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Product • By MidunyMiMi Dining Table

MiMi Dining Table

MiMi Dining Table. Part of the MiMi Collection, this modern hand-crafted and graceful design returns contemporary Italian Craft to the dining table, making it the perfect dining or living room centerpiece. Materials and Finishing. Built out of 18mm thick furniture-grade birch plywood and hardwood veneer at the top, the MiMi Dining Table comes in four commercial-grade finishes:  Oak White: sessile oak and white accents for a light and natural look. Walnut Orange and Walnut Black: Canaletto walnut with black or orange accents for luxurious contexts with a mid-century vibe. Ebonized: ebonized oak for the ultimate all-black minimalist aesthetic.  Each MiMi Dining Table is hand-stamped with a unique serial number (on the underside... More

Project • By MNdesignApartments

Expressive Minimalism

Expressive minimalism—that’s how we can define a style of 125-meter apartment project in residential complex on Kastanaevskaya Street, Moscow. This project was executed for our established clients, the family of four people.   Sergey Krasyuk Sergey Krasyuk We divided the apartment into two zones located in different parts of the apartment: parents’ area and children’s area. Parents’ area is completely “independent”—besides bedroom, it contains its own bathroom and dressing room. These two “wings” join in the center of the apartment—a large space of kitchen and living room, includi... More

NewsNews • 8 Sep 2021

'Lieben' bar/lounge space uses the door as a medium for guiding guests on an experiential journey

All Design Studio recently completed 'Lieben', a bar/lounge space on lively Julu Road in Shanghai, China that uses the door as a medium for guiding guests on an experiential journey to create a memorable and buzzworthy evening out.  Beyond drinks with friends, guests are guided on an immersive journey of music and wine.  And rather than a traditional marketing campaign, Lieben uses social media and word of mouth to invite guests on a treasure hunt to find the mysterious location and to enter into a new and dynamic world.  Yuuuun studio Located on the second floor of 758 Julu Road (a popular entertainment hub in a formerly historical district), the bar's exterior is covered by clear cement, offering a contemporary textur... More

NewsNews • 30 May 2021

Istetyka restaurant concept combines minimalist with Ukrainian tradition

Decisively minimalist, this modern Kyiv-based eatery by Yakusha Design Studio features an interior of natural and recycled materials enhanced with artisanal objects. The name ‘Istetyka’ combines two Ukrainian words, being to eat and aesthetics. The owners sought to change attitudes towards ready-to-eat food with an interior concept that turns the ordinary into an experience. Yevhenii Avramenko Visitors are welcomed by a laconic entrance of wood, clay walls, and unpressed concrete - all materials original to the building. A small picture depicting bread is a representation of the aesthetic approach to food as an art. Yevhenii Avramenko Functionally, the eatery is divided into three zones. The main area includes a spac... More

Product • By MHBMHB Steel windows

MHB Steel windows

MHB's steel windows are the most exclusive, aesthetic windows for your project. The windows are made entirely by hand in our own facilities. The robust, sharp-edged steel frames are unique, durable and ultra-slim with a profile width of only 50 mm (1 15⁄16”). We strive for aesthetic perfection and the highest safety of our products. We monitor our entire production process to ensure that your windows are flawless.   Highest technical standards All our steel frames are weather resistant up to Class 6A - 600 Pa according to the NEN-EN 12208 standard. The thermal insulation of MHB windows is unprecedented thanks to the advanced insulation system in our solid steel profile systems. We add micro-engineered, fully double... More

Project • By archi-tubePrivate Houses

A Minimalist Interior Design House

This video is a house project designed for a couple fond of minimalist interior design. The location for the house 10mx20m (buildable area) situated in Los Angeles, California. Total area is 4,530 square feet for a young professional couple. Its architecture & interior design is intentionally designed to make a minimalistic mood by use of white painted for ceiling, white coated paint for wall, white coated waterproof for kitchen and bathroom area. The use of stone is limited only for kitchen countertop and bathroom wash basin area. 1st floor is 2,088 sf / 2nd floor is 1,829 sf / 3rd floor is 613 sf  For more information, please visit More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsApartments

Private Residence Rakan Al Salem

Our concept was to ’embrace, connect and purify’, an architectural approach that created cozy volumes, the resulting composition is a ritualistic sequence that would ‘purify’ the minds of the users, to create a calming and tranquil experience at home. Openings in the wall create playful thresholds between different rooms, allowing visual glimpses of activities and framing of picturesque ornaments. More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsPrivate Houses

Private Residence Karim Khalile

The home sits in a hill overlooking the coast on the north of Lebanon.A rough architecture articulated on two levels, bedrooms in the basement and main living on the upper floor. High ceilings, built-in furniture, and a minimum color. Sky high ceilings. Picture | Mansour Dib Picture | Mansour Dib The color white dominates around the floors and hightlights shadows, distances and independent elements such as chairs, sofa, table and other furniture. When you enter the house, you see an open space that seeks a balance between the linearity imposed by the two parallel main elements. The central dining table (Borges table by Emmemobili), surrounded by chairs (Wishbone chair by carl Hansen & son ) filter open space of the living roo... More

Product • By Plywood ProjectStool FRISK


This simple and graceful piece of furniture can be employed as a traditional stool to sit on but you can also use Stool FRISK to display your plants, to keep a few books and magazines handy or to place your coffee cup and piece of favorite cake while you are relaxing reading a book in one of our armchairs. Stool FRISK will perfectly fit into minimalist, Scandinavian spaces, but also in retro/vintage or loft style. Stool FRISK is part of the FRISK furniture collection. The entire FRISK series is the perfect set for an apartment. In the presented version it is made of birch plywood finished with natural oil. The stool can also be upholstered. Technical details of Stool FRISK material: birch plywoodwood finish: matte oil; transparentheigh... More

Project • By MG2Offices

MG2 Seattle Headquarters

In taking on the unique opportunity to design a space for their own firm, MG2 created an inspiring headquarters office that invites people to do their best work. MG2 envisioned a space that would drive connectivity within the firm and with clients, partners, and the community. MG2 needed a work environment that would showcase the company’s culture, people, and work and also reflect the firm’s updated brand identity. To fulfill this vision, MG2 revitalized space in the 1101 Second building originally designed by Pacific Northwest modernist architect Paul Thiry. MG2 brought together a diverse team of its retail design, office design, and brand strategy experts to develop the office space in a way that applies the retail design sen... More

Project • By Michael Muraz PhotographyOffices

Instar AGF Offices

dkstudio architects commissioned me to photograph their latest project, a minimalist office design nicknamed "White Box".   From the architect: Surrounded by a Miesian sea of pristine black steel and glass, the concept was to create a dynamic, bright intervention, a white glowing box unlike any in the suite of surrounding black towers.  To create the glowing white box, all the main office surfaces were designed in white, oftentimes highly reflective finishes. Exiting the lift lobby, the front entrance greets visitors with white Statuario marble floors and feature walls, as well as a wall of polished white Venetian plaster for future artwork display. The main office flooring is made entirely of high gloss white epoxy flooring... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignApartments

Small Apartment Renovation

This 88 square meter Small-Apartment Renovation carried out in the Flemish region of Belgium is an excellent example of contemporary modernism. The tall ceilings, all-white backdrop and neutral accents provide a fine blend of classy sophistication and style. The curated furniture and decor are incredibly trendy, while the open floor plan provides excellent circulation. Bold artwork has been selected to accentuate the austere white ambiance and an intimate terrace carries the same vibe outdoors. More

Project • By The Svetozar Andreev Studio / Hotei-RussiaPrivate Houses

Residential Villa In Cyprus

The project`Villa Cyprus`is a country house located in southern Cyprus. The complex as a whole consists of a 560 sq.m residential block, two swimming pools located on two levels, recreation areas and a technical block with indoor parking and outbuildings. The residential area is located on one level with panoramic glazing overlooking the swimming pools and the Mediterranean Sea.    The main house boasts two bedrooms, four bathrooms, two dressing rooms, a living room / home cinema, kitchen, and dining room. On the lower level are a dressing room, foyer, bathroom, sauna and outdoor kitchen-bar area. The The master bedroom and drawing room open out onto the upper-level pool, and all windows are equipped with automatic control with manual overr... More

Project • By BC ArquitetosHousing

Refúgio Urbano

The duo’s ambient in CASACOR Rio de Janeiro is an urban refuge oriented to the exuberant nature in the local   The duo BC Architects signs the UNLIMITED Urban Refuge in CASACOR Rio de Janeiro, which, this year, brings the ‘Live House’ thematic, and happens from September 18 to November 4, in the Monteira Aranha Group Property, in the Gloria neighborhood. Projected by Bruno Carvalho and Camila Avelar, thinking minds behind the office success, the space prioritizes the internal and external integration, and values the use of natural materials. Interconnected, the construction of the house of 201m², facilitates the circulation between spaces and do not create a barrier among rooms. The UNLIMITED pool, with four m... More

Project • By ATG DesignApartments

Airbnb cozyness in Sofia

Bright, practical, and minimalistic - an apartment of only 40 square meters!A great example of a modern flat in the center of the capital!The apartment reflects the spirit of a historical building, which is located 5 minutes away from the Sofia Opera. Reproducing the necessary comfort and home-like coziness, it is designed for Airbnb guests. The apartment has a bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room and can accommodate up to 4 guests.In the interior, light and tender colors are used, which creates a feeling of freshness and warmth. The stylistics of the apartment emphasizes the harmonious atmosphere and the beauty lies in its practicality and rationality. More