London. The project capitalises on the idea that a small home can be full of nuances that help unlock the potential of the different experiences that the space can offer. The main feature of the house is the plywood spiral staircase, reminiscent of a tree trunk, that connects the two floors. The layered ply plays with a range of tonalities that give visual texture to the structure, accentuating the handmade craft that makes the home a warm and charismatic living space. A series of rooflights bring light through the roof and, in turn, through the upper floor, juxtaposing the sharp shapes of sunlight with the angles of the architecture’s... More

Project • By Yakusha DesignPrivate Houses

Minimalist Home

“There is nothing, but all” - minimalist family home by Yakusha Design Studio   Area: 235 sq. m. Year: 2019 Location: Ukraine, Kyiv suburbs  Designers: Viktoria Yakusha, Vladislav Baranow Photos: Andriy Bezuglov Yakusha Design created a minimalist family home acenting light, volumes and authentic decor. Located in Kyiv suburbs, two-floor house consists of a public area below and private bedrooms above. The monochrome palette unites all parts of the interior making it a place of calmness, and quiet simple being.     Focusing on functional decisions, designers managed to get the effect, “there is nothing, but all”. Wardrobes and storage spaces are hidden from the eyes, not ruining the clean... More