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Project • By ARCO Arquitectura ContemporáneaOffices

Serfimex 2.0

The success of Serfimex led us to resume the additional space that was pending in the first phase and present a proposal for the growth of the commercial area. The proposal for Serfimex 2.0 arises based on the parameters defined for the original project, which includes: an operational area, a manager's area, a meeting room and booths for individual work or telephone calls with greater privacy. Jaime Navarro The connection between both spaces occurs in two places. The first is through the management corridor and the second through the dining room, achieving free movement and flow in a very harmonious way. It was also very important to maintain consistency between both spaces, since, although it is a new phase, it is still the same comp... More

Project • By mimaristudioOffices

PELSAN Textile Office

Pelsan Tekstil, a part of the Hassan Group, Turkey's first breathable polyethylene film manufacturer serving the medical, hygiene, and insulation sectors, has a new head office designed by the Mimaristudio team. Gurkan AKAY The goal of the project was to create a living space suitable for the corporation's innovative, technological, and colorful world in the new working area located at the heart of the company's new production facility. Flexibility, variability, transparency, and experience were the main keywords that served as the starting point for the design of the space. Gurkan AKAY The project aimed to create a collaborative workspace, development, and living space by providing the necessary physical and social conditions f... More

Project • By Bean BuroOffices

Warner Music Singapore / Music by the Bay

“To make the most of the generous view of iconic Marina Bay in the open plan workplace, we ensured the design maximised views out, allowing the majority of the workforce and visitors to enjoy the scenery.” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro Daniel Koh “The key was to strike a delicate balance of creating a very strong company identity through the use of colours, gentry, signages and still ensuring the workplace is a comfortable and soothing work setting.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro Daniel Koh Daniel Koh The Brief: Adapting the ‘DNA’ for a humanistic spaceWarner Music appointed Bean Buro to design a new workplace for their operations in Singapore. The brie... More

NewsNews • 7 Apr 2023

Vilalta Studio transforms a warehouse into a dynamic, light-filled workspace

In Barcelona, Vilalta Studio Architects have rehabilitated and transformed a former warehouse building into a dynamic, light-filled workspace. Kolya Popov Visitors are welcomed off Jaume Brossa Street into an angled entrance garden where people can socialize and be in contact with nature. The entrance garden leads directly to the upper-floor workspace, which is completely open and without partitions or hierarchy. The lower level is dedicated to meeting and social space, with a large classroom and central area where staff and visitors can congregate. Kolya Popov The two floors are connected by a 6 x 6m open courtyard furnished with steel and bamboo furniture and a large bamboo plant in the centre. This double-height space... More

Project • By Ekho StudioOffices

PRS for Music Workplace Hub

Ekho Studio has completed the second stage of a new London HQ workplace project for PRS for Music, the home to the Performing Right Society (PRS), who ensure royalty payments for members whenever their music is performed, broadcast, streamed, downloaded, reproduced, played in public or used in film and TV. PRS for Music also supports its members by influencing policy and supporting and hosting awards and events and is committed to protecting the value of music. All images by Billy Bolton All images by Billy Bolton Ekho Studio was appointed to design the workplace scheme at Hay’s Galleria at London Bridge in January 2022. A first, smaller phase of work had already been completed, with Ekho Studio Founding Partner Sarah Dodsw... More

NewsNews • 27 Oct 2022

New Kolkata-based office designed by Spaces & Design is R.A.W by name and raw by nature

Set amidst the bustling lanes of the Indian city, Kolkata, R.A.W office by Spaces & Design is an amalgam zenith of steel, concrete and wood. Taking the form of a ‘U’ the workspace emphasizes being hassle-free, efficient and chic. A visual expression of the client’s business of steel trade and construction, the office stands out as a modern workspace prodigy.  Talib Chitalwala Industrial materials like steel and concrete infuse minimalistic ethos, while wood and jaali work creates a sense of splendour. The stippled terrazzo flooring adds personality to an otherwise industrial and formal space. A large reception welcomes one into the office space. A Ferro-crete bench with exposed fly ash bricks serves as s... More

Project • By Studio MBMOffices

DL 1961 Headquarters

DL1961 is a gut renovation and full design project for the global premium denim company DL1961’s new showroom and office headquarters, located in a building that previously operated as an industrial printing press. John Muggenborg Photography John Muggenborg Photography John Muggenborg Photography Considering analysis of DL1961’s design process and office structure, Studio MBM/Maurizio Bianchi Mattioli organized the various functions of the space around a central showroom. Taking advantage of the existing column grid, the showroom acts as a core object at the center with the meeting rooms and offices carved from its perimeter. The geometry of the space is dictated by these carved spaces and emphasized by material... More

Project • By Raw Design ConsultantsOffices

Bulletproof Singapore Studio

Hustle and heart; the cornerstone of the design concept An international branding design agency, Bulletproof has expanded into Singapore and found a new home in the historical and culturally-rich district of Tanjong Pagar. The brand new workplace consists of three shophouse units merged into one to achieve an open layout that promotes collaboration and creativity. Raw Design Consultants The design drew inspiration from Bulletproof’s culture and identity to deviate from conventionality and allow users to immerse themselves in an environment that is upbeat, empowering and energetic. Raw Design Consultants Raw Design Consultants Raw Design Consultants Raw Design Consultants Incorporating vibrant pops of colour... More

NewsSpecification • 31 Aug 2022

10 offices with striking metal mesh finishes

Metal mesh cladding seeks a wide application in commercial and office architecture because of its versatility and sturdiness. Whatever the typology, it can add dynamism and an industrial aesthetic to any project.    The use of metal mesh cladding has been trending in office spaces to break monotony and rigidity while providing the needed durability and flexibility. It can also be used as a design element to give an elegant, striking appearance.   Beyond aesthetics, metal mesh cladding used as façade systems provides protection and a moderate indoor environment. These can either be used as a retrofit to existing, obsolete buildings, revitalizing the structural envelope or can serve as a base for an entirely new desi... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyOffices

Lilith Games

Combining expertise from workplace strategists, designers, technologists and build experts, the designer generated an inventive design concept to inspire and engage. This hinged on nine different art forms including video gaming, theatre, literature, sculpture and architecture. Art installations on each floor provide wayfinding, while curated furniture and customised environmental art offer visual detail. Seth Powers The functional space planning focuses on staff wellness and was informed by a series of workplace studies to understand user behaviours, work patterns and organisational culture. ‘Tatami areas’ with curtains on multiple floors provide accessible, private spaces for lunchtime napping, doubling as informal colla... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesOffices

Carhartt Workshop

Located on the second and third floors of the Carhartt Detroit flagship store at 5800 Cass Avenue, the Carhartt Workshop is a collaborative community space conceived as part of the 132-year-old apparel company’s ongoing efforts to support and serve the hardworking and skilled tradespeople of its Detroit hometown.  Detroit-based McIntosh Poris Associates developed the design of the Workshop, which was directly informed by Carhartt’s core principles of integrity, perseverance, and hard work.  Authenticity is central to the design, which bolsters Carhartt’s present story, history, and future. Carhartt The second-floor program includes flexible meeting and gathering Community Rooms for workshops and local commu... More

NewsNews • 18 May 2022

Artlist office design celebrates creativity while emphasizing work, efficiency, and collaboration

For busy Israel-based technology company Artlist, designers Switchup created an office concept that prioritizes work, efficiency, and collaboration while still celebrating creativity. Borrowing from concepts of Scandinavian minimalism, the office is a clean, distraction-free work environment. Peled studio All working spaces in Artlist’s office environment are open and airy. The open-air workspace features desks both below and on the upper level, with clean minimal lines in between, to create the sense of working together even when employees are on different floors.  Peled studio While providing a primarily work-focused environment, the design concept throughout provides nooks for employees to unwind. In particular, an... More

Project • By IND architectsOffices

Headquarters of the Samolet Group

The creation of the new headquarters was necessary for Samolet to implement a hybrid work schedule and provide employees with a variety of workspace formats. The new office features a large number of collaboration areas, meeting rooms, common spaces, and separate spaces for individual work. Thanks to its flexibility, the office adapts to the specific tasks of project teams and allows employees to choose the most comfortable place to work. Dmitry Chebanenko Dmitry Chebanenko The office has a dynamic character: from different viewpoints the interior is revealed in different ways. Non-standard furniture solutions combined with individually designed lighting elements create color and functional accents. A variety of colors, lights an... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Travel Agency Headquarters

The task of the investor for the Perspektiv studio was to prepare a design for the new headquarters of travel agency in the brownfield of the former Zbrojovka in Brno and at the same time to create a uniform design manual for all company offices. The design was prepared by the author's team Ján Antal, Martin Stára, Markéta Michálková, Ema Hrníčková, collaborated by Yana Stepankova and Eduard Mosieienkov. Caption Caption The new offices were designed with an emphasis on travel themes, a strong orientation system, and a contrast between the global and the local. According to the golden rule: Think global, act local. The design was inspired by airport spaces, for example on the floors... More

Project • By CSMM - architecture mattersOffices

Freeletics, Munich

For the Munich-based FitTech startup Freeletics, our team developed an identity-creating visionary New Work concept that includes spaces for collaboration and quiet contemplation, rooms for informal encounters and socializing, as well as lecture and sports areas. The company’s offices cover a large part of the M4 building of the "Die Macherei" quarter: on more than 6,500 square meters, indoor and outdoor sprint tracks, training areas, a communal kitchen and a flexible open workspace represent the Freeletics lifestyle. Gleb Polovnykov Gleb Polovnykov Servicesbrief & evaluation, site survey, capacity planning,space allocation programme, occupancy planning, office concept, colour & material concept, project budget &... More