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Project • By Dezest designPrivate Houses

Pine Cove House

We created the architecture of the Pine Cove House while minimizing environmental damage. The volumes are arranged so as to integrate the house into the forest space as much as possible.  The space of the house isn't limited by the walls, we ha... More

Project • By Dumican Mosey ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Modern Shingle Style

Designed for a family of four, this Modern home draws upon the spirit of the American Shingle Style and contemporary Dutch architecture to create a vibrant good neighbor in an established area of Menlo Park, California. The 4,500 square-foot, two-sto... More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Modern apartment in Danzica, Poland

The architects were able to create a surprising mixture between 60’s style and Nordic shapes, between pastel colours and geometrical motif of the tiles, recalling a past time. Everything in the interior design of this apartment in Danzig, colou... More

Project • By KUBE ArchitectureHousing

Duvall Court

Duvall Court is a redevelopment of a previously “unbuildable” set of alley lots in Washington DC, and thus a re-establishment of a thriving “alley neighborhood.”     The site began as housing for workers in a local... More

Project • By D.O.M.+Private Houses

DOM 125M

D.O.M.+ represents an innovative way of living at a cost of $80,000. Surrounded by nature, this eco-friendly house is designed for year-round living. It is monumental and yet lightweight, its interior is cozy and simple. The house of 125 square meter... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignApartments

Apartment Renovation

The renovation of this apartment in Bruxelles, Belgium has a unified palette that is almost constant for most of the rooms, which gives the apartment a refined look. Every room uses this color scheme differently, depending on the function of each sp... More

Project • By Christopher Wright ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Madison Park House

Madison Park represents a response to an existing neighborhood and the need to both meet the clients’ aesthetic preferences and create a contemporary home suited to a mid-20th century environment.   A façade softened by the use of... More

Project • By AVA- Andrea Vattovani ArchitectureShops

The Limassol Pebble

Sculptural forms and innovative design are the main features of “Pebble” proposed project for developers "Masharii“ and „The Land“ for the mixed-use tower in Limassol. The inspiration for the project was directly in fro... More

Project • By PAUL CREMOUX studioPrivate Houses

Huizache House

The house and studio for a Visual Artist and his fiancee, respond to a series of themes such as the relationship with the physical context, the needs of the client, security and a limited budget. For this project, six options were analyzed at the sch... More

Project • By VIMARVIRestaurants

Restaurante El Gordo y el Flaco

Trusting in our studio, Salva and Pablo commissioned us with the project for the relocation of their restaurant. For this purpose, an old corner house with no architectural value is chosen, located in a low-rise building area. This new location makes... More

Project • By EvoSpacePrivate Houses

Private Observatory @Bazaleti

We present our newly finished Private Property (@Bazaleti, Georgia). This property includes a modern private house with private observatory buildung with moving roof. Living house measurments are 36mX10M and observatory is 14mX5m. Living house inte... More

Project • By EvoSpacePrivate Houses

Modern Loft Villa @Tabakhmela

The building is 2 stories high, with total area of 567 sq.m of which 172 sq.m is living area, 350 sq.m is summer highways, 36 sq.m open air swimming pool and 9 sq.m additional space.  The building architecture is minimalistic. The main material... More

Project • By Razvan Barsan + PartnersPrivate Houses


Building a contemporary home in a historic neighbourhood raises many challenges, from integrating the architectural language to a complex context, to adapting modern spaces to the site`s limitations. The contemporary look of this 1000 sqm house is sh... More

Project • By Nakamoto ForestryHousing

L Residence

Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) Pika-Pika wall cladding with white oil stain on a new construction project in Chapel Hill, NC. Project Overview:This new build was designed by architect Jay Fulkerson and features both interior and exterior applications of o... More

Project • By Perretta ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Tramuntana House

The house is located in Torre en Conill, Bétera, it is a house completely open to east  orientation, where the fields of the golf club are located, on the ground floor the house is distributed in two areas, on the one hand two rooms with... More